Producer Wyck Godfrey: So Where Are We With Breaking Dawn?

Bella and Edward

This is an article that you are going to want to read. It covers timing, the Renesmee problem, and shooting location.  What is notable is that this is the first time a shooting location has been mentioned directly by someone from Summit. Several websites had information up claiming the production would be back in Portland. One site was so sure of this information that they actually had initially listed Lana Veenker as the casting agent and later put out a put a press release detailing Portland information.

“When it was released in August 2008, fan reaction was intense and divided with some “Twi-hards” expressing confusion and dismay over a plot that involved *SPOILER ALERT* a recently graduated  19-year-old Bella giving birth to a half-human/half-vamp daughter named Renesmee, who grows much faster than the average mortal child and who possesses a unique way of communicating with those around her, clearly inherited from Dad’s side of the family.

Wyck Godfrey, the producer of all the films in the “Twilight” saga, admits that the creative team still doesn’t know how they’ll handle the character in the “Breaking Dawn” movie, but said that the plan is absolutely for the production to go forward — as either one or two installments — with an eye toward beginning to shoot in Vancouver this fall. All three stars are signed for “Breaking Dawn,” he said, meaning that Stewart and Pattinson will be dealing with the joys and woes of interspecies parenting and newly minted heartthrob Taylor Lautner will return as often-shirtless shape-shifter Jacob Black.”

Read the rest on the LA Times.


  1. Awesome! I can’t wait for the movie to happen… And can’t wait to see Renesmee

  2. This will be totally ground breaking. I am glad I don’t have to figure out how to do it, lol!

  3. wow.. i’m glad i’m not the director! It will be interesting how they establish Renesmee in the movie as well as all the other vampires and most importantly the “gory” scene with Bella’s near death experience…I can’t wait! Hurry Summit and get this ball rolling! Vampires aren’t supposed to age!

  4. I have a bad feeling about this movie.

    I’m afraid they’re going to muck it up big time.

  5. I hope they do it in 2 installments
    I think that’s the best way to do it justice.

  6. If they get a new screenwriter then it will be great.

  7. mschicklet says:

    “Taylor Lautner will return as often-shirtless shape-shifter Jacob Black”


  8. I think Renesmee can definitely be done, it’s just a matter of not rushing it and getting a real person with a little CG. I hope they don’t do all CG for her…they can never get skin texture right and the acting doesn’t flow as well.

  9. I can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn; I wish that they would realize that they don’t need to seperate it into two movies, though.
    This may upset some people, but simply take out the middle section with Jacob and the wolfpack. Maybe keep in the bit where he breaks away from the main pack and Seth and Leah follow him, then the parts with the Cullens, but that’s about all we need with Jake’s tale. I understand that people love Jacob and want it to be all about Bella and Jake, but the entire story surrounds Bella and Edward; you don’t need to know about the conversations Jake and Leah have to get how much pain Jake is in or how much Leah hates the Vampires. I know it sucks to have someone say this, but it’s how I see it.
    And the idea of having an actress coming on and playing Renesmee against a green screen and shrinking her down is a rather good one—it could really work.

    • sillygirl says:

      I totally agree with you Jacks! So, how good are you at writing screen plays? 🙂

      • I wonder if they could cast some sisters? One could play the babyish version and the other could play the toddler version possibly?

    • I agree totally!!!! Leave out all the wolf back stories. That’s more appropriate for the book readers. Just put in enough to get the point across.

    • Vampire-girl says:

      I agree BD is my least fave book as there’s so much Jacob and i think his POV is not as important as in NM, although its amazing how far theyve come, with an ‘enemy’ in their home.
      I want it to be 2movies as they will have to rush scenes through otherwise, 1st movie Bella human, and I agree a person with CGI should be used and they could show flashscenes like they do with Alice to show how Renesmee communicates

      • The whole point of Jakes POV is so that we see Bella and understand what’s going on as Bella is soo not able to do it herself. Taking out Jake’s POV is not a good idea. I am not a Jacob fan, but his point of view is still needed for the movie. It wouldn’t work b/c there are times we have no clue what is going on when Jake isn’t there, so if we took those parts out it would be quite difficult to portray things. Oh and why not have 2 movies? That just means more Twilight for us. As long as we don’t have to wait a year in between each of them.

        • The good thing about a movie is that you’re able to show what Bella’s going through visually without Jacob’s (very often annoying) inner monologue.
          I do think it’s important to have Jacob’s point of view because it shows just how much he cares about Bella… but at the same time I don’t think we necessarily need as much POV as there was in the book.

