FearNet: 20 Differences Between New Moon the novel and the movie

Jen Yamato, one of the most Twilight savvy reporters out there, has a comparison of New Moon the movie vs. the book and how “changes” in her opinion work.

“If you’re a diehard Twilighter, you might wonder just how different New Moon the film is from the book. Below, we name 20 ways the movie deviates from Meyer’s tome – and works all the better for it.

Twilight scribe Melissa Rosenberg faced an enormous challenge adapting Stephenie Meyer’s 500+ page novel for the screen, but it’s clear that the filmmakers chose to remain steadfastly faithful to Meyer’s book. (Perhaps to a fault, considering the reviews.) Still, for fans, New Moon should feel just authentic enough to drive it toward an enormous opening weekend. So how do Rosenberg’s additions, changes, and omissions from the text affect New Moon on film, and which ones work the best?”

See Jen Yamato’s analysis on Fearnet.

Here’s Melissa Rosenberg on the red carpet talking with us about one such change.


  1. Kimberly Brooky says:

    I am a huge fan of the Twilight Saga, I follow up on and read, watch, etc. everything regarding it and I was looking forward to New Moon so much that I literally counted down the days. Knowing however that the film may be a bit different due to a new director and how films usually differ than the book anyway I kept an open mind and couldn’t wait to see the writen words on many pages played and acted out on film for us fans. I however found the film to be quite a dissapointment. The director quoted many times that he was seeking to have the audience in tears yet there was way more laughter in the theatre than tears. I totally expected to be crying my eyes out during the movie, I brought my boyfriend with me and warned him ahead of time yet I cried only 1 time and I am a very emotional person who tears up even during sad commercials! I was also dissapointed in the vast differences between the movie and the book. Twilight was so much better, I could feel their pain, their love, their happiness, etc. In New Moon it wasn’t such, it was not as heart touching at all, it was a huge let down for me. I am however planning to see it again due to one of my close friends wanting me to go with her so she can see it and I’m hoping I will have a different experiance. Overall though I felt that the movie was a major dissapointment and I feel it was the director’s doing which really stinks since he is to direct Eclipse as well… Just my opinion though!

    • twiightgirl68 says:

      Chris is not directing Eclipse , Dave Slade is , though Chris may come back for Breaking Dawn. I was a little let down at first then I went to see it a second time and thats when it clicked for me ! I really , really liked New Moon after that ! Hope you enjoy it the 2nd time around!:)

    • liz richards says:

      I totally agree with you. I’m disappointed with the movie. There are some aspects I liked, such as the Italy scenery, Bella’s email to Alice and Edward quoting Romeo in class. That being said, there are a lot of scenes from the book that did not make it in the movie that shows how much Bella and Edward loves each other, their heartache from being apart and the angst before their sweet reunion. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I liked the kiss they had in Italy but they missed all the interactions and dialogues after they got away from the Volturi, the scenes in the plane when Bella tries to stay awake so she won’t miss a moment being with Edward and back in the room when Edward has to convince Bella that she is alive and not dreaming. The movie seemed rushed to the end. They didn’t even have the Cullen reunion scene in the airport. And what’s the deal with Jacob giving Bella a birthday gift in school? I don’t believe that was in the book is it? Isn’t he already in a lot of scenes in the movie to add that? They could have made the movie a little longer and be more satisfying to the readers of the book. They even missed that line Edward said to Bella about living in darkness and that Bella was like a meteor that brought him light and color etc… you know that line. Sorry, just disappointedd that parts of the book I totally liked never made it on the screen. Team Edward all the way!

      • liz richards says:

        Oh and by the way, I think they should get another screen writer for the next movies bacause the one who did twilight and new moon just sucks!

      • Lets Keep in mind, I absolutely hated the book New Moon, and tend to read the first few chapters and skip to the last.

        That said, I though the movie, on total, was better than the book for the opposite reasons I liked the book. The interaction between Jacob and Bella was amazing. I have to say I like the Movie “Jacob” 1000x better than the book boy.
        But, the movie was still a HUGE appointment. Every tender, loving, scene between Bella and Edward was either missing or disseminated beyond recognition. It was like the director HATED their relationship. Edward Came off as Cold and aloof the entire movie. Every Scene with the two was totally rushed, especially in comparison with the rest of the movie. THE ABSOLUTE WORST SCENE had to go to Alice and Jacob when Alice returns. Poorly acted, doesn’t make sense, rushed.. and just lame all-around. Think the best scene of the movie — which is better than the book — were the wolf boys at Emily’s. You really got a good sense of the pack.

