New Moon: Pel’s Review

Summit has just given the fansites permission to post their reviews of the New Moon. Most of us saw the movie at the premiere or a pre-screening. To keep this spoiler free for people who don’t like to open their Christmas presents early the review is below the cut. If you click, be forewarned that various plot points and details will be discussed.

OK first off we are a fansite not the LA Times. To me this means we’re actually tougher than the LA Times, because we are the target market. If there’s a fatal screw up, we’re going to know. On the other hand, obviously we have a bias that tends to liking the project, so take this review in context. So here it goes:

The Good:

  • From the credits, you know Chris Weitz did his homework because it truly starts with an image of a New Moon.  AKA–the moon disappears!
  • Melissa Rosenberg’s script is a compelling adaptation. Obviously things need to be left out, but we weren’t left feeling like there were gaping plot holes. Little moments of deviation like the fight in the Volturi’s lair work,attempted emails to Alice or how Harry Clearwater dies, add to the story, they don’t detract.
  • Camera angles much improved. For most of Twilight I personally felt like a hand-held camera was practically up peoples’ noses.  No wonder Kristen kept blinking. In this, the shots are exactly what is needed.  Wide for vistas and close up on tender moments. The blue filter is gone. You feel like you are watching people’s lives.
  • Make-up and hair are brilliant. You don’t notice that major wigs are in place.  It’s seamless. The make-up on the vampires is spot on and consistent. In Twilight it looked like Peter Facinelli jumped into a vat of Revlon pancake #4 in his opening scene. You wanted to ask if he was a cross dresser in his spare time because the make-up was so heavy.  No worries in New Moon, the make-up doesn’t take you out of the shot.
  • The effects are vastly improved the wolves look so real it’s amazing, and I have to agree with Stephenie, the way the earth shakes when they move is stunning.  If I didn’t know that the high school exterior was CGI I never would have known. Edward’s sparkles are more compact and believable, and mercifully he no longer has a chiming sound like Tinkerbell on crack. Being sucked into the Volturi painting and having it come alive–kudos to Melissa for the idea and Chris’ team for the execution.
  • You can see perfectly how (as Stephenie Meyer has said) Bella falls in love with Jake during New Moon though she is mostly unaware of this. The scenes between Taylor and Kristen are the best in the film.
  • Alexandre Deplat’s score is beautiful. The stand out section is the race against time section to Volterra.
  • The performances given by Kristen, Rob, and Taylor are completely believable. However, without question, and in a really good way, THIS IS TAYLOR LAUTNER’S MOVIE. He rocks it. Every moment, every scene that subtleties he plays are stunning. I had to keep reminding myself that he is only 17.
  • While I’m talking about performances the minor characters live up to the expression “there are no small parts only small actors”. Billy Burke and Graham Greene are able to say 1,000 words just with their facial expressions. Mike Welch and Anna Kendrick are stand outs. Anna Kendrick’s rambling after the movie night is more stunning when you realize a lot of it was spontaneous and ad libbed.  Mike Welch as the third wheel date at the movies–holy cow. Hat’s off to Kristen and Taylor for fighting for Mike to have this scene.
  • Of the newcomers there are two standouts: Michael Sheen  and Chaske Spencer.  Michael, I think , will forever replace the image of Aro I have in my head. He is deliciously manipulative, commanding, and truly funny. Chaske is able to deliver a multi-tiered performance: the powerful leader, but he’s equally tender with Tinsel and lighthearted when teasing Bella.
  • The pacing is right where it needs to be. You feel Bella’s sloth of the months and depression, and then you feel like you’ve been shot out of a canon in Volterra. It’s a wild ride.
  • The ending of the movie, different than the book, but it totally works. (Won’t spoil it)

The Bad

These are minor when you consider the whole, but perhaps more noticeable because everything else was so good.