          There’s a lot that can be cut out of Breaking Dawn, but I honestly think they’d still need 2 movies to make it decent. I hope Summit’s intentions is to give us the best movie they can, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • It’s luck then you’re not directing this movie then. Steph Myere wrote a great story including many characters. to leave the wolf pack out and the Jacob story would miss so much of the essence. To be honest the whole thing has beme more about Rob and Kristen. I know they are really popular but really guys lets get back to the story. I hope they will produce a well rounded movie that depicts what Steph M wrote and please all of the fans.

    • I believe that if to much is taken out then we may as well re-name the whole saga the Bella and Edward story. It is a saga and there are many interesting characters. As little as possible should be taken out and if it takes 2 movies to produce a piece of work then thats what it should be. I am affraid the Harry Potter movies, so far, have put the twilight saga to shame and I’m not even a fan of HP.

  10. This is so exciting! I can’t wait till they start filming it 😀 And hopefully they do 2 movies, cause if they do 1 then they will probably have to leave out a bunch of stuff, and cram it all together. And they better not make Renesmee look too fake with the CGI either, cause then she’ll look really weird

  11. This is a good article. It goes to show that you have got to love the way Hollywood works! They have nothing figured out, not even a director, don’t even know if it will be one or two movies, but they start shooting this fall. Well I am glad for that!! I hope it is two movies!! And, sadly, I also hope they get a new screenwriter. The chronology of Breaking Dawn is sensitive. I am really looking forward to it and will probably love it anyway 🙂

  12. if they cared at all about “the flow” of the story,the acting,etc they wouldnt have rosenburg as the “screenwriter”. Its already ruined,they blew it big time with what was supposed to be an epic romance. I love rob and kstew and the rest of the cast. Its not their fault they have a subpar script to work with. Major props to them for doing what they could with what they were given to act on. Love the Twilight series but the films wont live up to the books epic ness, they made it a joke so sad. Its a cash cow to the suits. Team Robert And Team Kristen 😀

    • I was just discussing the same thing with my daughter last night. I told her I couldn’t wait to see Remember Me to see if Rob could actually ACT when given a well-written script (read: one not written by Rosenberg!). Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Rob and Kristen both, but they could only do so much with the scenes they were given to act out!!! I have a feeling we’re going to see a much different side to Robert Pattinson with this film. And in contrast, we’ll also be able to see how poorly written THESE scripts were!!

  13. I have been hugely disappointed with the films. To ignore the significance of the Cullens is inexcusable. I can’t imagine why Catherine left out the important ‘family history’ scene in Carlisle’s office (which at least Chris made fit in New Moon). Also frustrating–no connection of Alice and James in the ONLY movie James is in–(kinda important that he made her a vampire), no back story on those whose stories are told in the first books (why are there actors when they never speak or have depth?), and a disjointed, hollow plot that could be any vampire story.
    The books have so much beauty and depth that could easily transfer to film, but instead we’re left with a much more generic, diluted version. LOTR was made to appeal to the readers–if you didn’t get the movie you had to read the book. Twilight should be the same. I love the stories and hate to see the only chances at film versions blown in 1000 ways. If Breaking Dawn amounts to 2 ways to make a buck with bad CGI and a bare-bones story line, I’d rather it never happen.

  14. In my opinion BD should be 2 movies, the first needs to show the love between edward and bella, the torment of jacob seeing bella pregnant and finally the birth of renessmee, the first movie should end at the part where new vamp bella and edward get it on the cottage. I personally would hate to see a CG nessie because i think we need to believe the imprinting with jacob, so why dont they just get a baby for first movie, then move on to an older child for 2nd movie, simple? im sure carlisle can have a long speech about he special abilities, with regards to Melissa i think its not as bad as every1 is making out and you must admit the romeo scene in New Moon was stunning and it got some laughs in, i hope she includes the wit between jacob and rosalie too. BD needs to be two movies and i hope Summit dont over complicate things

  15. OH heaven! Please please don’t do this to us…

    I found this at and now I’m SO WORRIED that BD is going to be lame.

    ” How are they going to pull off Renesmee, the half vampire, half human child of Bella and Edward?
    Godfrey shed some light on this, as well: “I keep having visions of Benjamin Button in my head. It’s certainly going to be visual effects in some capacity along with an actor. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being a full CG creation, but it also may be a human shot on a soundstage that then is used to shrink down.”

    Is this a real quote? I hope not. Because that is not what I want to hear as a HUGE Twilight fan. They really need to get the look of Renesmee right, and her birth too. I know it can’t be an R rated movie as per Stephenie’s wishes, but I hope this is just the start of brainstorming… a shrink down?

  16. Wow! I can’t wait for this movie to come out either. Yeah as you guys said it should be 2 movies otherwise idk how they are gonna cover the story with so much going on in Breaking Dawn!

    @ Carly >> I think they should end the 1st movie of the Breaking Dawn with Bella opening her eyes to her new life as a Vampire! What u say??