        And I agree.. the screen writer needs to be shot.

    • First off, I totally respect your opinion I just wanted to add my two cents. I liked the movie so I apologize in advance if this sounds biased. When you say “I was also disappointed in the vast differences between the movie and the book.” I was wondering like what you meant specifically. Because in terms of reviews from critics and other non-book fans the movie was so painfully close to the book that people may not even get the movie if they haven’t read the books. I thought it was very close. They basically used direct quotes in many parts. I think us fans have to remember that, yes, the movie is of course mainly for us, but it has to be enjoyable for people outside of our circle too. That same comment goes for length. I thought it was way too fast at first but then I went again and thought it was fine. Especially because for so much of this movie Bella is down in the dumps, they had to keep things moving so that people wouldn’t get bored (and yet critics and non-book fans were STILL bored) so they had to try and find a happy medium which I thought they did. Also in terms of emotion (“it was not… heart touching at all”) did you not find any of the Bella/Jake scenes sad? The scene in the rain where she first sees Jake after the movie date, the scene when Bella is leaving for Italy and Jake says “I’m begging you…please,” and the end scene where Bella tells Jake not to make her choose because she’d choose Edward and he heartbrokenly, desperately whispers “Bella” were so beautiful to me. I am 110% Team Edward, but Taylor Lautner gave quite a performance in my opinion. He really made me look at Jake, which I had never taken the time to do before and it was so sad. I thought those three scenes I list above were very touching. It’s okay if you disagree, like I said I respect your opinion! I was just wondering if you were moved at all by those scenes. Anyway thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it more the second time! I’m sorry you feel disappointed.

      • The touching moments between Edward and Bella were all missing from the film. I think that the moments between Jake and Bella were 1000x better than the book.

    • Agree, no matter how much someone tries to make me believe she is the right screenwriter for this I can’t… and truly, I have tried.

      • Frankly I am giving Catherine a break because in the end it is the screenplay. There are tons of details she and Chris missed but I think the writing is what we all agree upon comes up short. Twilight left out key elements to Bella and Edward falling in love. Hey how about having the words I love you, that’s a start. I think New Moon is far superior on every level visually, etc. however this screenplay is definitely wanting as well. Please tell me they used someone different for Eclipse or at least will be different for BD. I’m sorry Melissa Rosenberg was obviously not reading the same books as the rest of us. The additions were fine, it’s the things she left out that don’t make sense. She lost the moods, themes and most of the character development. Kudos to Chris et al for making a great movie!

    • Did we see the same movie? Twilight was better? It sucks that you were disappointed, but Twilight wasn’t even close to the book, and the acting was horrible! New Moon was so much better and I feel like Chris Weitz completly understands the feeling of these books. It is good that you are giving it another chance.

  2. Enjoyed her list, but I have to disagree with her comments on Jacob’s reaction in the theater — I thought that was a great segue into his transformation.

    • Yes, I didn’t think it was out of character. The problem is that people who don’t know the books don’t know that anger=werewolf. That doesn’t click and so to people who haven’t read the books it’s like “whoa way to over react” plus Mike does a great job in that scene of being like “sorry” and kind of innocent so when Jake gets super mad some non-book people I went with were confused. We don’t see anger=werewolf until Paul gets punched and pissed. Then Jake reinorces it with his discussion with Bella and his being mad at Alice.

    • I think the scene was well done. In the book Jacob gets angry at his dad over something little, so this is just another way of showing the snap change in his behavior right before he phases for the first time.

      Speaking of Jake’s dad, I was disappointed to see that he only had one scene. All this talking about character development, and most of the characters only got a couple of lines.

  3. ok well i loved it from the firts time i saw it the differences werent so bad it helped to move the movie along a little. and it did have its emotional tear jerker moments they had to have laughs u cant just go and make a 2hr emo film then all the ppl who never read th ebooks might not see the 3rd movie it was great the chemistry between kristine and taylor was just as good though not as painfully obvious as her and robert’s. and i appreciated hopw they had him in it so much. also i laughed a few times reading the book

  4. I thought it was better than Twilight. I think the actors have grown to portray the characters better in this one. I feel like they kept pretty true to the book, as close as possible, and the changes they made were good instead of bad as in Twilight. I did not like the changes in twilight but in New Moon they work well. I always try to compare them to the books and you just can’t do that. That’s why I love reading the books, you get so much more out of it. But the movie is very good and is good entertainment for a couple of hours. I ALMOST wish I would have waited to read the books until after I watched the movies. LOL I wonder if that would have ruined the books for me….Probably not! LOL

  5. I LOVED the movie! But why isn’t anybody else mad about them missing one of the most beautiful lines in all of the books: “Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night…” WOW, how could they not include that? People have this tattooed to their bodies!
    Still, otherwise I am completely blown away by the movie. A world of difference from the-worst-directing-job-ever that was Twilight.