  • The CGI of the cliff diving where Bella first sees the guys looked faked.  It wasn’t (in my opinion) on par with the rest of the film.
  • Alice’s costumes are DREADFUL. Fasionista Alice, save for her party dress, and the brief glimpse at the vote outfit look dumpy.  I didn’t know it was even possible to make Ashley Greene look dumpy. She looks like she ransacked last season’s sale rack at Sears and just threw things together. Even her Italy ensemble screams “I raided my grandmother’s 50-year-old church scarf” rather than Hermes.  Everyone else’s costumes are an improvement or on par with Twilight, Ashley’s are worse.
  • The the wolfpack (save for Chaske) are a bit uneven performance wise. They are at their best in the muffin scene.
  • The Volvo reads black no matter what the stock color says. Edward drives a bright silver sports car. People have the words “Stupid Shiny Volvo Owner” tattooed on their bodies, written on walls, framed around license plates. Granted the model in the novel is no longer in production; however, other sports models exist, and unless I’m uninformed there is no shortage of bright silver paint. It’s hard for a girl to be swept off her feet in an SUV. Iconic cars like the Batmobile, the General Lee, James Bond’s Aston Martin, The Torchwood SUV…I could go on… need to be what they are, that’s why they are by definition iconic.  I don’t know if it was Summit or Volvo being insistent about a black SUV being fine, but this is marketing stupidity right up there with inventing New Coke.  A simple test market question would have given them the answer they needed. What’s even more laughable is that the Volvo appears in two scenes and is utterly forgettable, clearly not what Volvo wanted.  The dark color doesn’t pop against the other cars in the parking lot scene.  The overhead evening shot is so dark that for all I know Edward could be driving a Chevy.  So all-in-all in this vast movie is the car memorable? No…and that my friends is the point when we are talking iconic vehicle. Congratulations, guys, you killed the Batmobile.
  • Some sort of dialogue from Victoria. She seems like the kind of obsessive who would talk to herself. Mostly mute Victoria didn’t work for me especially since Rachelle can wickedly turn a phrase.


  1. LOL the car thing doesn’t bug me the way it does other people. “Stupid Shiny Volvo Owner” doesn’t mean “Stupid Silver Volvo Owner.” I don’t think the change is that big of a deal!

    But thanks for the review on the other stuff!!

  2. Thanks for the great review! Makes me more excited to see the movie tonight!

  3. Can anyone tell us where the soundtrack songs and the movie fit together?

    • The Violet Hour is playing during the Birthday party. Satellite Heart is playing in the truck after the birthday party sceneI know that Rosyln is during the break up scene.

      Thats all I know until I see the movie.

  4. If the worst thing they can come up with in the (BAD) review part is the color of Edward’s car, you know the movie is AWSOME!!!

  5. The reviews didn’t give too much away… just a little sneak peak, but I am so thrilled to see the movie tonight! Thank you!!

  6. Rofl…I love the comment about killing the batmobile! Awesome review, I’m so excited to see it tonight! I’ve had my tickets for 3 months now! 🙂

  7. Wow Pel, tell us how you really feel about the volvo. I understand how people are irritated about the switch. I am so sick of the stupid What drives Edward commercials. But I don’t really care about the car change that much. Was it a good idea? No. Is it going to affect the story? No. So as long as the movie is done well I am satisfied.

    • I thought it was a good idea (and of course, that’s just my opinion). The little hatchback in Twilight felt like it was for kid, the new one feels more mature and masculine.

  8. Taylor’s movie? You’re kidding, right?

    This was Kristen’s movie. She was absolutely stunning, in every scene. Hopefully this will finally silence her detractors. I also hope people realise how good her performance is in light of apparent problems with the script.

    And the scene after the breakup – October – November – December – poignant, perfect, beautiful – so well done, so clever.

    The emails to Alice as a way to get in Bella’s head and understand what she was going through – worked well.

    For me I have the same concerns with NM as I did for Twilight – the script – there are times when the dialogue was terrible and on there are a number of occasions when things feel really awkward because of it, or when important events aren’t given the time that they needed to really make sense. And it didn’t always flow very well – the pacing of the film is very very off.

    The original score is far stronger than the NM – it’s a shame that they didn’t go for consistency and find a way to weave it through the movie. The soundtrack on Twilight is also far far superior.

    On the whole, it’s a worthy sequel – but will I see it again? Not until DVD.

    • I agree with you about the score. Although it was also good, I felt it wasn’t as captivating.