    • To cut the movie when Bella opens her eyes as a vampire would be so Avatar-like but it would be the most logic point in the story.
      Despite what everyone thinks about Melissa Rosenberg, I don’t mind her scripts and I hope she can straighten out some of the wacky stuff in Breaking Dawn. As much as I love Stephenie Meyers Breaking Dawn really asks a lot of its audience…

      • I agree. Everyone says that BD should be two movies. Well here’s my opinion: BREAKING DAWN SHOULD HAVE BEEN TWO…BOOKS!!! It was way too long, and as a result, she skipped over parts too quickly (honeymoon) that should have been looked at in depth, and concentrated too much (Jacob and the wolves) on stuff that could have been summed up in fewer pages. And the whole cleaning crew episode on Isle Esme??? Pages and pages of WASTED TREES!!

        I didn’t like BD very much…can you tell?? LOL

        • Vampire-girl says:

          I agree Donna I always skip through Jacob pov when I read as its so much, I understand why its there but it sould have been condensed. His pov would have been nice in NM but then again so would Edwards. I hope they explain the background of how all the others became vampires in eclipse or bd, I love how Alice knew Jasper was going to find her, that was beautiful.

  17. lion_lamb_love_forever says:

    I really think BD should be two movies, the book is much to long to be one. I think the splitting point should be when Edward first hears Renesmee’s thoughts. It’s sort of magical and sweet for Edward and Bella, but torment for Jacob. I suppose it would leave a bit of suspense for Twerds for dont read (which really doesnt make any sense to me!!) It would also leave plenty of time to stretch the honeymoon out nice and long. And the wedding of course. I hope Melissa can pull this off. Without allowing an R Rating I’m not sure it’s posible!!

  18. you know, if they go ahead and do a two-part movie than they would be pulling a Harry Potter cause that’s what they’re doing with “The Deathly Hollows” next year. But i think doing it in two-parts would probably do the movie justice,like, if they do it all in one movie it would either be really long or Melissa would have to cut out a lot of scenes from the book, like, if a movie is really long you’d probably get bored. If they DO go ahead with two-parts then the first part would leave us at a MAJOR cliff hanger and anticipating for the second. now as for the “Renesmee Situation” i don’t know, i mean, they can’t just do ALL CG the texture of the skin wouldn’t look right and the acting would be a little off, but whatever the director does, i mean, yeah….anyway, i really hope they make Breaking Dawn into a movie and try to keep it PG-13 rated.

  19. I think two movies is the best way to ensure we get everything included. Plus it drags it on longer… I will be so sad when it’s all out – like I was with Harry Potter Books and will be for Harry Potter Movies.

    I hope JK Rowling writes more from the kids pov… and maybe Stephenie will write more from Renesmee’s pov

    but I digress… I am thrilled to hear Wyck mention Vancouver! Being from Vancouver, and having experienced so much filming first hand, I just hoped they would stay. Not that Portland would be a bad place to film, but a lot of unreliable sources were claiming Portland to be a done – deal and that just didn’t seem right…

    I guess time will tell for sure…

    I am just excited to get some news – It’s that “in between” time while we wait for Eclipse – I want some BD news!!!

  20. So what this article says is that Summit doesn’t have any idea how to make this movie, when it’s going to be made or who will be on board making it. Well, if BD will be made, I hope Summit gives the director more money and time than his predecessors have gotten. In order for the movie to be any good, Renesmee has to look believable. And if it’s going to be a full CG character, I’m almost positive she won’t. I would’ve wanted Summit to find a new screenwriter for BD but whatever… My expectations aren’t high for this movie anyway.

  21. Alexandra says:

    I believe it will be 2 movies for the following reasons:
    1. These movies make $$$$$$$$$$$ for the studio. Obviously, with such a loyal following, 2 movies will make more money than one.
    2. In order to cover all the material in this very long book.
    3. If they put Renesmee’s scenes mostly in the 2nd movie, they have more time to figure out the special effects needed. In the 1st movie, they can use a regular baby I think.

  22. The biggest issue besides how to bring Renesmee to life,is whether it should be two films or not. Since they’re waiting on the first treatment from Melissa to come back,they want to be sure if BD can be made into one film or two. I like the idea of(if they decide on a two part film)Bella waking up and the audience sees her open her eyes. It would definitely be a dramtic close to the first part,so that we couldn’t wait to see part two. I agree that most of the Jacob section that deals with his break from the pack is not necessary,cinematic wise. His section of the book is heavily exposition dependent. The most important points from that section was embracing his birth right as his own leader and imprinting on Renesmee.