    • I’m really bummed they left out that line too! Maybe during the 2nd proposal scene in Eclipse? Fingers crossed! But I loved the movie too.

  6. In truth, as a screenwriter, I can tell you right now that anybody expecting to see the BOOK itself on screen, is going to be in for a let down. When adapting a novel to the screen, we are more interested in capturing the essence of the book, and hopefully translating it the best way possible. Sometimes it works well, and sometimes it doesn’t. Ultimately it is about telling a good story in a 2hr time frame. As Melissa has already stated many times, is that you can’t literally translate every line and action of a 500 page book, into a 90 to 120 page script. It is impossible. I’m glad they made the changes they did. It made it a much better movie. To me, as long as they are telling the same story, if they need to make changes to help make it a much more visual medium, so be it.
    Don’t go to see New Moon, to see the book… Go to see New Moon, to see the movie.

    • Thank you. I totally agree. I grow to love/like the Twilight film after a few times of watching it just bec i love the books. But when I saw New Moon I actually loved it the first time seeing it. I think the changes worked better for the sake of the film. We as the fans need to always keep in mind that the film is inspired by the books and not the book. Just a summary of a very detailed story. Give this film makers a break all ready. I think they did a bang up job for what it is. You dont see stephanie blowing a fit. Lets follow after her example.

    • I agree totally. I believe this was a good adaption of the book. If you want emotional intensity you need to re-read the book.

  7. mschicklet says:

    Oh who cares what reviewers think? All that matters is the box office. I hope Summit understands that. The box office speaks for itself – fans want an adaptation that stays close to the book.

  8. I personally loved the movie, I thought it far exceeded Twilight.

    • I just hope they don’t make Jasper look like Gaucho Marks in the third movie. I thought he looked great in Twilight – he looked HORRIBLE in New Moon and I was totally distracted by that.

  9. I was not impressed with this article at all. I even disagreed w/ a few points. I love the books and loved the movie this weekend. I think they did not let their fans down. A screenplay adaptation will never be exactly like the book or we’d have a 10 hour movie (not that we’d mind, right?).

    Only two things stuck out in my head and I’m looking to find out what other twilighters think. SPOILER ALERT TO FOLLOW:

    1) I was surprised to see Jasper at the school. Shouldn’t he have graduated w/ Emmett and Rosalie (his ‘twin’). I’m mostly thinking about in Eclipse at graduation it is noted it is Bella, Edward & Alice’s graduation. There is also a reference to Alice and Edward having lunch with the human gang.

    2) At the end, in Volterra. When Alice shows Aro her vision of Bella becoming a vamp and Bella & Edward are running through the forest… I think that was essentially a reference to the blue dress she wears when they go on their first hunt. In that ‘vision’ Bella’s eyes are golden. They should be (according to BD) newborn red. She later wears contacts as not to scare her human friends and family.
    The only reason I can think of for them to have made her eyes golden was to not confuse the movie goers who have not read the books. Red eyes to them would mean she was feeding on humans.

    What do ya’ll think?

    • I didn’t notice those things until someone pointed them out, but once they were pointed out, it made scene. I wish they had been a little more careful, but I was so happy with the movie!

      I think people are way overlooking the humans! They did an awesome job. When Eric was crying while watching Romeo and Juliet- HILLARIOUS!

    • Firstly, about Jasper, I noticed this in Twilight too – Jasper, in the movies, is in Edward and Alice’s grade (and I guess not Rose’s twin). He goes on the field trip with them, and Rose and Em don’t. This knowledge clearly comes from having watched Twilight an obscenely obsessive number of times… Not sure why they made this change, but I guess it’ll have to carry on throughout the films. In fact, I remember seeing some paparazzi shots of Jasper in ugly yellow grad gown during Eclipse filming and people asking wtf.

      And about that future vision scene…. ugh, I hate it I hate it I hate it. I hate every damn thing about it. WHY would they be frolicking through the forest dressed like total weiners?? Will they be so bored with their sleepless eternity that they’ll resort to re-enacting bad romance novels to pass the time? And there’s just a brief flash of sparkle and golden eyes, when I watched the movie (the second time) with my boyfriend he didn’t even notice that and he had no idea what that stupid scene was supposed to be. But he could have been distracted by my audible cringing over having to see it again. There are a MILLION better ways they could have shown that Bella will be a vampire, that one just DID NOT work in any way, shape, or form.