  9. I saw this movie last night and I agree with a lot of what you said. this movie is SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO much better than Twilight! Even KS, who I cant stand, improved so much, that she was almost believable as Bella. They also didn’t try to improve the character like they did in Twilight, with the cell phones and IPOD. Obviously the ending was different, but I kind of liked it…it didn’t take away anything for me. I agree with the makeup, except for the Volturi…they looked as bad as the Cullen’s did in the first one, but a agree that Aro’s performance was so good, it didn’t detract. And why can’ they get Alice’s clothes right? I mean they only had two wardrobe changes for Edward the whole movie, you’d think they would have more time on hers! All in all, I can’t wait to see it again tonight and find details I was too engrossed with the story to see the first time around. As a die hard, adult Twilight fan I can admit that twilight kind of sucked, but New Moon was everything Twilight should have been!

  10. i am very curious about the ending. Why would they have to change it? Jacob throws her under the bus about the motorcycles and Edward doesn’t want her spending any time with him. She wants Edward to change her and he manipulates the situation to suit him by proposing? Does any of that change? I don’t mind knowing, you can e-mail me.
    Thanks for the review!

    • No motorcycle content in the ending. That was the only major deviation. I absolutely LOVED where they decided to cut the movie. I was actually sitting in my seat thinking “Please let it end right here”. It did 😀

    • A few issues:
      1. Jasper shows up at the school for one scene. Shouldn’t ever have happened, unless they (for some reason) made him a year younger without telling us. That reasoning would explain him going on a field trip with the younger class in the Twilight movie.
      2. I totally agree with the Alice/fashion thing. Her wardrobe is pretty horrid.
      3. Most importantly, and this was a general consensus of several people I talked to when we got out, the movie felt horribly rushed in several places. The beginning of the movie, until Edward left, I felt like I was cramming for an exam. From the part where Bella starts “living” again until the trip to Volterra, there was no flow in the script; it was very choppy. The script was like they said “We have to cover these main points and we only have 1 hr to do it. Go!”
      4. I still think the vamps had too much lipstick on in most scenes, but at least it was consistant with the first movie.
      5. The drastic enhancement of the contacts for the Cullens (they were almost yellow) was distracting. It actually kept me out of the movie for the first bit. Reflecting, the pace set at the beginning didn’t help any either. I found the more subtle but still not-quite-right look of the first movie more appealing. Also, there was no variation in eye colour, even though it was emphasized in a few places in the book that they had eyes darkened from thirst. (Think Alice’s return to Forks and Edward in Volterra.)

  11. If its possiable can you email me too the ending? 🙂 Thanks

  12. Pel~ Thank you thank you thank you. I have been saying for months the EXACT same thing about the Volvo. I know some people dont’ get why we freak about a car model. But, the point is, you are exactly right about the idea that it is an iconic vehicle on par with the GL and the Aston Martin (hmmmmm wish they would have brought that into play, too!). Edward’s Volvo is a reflection on him and that man is NOT a drab stock soccermom-mobile. I cannot wait to see this movie (and probably multiple times given the fact that I already have a date to see it 4 times this weekend alone 😉 ) Thank you for your thoughts and I’m pretty sure I will agree with you wholheartedly. Maybe not so much about Melissa’s script. But, I’m trying to be objective, given what we know she originally left out.

  13. Thanks for the good review! I agree about the car…I want it to be shiny and silver. But I’m really glad I’ve been warned ahead of time so when I see it I won’t be too mad.

    • Stephenie says that it is silver, “but I can say that I like this Volvo—the XC90—better than the first one—the C30. In regards to the color, it’s actually a dark silver, not black. ” =)

  14. i’m so excited to see it tonight at midnight! thanks for comments, i enjoyed reading them all and can’t wait! on another note…..has anyone seen the delicious picture of the 3-some on the jimmie kimmel website? please go and take a look when you can. so cute! they must have filmed kimmel after the hollywood/highland press event. kristine was wearing that same dress. they all look stunning!

  15. i meant to write kristen…not kristine….sorry…

  16. New Moon was spectacular, and leaps and bounds ahead of Twilight in terms of quality. Surprisingly, the car didn’t bother me too much, since the new one kinda looked more masculine. Terrific performances all around, with the lovely Michael Sheen being a stand-out for his incredible portrayal of Aro. He was so funny. 🙂

  17. I just saw New Moon twice today (it opened in Switzerland). Such an improvement, I was disappointed in the first film. It really sticks by the book, and the changes are what is needed to make such a large and detailed book fit into a two hour movie. I loved it.