    The posibility of shrinking an actress to play Renesmee could work. She only has a few lines in the book and that was towards the end,when the family is confronted by the Volturi. If it’s done in a subtle way,she can still look believable enough to give a performance. That way it won’t look so obvious that it’s a visual effect.

  23. My biggest concern is that they will ruin the film by forcing a film for children out of a story that is definately not for children. That would change the whole original story: It is a story about young adults and for young adults. And that should in no way let the studio hesitate or give up producing it!

    • I´ll put it like this: I let my 16-year-old daughter read the book, but not the 12-year-old because it is too much to handle in that age I think.I told her to wait until she´s old enough. I would like to delete my comment but tecnically I don´t know how – so please just accept my apologies and ignore it.

    • I agree with your comment 100%.

  24. Lily Cullen says:

    In my opinion, there should only be one movie.

    My thoughts…
    – Cut some of the beginning. Just show Bella and Edward talking to Charlie, it can be a short conversation.
    – The credits can show time passing, as in, Alice giving Bella a new face.
    – No need to show an airplane, just show a quick second of them landing in Brazil and then another second taking a boat. One minute to show off Isle Esme.
    – All of Jacob’s book isn’t needed. We’ll see what Bella looks like, he doesn’t have to explain. Let Sam command them, let Jacob form his own pack, and let Seth and Leah go along. Leah can sulk in the background to show her hatred of vampires.
    – They can take their time with the birth, and Vampire-Bella being awesome.
    – Show Irina spying.
    – Then bring in the vampire parade.
    – J. Jenkins doesn’t need to make any appearance.
    – Show off some vampire powers.
    – Then show the chess game.
    – And then the happily ever after (I still don’t get why people complain about that.)

    And BAM! A two and half hour movie! Every detail isn’t needed, some details can be passed over.

    • It sounds good to me! I think it sould be one movie. In Eclipse Bella chose Edward and we should let Jacob fade from the threesome in the movie. As a fan, we know about his feelings for Bella but Twilight is about Bella and Edward, their love story and we should stick to that point of view. I also believe that they can find a small person (about 10 years old) who has the average body of a taller person to play Renesseme. This way there wouldn’t be so much CGI involved and she can read and act the part too.

  25. Lily Cullen says:

    Whoops, J. Jenks.

  26. Can’t wait!

  27. Call me crazy, but I think they should make BD into two movies and the first installment should end exactly where Jacob’s book ends! It would be really cool cause the folks who have never read the books will get a huge cliffhanger (and maybe go out and buy BD because they can’t just not know) and those of use dedicated Twis will know exactly what’s to come.

    Oh and up at the top of the comments someone suggested they just cut out Jake’s entire book…?? I will say I’m an incredibly biased Team Jacober, but come on? That is the worst idea I’ve heard so far. It would be a complete injustice to just “cut out” any part…especially Jacob’s. His love for Bella and his pack and his suffering are such a huge part of the book. Why anyone would even suggest that is beyond me.

    • I am so with you, Aiya. Breaking Dawn would be incomplete without Jacob’s book. And I also agree with Breaking Dawn being split into two.

  28. I jumped from this article to the “Hero Complex” piece on Taylor Lautner (linked at the bottom of the BD article) – THAT’S a great interview. If you haven’t read it, you should.

  29. I’m a 63 year old grandmother, so suffice it to say I’ve read many books and seen many movies in my lifetime. The “Twilight Series” is the first fiction that I have read in 10 years. Like everyone else, once I read the first page I couldn’t put it down. I read the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,and 4th books back to back in two weeks. Now, I have finally seen the 2nd movie “New Moon”. I tried to find a website for the producers that would let me write a comment to them, but didn’t have much success. Finally I stumbled across this web. Hopefully, someone who has a say as to how the movies are put together will read this. I enjoyed “New Moon” but it was too abbreviated. If I had not read the book, I would have been lost as to the story line. Way too much substance was left out. I’m sorry but I don’t understand Hollywood’s idea on this. What is to point of dictating that a movie can be no longer than 1.5 to 2 hours long if the end result is a disappointment? I’m sure the “Twilight” fans would be more than happy to watch a 4 hour movie with an intermission and I’m also sure the movie would make even more money. The “Twilight” fans WANT to see their beloved stories in their entirety. They don’t want to watch a movie that is nothing more than a shell! After seeing how much was left out on “New Moon”, I can’t imagine what butchery will be applied to “Breaking Dawn”. SO MUCH happens in “Breaking Dawn” – how is Hollywood going to pare that down to even a 2 hour movie????!!!!!
    As I said in the beginning of my email, I hope this makes it to the producers, to Stephanie Meyer, to anyone that has any influence over the movies. . .maybe Hollywood missed the mark when they didn’t make these books into a miniseries.

  30. cool i really want to play the character renesmee and im searching all over for casting auditions


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