      And in response to Tess, YES! The humans are all fantastic!! All the way through, they made the movie with the laughs they brought. Seriously, all perfect!

  10. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m pretty sure that it will be way different from the movie. All the Harry Potter books and movies were, and I sometimes wonder if the directors even read the book. Oh well. I kinda didn’t like the book anyway. It was like, okay, you’re sad, now GET ON WITH IT!!!!

  11. I know that I have really loved New Moon. It was a thousand times better than Twilight, and I’m not saying this because I don’t like Catherine Hardwicke or anything. Twilight the movie was a good start and New Moon is the perfect sequel. I loved every second of it.

    There are just a few things I wish Chris Weitz had included in the movie:

    -In the book, Bella is always trying to hold herself together by curving into a ball, but we didn’t get to see Kristen do that. I missed that part.

    -Rob didn’t say two of my most favourite quotes from New Moon:
    “When I told you I didn’t love you, it was the very blackest kind of blasphemy.” AND “Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars-points of light and reason……And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.”~Edward
    These are such beautiful lines. I really wish Chris had used them.

    -And we didn’t get to see Kristen having her epiphany which would have been nice.

    Other than this, the rest of the movie was amazing! Chris Weitz has definitely done a great job!

  12. Couple more things I loved about New Moon, Edwards entrance with the music and his swagger! I hope that’s a signature opening for the next two movies.
    The breakup scene when Bella writes to Alice, “I’m lost.” It made me cry.

    • Haha, Edward’s swagger… you’re right, he should have a signature swagger. Carlisle brings it hardcore in his opening scene in Twilight, Edward should have one too!

    • I think the movie had a good balance between staying with the book and bringing in new stuff. In fact, I found it was overall very close to the book, and every scene that was totally new only added to the story (except the future frolicking vision… I cannot express enough hatred for that scene…)

      The only deviation from the book that does bother me quite a bit is one that seems insignificant, and I easily brushed off at the time, but the more I consider it the more it seems wrong. When Carlisle is stitching up Bella, they talk about his beliefs regarding an afterlife. As you may remember, in the books, Carlisle believes that there is some chance at heaven after this earth if you are essentially good, even for a vampire, while Edward firmly believes that they are damned regardless and this is why he is not willing to turn Bella. In the movie, they just kind of shortened that conversation by having Carlisle believe that way too. I didn’t really expect them to delve too deeply into religious debates in the movie, but glossing over Carlisle’s history and doing a complete 180 on his point of view on that issue really takes away from his character development.
      I think it goes fundamentally against Carlisle’s character to think that he would have turned Edward, Esme, Rose and Emmett, if he had believed he was damning them all to an eternity in hell. He just would have gone on alone. It changes his position as this sort of beacon of hope at the head of the Cullen family. It doesn’t fit at all.

  13. Overall I thought it was pretty good. If I could have changed anything it would have been from when Bella reunites with Edward. I read somewhere that they wanted to have a fight scene for the guys drug there by their girlfriends. Fine, do it. It could have been in the alley. It WAS almost in the alley in the book. Jane could have interceded just as she did in the book. I found it odd that Felix and Edward would fight in the castle. Jane was there.

    Also, now that I am thinking about it. What happen to Edward being a superior fighter? He’s faster than everyone else and he can read his opponents moves before they make them. THe only reason jane can take him down is because she doesnt have to get close to do it. It bugged the heck out of me in Twilight and it did in this one as well.

  14. The scene where Alice shows Bella and Edward running through the forrest confuses me. Bella’s ‘sixth birthday dress’ and Edward’s grandpa ensemble aside. Isn’t Bella supposed to be STUNNING when she becomes a vampire? Don’t get me wrong, i think Kristen is stunning herself, but in the process of the transformation, ‘plain’ Bella should become beautiful..! She looked exactly the same!
    When i first saw the pics of them running through that field, before i saw the movie, i really thought it was a dream Bella had. Maybe after Edward propposed and she was dreaming about them being together in the time Edward lived as a human. 109 years ago.. The clothes made me think that.
    I thought the dress Bella was wearing was supposed to be too sexy for Bella’s taste. This kind of looked like she stole it off of a five year old is what i’m saying.

    • That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the picture, flashback to Edward’s day! NOT the future!!

      • Yea, cause if you look closely, her hair is longer too. I really thought it was a flashback. Them wearing such clothes and her having longer hair, which for some reason makes me think that Bella would think that girls would have had long hair in Edwards time.

        • But on the other hand, they probably made her hair look longer because it takes a while before she would be turned and her hair would grow long like that. If that’s the case, they did put thought in that. Just makes me even more confused at why they filmed that superweird frolicking scene in that field. They obviously thought of ‘a blue dress’, Bella’s love for running and the longer hair. Why oh why the cheesiness.

          Other than that, the movie was GREAT. Kristen: standing ovation. I love that girl. This was so much better acting than Twilight. I teared up at the sight of her screaming in her bed. It was outstanding, the screams just cut like a knife.
          Taylor, oh Taylor. What can i say. I don’t see Rob’s face while reading about Edward in the book, but Taylors face is what i see when i think of Jacob. He IS Jacob!! Brilliant performance, could not have wished for someone better. There wouldnt have been anyone better.
          I love rob, dont get me wrong, but i thought he looked unnecessarily depressed in Twilight and even more so in New Moon. Thankfully this time it didnt bother me because Edward is supposed to be depressed etc. I did LOVE his playfull smirk 😀 I can imagine though that he would leave a brightred kiss-print after kissing you, because of the red lips lol 😀

          I missed a couple of lines from the trailer.
          Alice: “You’re a human who knows entirely too much about us, they could kill us all”
          and Bella commenting on the cake.

          • I loved Taylor too! I’m so happy someone else said that hahaha he was great! I mean Rob did wonderful too, but we already got to see him work in Twilight, so I was just so happy to see how awesome Taylor is! =) Respect both of those guys so much!

    • It was definitely the future and not the past. It was Alice’s vision (she sees the future) and Bella had vampire eyes.

  15. I did love the movie though and am going to watch it again with a group of friends on wednesday 🙂

  16. I love the movie and the books but i was kind of dissiponted in new moon the movie because they took out so many good parts in the book they could of used in the movie like for example

    1)Edward never gave Bella her CD of him playing the piano and singing and when Edward leaves he hids Bellas presentes under her rooms platform and them when he comes back he gives it back..so yeah i was realy looking forward for that.

    2) And remember in twilight Edward was carrying an apple just like the cover on the book …well i was looking for the white flower with blood just like the cover of the book new moon i was hoping it would be in the movie and i wasn’t ..so hopfuly in the 3rd film there will be a riped ribbin just like the cover.

    3)The scenes in the movie were goin to fast one day there at school then there at Edwars house then he leaves… so yeah they could of went a little bit slower.

    So yeah i realy did love the movie but they could of just put more into in and not to make the sceanes go to fast. TEAM EDWARD & TEAM JACOB!!

  17. Fabulous movie. Loved it.

    points they missed (IMO):
    1.attention to vamp eye color. “My halucinatory Edward’s are better fed.” missed that line
    2.Edward giving her the CD for birthday
    3.Edward piggy-backed Bella to the vote and she kisses his neck and reveals that she was purposefully putting herself in danger to hear him.
    4.Charlie let her off too easy on her return from Volterra.
    5.Jacob brings Charlie Bella’s bike and Bella gets furious at him.
    6.I walked forward to meet my future with my destiny at my side”
    The last two wouldn’t have fit with the perfect ending they movie had, so I’ll give those up.

    *biggest gripe: “He’s not going to hurt me. Read his mind.” ummm, hello? Bella should NEVER have to ask if Jacob was going to hurt her. He never would…physically, that is.

    • The Bella asking Edward to read Jake’s mind part bugged me too, but then I realized that she said that for Edward’s benefit – so he would know for sure Jake wasn’t going to hurt her. But the way she asked the question wasn’t very clear

    • No worries. Bella saying that to Edward was definitely purely for Edward’s benefit. She was suggesting he read Jake’s mind so that he knew Jacob had no intention of hurting her. She knew. She was just suggesting it to Edward.

      I’m kinda surprised you’d think otherwise because I actually thought the intent was well conveyed.

  18. cheering4twi says:

    OK so Im a bit confused, I have never heard a critic say anything good about any movie. What is a movie that has rated well among critics? I still loved it. I still think Kristen Stewart is a fabulous actor who is 100% convincing in the Bella role. I cant stand all this negative press I am reading. But I must say it does not sway me at all, I loved it, I thought it was beautiful and each actor completely embodies their role. Good job Chris and the team.

    • Chris Weitz’s Golden Compass was adored by critics. It did crap at the box office and everywhere else, but then, the book it was based on could have been to blame for that.

  19. Bottom line: These movies are for the fans. Professional film critics don’t really have a place reviewing the movie unless they’ve read the books. If they are going to review w/o reading the book, they need to make that a disclaimer.

    All that being said, this movie was a huge improvement over the first one. Which, budget aside, could have been done much better (Bella and Edward didn’t even say “I love you” in the first one).

    In future films, I would like to see a less brooding Edward. He’s just not quite that brooding in the books. And, I would like to see more dialogue b/w them. Like others here, I did miss the plane scene and the bedroom scene after the Volturi. We really needed to see just how much Edward loved her and she him, etc. It was BETTER than the lack of love we saw in Twilight. However, I do hope Slade got the depth of their love even better in Eclipse and doesn’t over do the love triangle (Remember, Bella’s realization about Jacob doesn’t come to her until the 11th hour of the book and doesn’t last long).

    New Moon isn’t Academy Award winning. The actors are young and while I LOVE the Saga, it is a young adult series and critics can’t continue to expect these movies to be A-grade movies. They won’t be stand alone films. The directors, screen writers, actors, are doing these films for the true fans. We got a real treat with Weitz’s adaptation. I can’t say I can watch Twilight over and over again, but, New Moon will give me quite a TwiCrack Addict fix and I’m hoping for even more from Slade.

    As far as Breaking Dawn goes…come ON! Of course it’ll be done. There would be downright outrage if it wasn’t. While I wouldn’t usually ask for a movie to be rushed, I’m hoping Breaking Dawn is done sooner rather than later. If Rob and Kristen are together, as many assume, they may not last long. It IS Hollywood and while they may be a cute couple, so were Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. You haven’t seen them act together since they were divorced. Nor have you seen Brad Pit and Jennifer Aniston. All four of those actors are professionals – but I doubt anyone could pay them enough to film a movie together now. Let’s hope Rob and Kristen, if they are together, stay together long enough to finish BD!!!! I have very little trust in Hollywood relationships – especially couples as young as they them. Danger Summit. Get that movie finished quickly!

    • Well said about the critics.

    • “Bottom line: These movies are for the fans. Professional film critics don’t really have a place reviewing the movie unless they’ve read the books. If they are going to review w/o reading the book, they need to make that a disclaimer.”

      Film is film and a credit, fan or no fan, has every right to review films. Film is a visual art and that’s probably what they’ll look at specifically. Camera, lighting, editing, direction, and yes, some elements of the story.

    • “The directors, screen writers, actors, are doing these films for the true fans.”

      Let’s be clear…if you were a producer or movie studio exec and you adapted these books, initially, you are evaluating them for profit. An exec did not greenlight these movies to please “fans,” they did so because they wanted to make a movie and profit from it. The directors did not want to ALIENATE fans. Catherine and Chris have been smart and the execs from Summit, they know or figured out that if they royally messed up fans would be LIVID and maybe not support the films.

      Once they saw the success of the first film, do research, launch a campaign and done all the research they market it as such. They want to guarantee a financial success but no one in Hollywood does this for charity. It’s business first. The directors are the artist…thus, your assertion that it’s for fans is incorrect except in reference to how the directors make certain choices but not the studios and everyone else.

      • Leigh,

        What I meant, more specifically, was that Weitz, especially, directed this movie in such a way to keep fans in mind first, IMO. He walked around the set with the book in his hand, consulted Meyer about the Volturi fight scene, etc. He stayed as true to the book as was reasonably feasible. If it was meant to be a stand alone movie, to please even the toughest critics, I think he would have taken an entirely different approach. So, again, fans first, then all the rest fell into place, of course, like CGI and whatnot. And, I’m willing to bet that b/c of Twilight critic reviews, he knew that New Moon wasn’t going to change too many critic’s minds.

        I still think that professional critics should know the subject matter very well when reviewing a book-to-movie. I think they’d be a little bit more fair in their reviews if they did. I understand that film is film. However, when Twilight became a smash hit, despite it being a pretty terrible film, professional critics should have taken that as a cue to read the books before the next movie came out. It seems only fair, especially when all things were pointing toward record breaking attendance (I mean, didn’t we all know it would do this well ages ago? I know I did).

        If I had not read the books, I’d be so much more critical of the movies. In fact, my husband saw the first movie, hated it so much, couldn’t figure out why or when Bella and Edward were even in love, refused to read the books and accused me of reading trashy children’s books for one week straight, ignoring the him and the kids. He’s still ticked off about it. Now, if he’d crack open the first book, read for at least 100 pages, he’d probably be hooked and change his mind. The movies would mean something totally different. Now, while I didn’t like Twilight film very much, I realized that no one knew what they had in their hands and knew that NM would be better, which is was. I hope the final two (or three, however it’s done), keep getting better.

  20. I really was looking forward to New Moon. I wanted to see it without a ton of screaming fans, so I aimed for a Saturday showing and got what I wanted. But I didn’t get a great response to the film myself… I wonder if it will grow on me.

    Things that bothered me:

    the lips on most characters were very red, this wouldn’t have been too bad if it were humans, but on vampires? Their lips weren’t just red, you could also see some flushed areas around their mouths. I personally always pictured the vampires from Stephenie’s books to have pale lips. Dark circles under the eyes, where did those go too? Instead these vampires seemed to have a bit of eyeliner. This particularly bugged me on Edward… It reminded me of the unused extra scenes in Twilight DVD where Edward is an old-fashioned vamp and bites bella’s neck.

    I didn’t love the special effects. People in the theater laughed when Sam appeared as a big black wolf and came out into the meadow.

    I did however like the fighting wolves, and can tell that that took a lot of work.

    Fashion, this has been mentioned before, but in addition to Alice’s awful cloaks and matronly digs, some of Bella’s clothing choices bothered me. The outfits from the first movie looked broken-in, weathered, realistic. Here bella kept putting on one new shirt after another. They looked as thought they’d never been through the wash. I hated the striped blue-ish and aqua one she had on in one school scene… the pattern on it made me want to puke. And when she is on the motorcycle you’ll see what I mean about not breaking in these clothes, that rain jacket looked crisp off the rack.

    And don’t even get me started on Edward’s jackets. I think there was a sale on scratchy wool clothing at the turn of the century or something.

    Finally, the car that bugs everyone bugs me too, but for a different reason. During the very last scene, when Edward has to stop the car and go with Bella into the woods to confront Jacob, once Edward and Bella are all alone, you continue to see the VOLVO in the background in every freakin’ scene that you see Edward’s face. Sure, it’s somewhat blurry, but it’s red plastic tail lights really draw attention away from the character you should be watching. We don’t like the car, please keep it out of the way of an important scene!

    So, in conclusion, brooding, bright pink-lipped vampires with scratchy wool suits and fuzzy cars floating behind them… kind of distracted me from the story that I was looking forward to seeing.

    Other than that, it was a great adaptation of the book.

  21. Just a few things about the movie…

    1) Kristen Stewart is a m a z i n g. Just wow. she’s always been one of my favorite actors but the way she portrayed Bella – I just couldn’t have asked for better.

    2) All the minor changes that were made in order to bring the book to life on the screen were completely necessary and tastefully done. The most important details of the book were visually brought to the screen and no major details were left out. I imagine that it must be a very hard task to bring a book to life but Melissa Rosenberg did a great job!

    3) I think the movie flowed very well while still making sure that every key point from the book was present in the movie. New Moon is the most slow-paced book of the series because of Bella’s deep depression, and I think they did a great job with making the movie flow rather than drag on.

    4) I like how they throw in the whole Jasper Mood Control thing at the beginning, because they left that out in Twilight the movie. I know a lot of people don’t like the fact that Jasper was even in the high school at all, because in the book he has already graduated… but that was the ONE issue I had with New Moon the book, because I never pictured Jasper being away from Alice. It made more sense that he would enroll in the same grade as her, rather than graduate a year early.

    5) LOVE the Edward-visions, rather than just the auditory hallucinations that Bella has in the book. I’m Team Edward, so the more Edward Cullen, the better!

    6) I know I just said I am Team Edward, but DAMN Jacob is SEXY… the wolves were absolutly amazing in the movie as well. Great job to the entire cast!


    7) I have heard a lot of issues fans are having with the Bella-Vampire Vision that Alice shows Aro at the end of the movie. First off, a lot of people have complained about the costumes that they are wearing and how they are “frolicking” in the woods. I’ve heard people use words like corny, uncessary and even lame. My opinion is that it is brilliant! If you look into the series, it will make more sense… Has everyone here read Breaking Dawn??? (my fav book of the series by the way) – It is clearly stated that Alice had dressed Bella in a beautiful dress with flowing fabric (just like the one she is wearing in this scene) during her transformation process. And it is also stated in BD that after she wakes up and has the initial shock of seeing herself for the first time, her and Edward decide to go hunting. It even says that she takes her shoes off and leaves them at the house while Edward and her take a run in the woods. (She is barefoot in this scene, so kudos for remembering all the details, Chris Weitz!) So my opinion is that this extra scene was brilliant! Not only do we get to see Bella as a vampire (she looks amazing by the way!!!!) but we also get a preview of Breaking Dawn!!! How can anyone hate on that? The vision Alice had is almost exactly the way I saw it in my head after I read the scene in Breaking Dawn about Edward and Bella’s run in the woods. I loved it!

    When it comes down to it, i LOVED the movie. Great job to everyone involved.. i am SOOO excited for Eclipse

  22. I thought the movie was absolutely amazing. Sure more of Bella and Edward’s talk at the end of the movie would have been nice to allow everyone to see that it was just as hard for Edward as it was for Bella.

    I enjoyed the extra scenes they put in and the fight scene at Volturi was quite good. Chris and Melissa talked to Stephenie about the fight and she pointed out that Felix has been fighting for a long time and even though Edward is fast and can read minds, Felix is strong and a fighter. Stephenie helped make that scene work.

    I thought the movie was extremely well and I completely love it.

    • Interesting that people react to the Volturi fight scene saying, “how could Edward have been beaten so easily?” Probably at least part of his mind was distracted by seeing Bella again when he had thought her dead, and how to keep her safe given that they were stuck in the Volturi throne/dinner room.

      The fight that bothers me is how easily Jasper (Vampire fighter extraordinaire) is restrained by the other Cullens at the birthday party, even taking into account Edward’s mind-reading abilities. The ease with which he is overpowered bothered me when I re-read New Moon after reading Jasper’s personal history in later books as well. Mind you, it was better in the movie than I thought it would be from the shorts.

  23. I am with everyone, I enjoyed the film very much. I saw it a second time yesterday because I was initially disappointed the first time and needed to see it again. Whenever it is a movie from a book, I watch to closely to see what is the same and what is different. I should know better after Harry Potter. I stopped trying to do that after I was devastated by Goblet of Fire.

    I really do hope they pick someone different to do BD screen play since they are already done with Eclipse. I think Melissa misses some of the great intricacies of the relationships in Twilight and New Moon. The last chapters of NM were my favorite and they were done in less than 3 minutes in the movie. I can see where this movie would be confusing for someone who hasn’t read the books. They never even explain why Bella is having hallucinations of Edward. Just because? I mean come on. It’s funny the little things don’t matter as much to me eg color of the car, color of eyes, even Alice’s clothes (but come on really she is beautiful and stylish and she is dressed like a school marm). Anyway, it is the bigger character development issues like changing Carlisle to thinking they are damned and not showing the true depths of Bella and Edward’s relationship. I know they have to keep it to 2 hours but hey I’d happily watch more if it made the store more complete and fulfilling. I liked all of the additions, it was the subtractions that were harder to let go.

    Maybe we can get them to film it as a mini-series and then it will be perfect 😉

  24. Overall I thought the movie was pretty good but I was really unhappy with the score. The music was downright distracting at times. Say what you will about Twilight but the score was beautiful and captured the emotion of the story. New Moon was missing that completely IMO.

  25. Disclaimer: I have not seen the movie yet. I just had to comment tho that it is ironic to me that people are complaining about the movie not being like the book when the first one was soooo different than the book. What did you expect?!?!?! I HATED the Twilight movie because they left out sooo much. The depth of Bella & Edward’s love doesn’t make sense in the movie because they don’t show enough of the “falling in love” part – they skip right over it. So, despite hating the first one, I am going to see the second because I hope Weitz did a better job, never mind we have the same screen writer. And I think I am more mentally prepared for the differences this time.

  26. my thought:


    for me, as a movie, it is a VISUAL medium, and “more action”, in my opinion, are needed. and that’s what Chris Weitz did perfectly.
    i thought it’s 999x better than Twilight… everyone just nailed it on this film.

    1. The fights = more action

    2. The month-long depression = it wasn’t a very long scene, but a very GOOD one… like how the scene outside changes…

    3. DREAM CATCHER = FORESHADOWING… to those who don’t read the books, most would think that it’ll “help” catch her “bad dreams” (as Jacob said when he gave the gift), but rather to do the opposite way ~ to foreshadow Bella’s “bad” dreams…

    i also thought it’s a good thing that Jacob comes early in the movie to give the gift ~ to show how Bella accepts gifts from others, but not from the Cullens.

    4. teh ENDING was pretty decent. it gives the non-readers something to think about: “I wonder if Bella will say she’ll marry Edward?”

    i was actually surprised that some hated the ending… it’s like the type of ending that’s suddenly cut-off, leaves you a question, and makes you want MORE of the movie…


    in conclusion:
    it’s BETTER than i have expected, actually.


    and thank you very much, Chris Weitz…

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