  18. thanks for the awesome review. i’m even more excited to see the movie tomorrow! (i can’t believe it’s november already, last month it felt so far away!!!!) about the volvo situation…. i like the newer model better, but would it have killed them to paint it silver??? otherwise, from what i’ve seen, this movie is going to be amazing!

  19. Hello! Thanks for your interesting review. I saw the film yesterday and I liked it (more than Twilight for sure!), I agree with your comments about the good and the bad and you’re right: fans are tougher (and more demanding) than journalists.
    However I think that this is Kristen movie (I agree with Natalie), her performance is stunning. Taylor did well too (as Rob), but she’s amazing. I would like to add something to the BAD part:
    I didn’t like the end of the film.Sorry but I love so much the end of the book that I expected to find it in the movie (I don’t write too much because some people haven’t seen the film yet), but there wasn’t. And also the part in Volterra (I was an extra on the set in Montepulciano so you can imagine how curious I was to see those scenes), I mean since Bella and Alice leave Forks and go to Volterra and the scenes in Italy: too fast.
    However I wanna see the film again.

  20. This review has made me extremely excited to see New Moon!! I cant wait until 2morrow!! 🙂 As for the car situation…I could really care less about it. would have been nice if they painted it silver or even had the one from Twilight, but does it really matter?? The car doesn’t make or break the movie, the actors do and from what I have read they did an AMAZING job!!!

  21. I saw it last night and I thought it was great!! I personally think it was wayy better than Twilight, the acting was better, the effects were better, the overall movie was just of a better quality! And I think it def wins the award for “Best Cliffhanger Ever”!!… ahhh lol

  22. I loved the ending. It felt like such a proper cliffhanger. It will divide fans, but I loved what we see before the screen fades to black.

  23. I saw the movie last night, too, and I agree 100% with Pel. Jacob & Aro were the stand-outs. I still felt the dialogue between Kristen & Rob was overly awkward and unnatural, but otherwise EVERYONE did a great job!

  24. I saw the movie 2 days ago. And i have to say this is not Taylor’s movie is KRISTEN. She owns it for me. I’m not the only one to think that. Even here where most critics have just burried the movie they all agree in one thing:without her perfomance the movie would have been more laughable. She was the soul of the movie. She makes bella which i find to be boring, selfish and immature thoughtfull,almost charming some times.

    The good points:

    the main charasters acting. They all did a great job.Taylor, Rob, kristen, Ashley, billy,..

    The human was good, they bring a little humour to the story. Really glad that kristen and taylor insisted to have the movie scene in the script. It was good, it lighten the mood.

    the vultury was perfect for me. I wish this part was more develop. But that is meyer’s fault and rosenberg.

    The picture beautiful but i like the one from twilight better. Because it has more personnality it has something more gothic, more contemporian.

    bella jacob relationship was really cute. You feel sorry for jacob at the end.

    Edward and bella: melissa rosenberg i can’t believe you did this to me, you have two young people who have just spend months moping about each other (one trying to commit suicide because can cop with the other absence and the other who came to italy to kill himself because he thinks bella is dead) and their first reaction when they see each other isn’t to kiss but to talk? are you real? They should ‘ve kissed first. This was just so anticlimax witch it’s a shame because it would have been epic.
    Maybe is just me, but this they was no sexual tension, it was to chaste for my taste but that’s meyer’s writting. this is what they should have kept from twilight. It makes it , more aged appropriate and modern, hence belivable. I really miss those glance of pure lust between bella and edward from the 1rst movie.

    Chris was good. I wish him sucess but this is not the movie that is going to help him with the critics but isn’t his fault. He can’t do much with the poor materiel.

    the bad:

    The dialogue: to cliche and not really great at some times(makes you cringe);

    The wolf pack: Some of their acting make me cringe.

    the CGI: The wolf aren’t consistent but i don’t really care.

    sometimes you have the illusion(feeling) to be watching a video clip: to much unnecessary shirtless guys. Blame it on Meyer’s.
    The cliff diving: didn’t by it, looks to fake

    the underwater scene: looks like a good perfume commercial but i’m not going to complain i like underwater commercial but not everyone.

    My rating. 3,5/5

  25. I also saw it last night and I absolutely LOVED it. All fans will probably keel over in excitement at the awesome CGI action scenes. The only part about Edward’s car that bugged me… the way he parked. Something Robert mentioned in an interview. haha!

    I thought the music went along great and I hope everyone is super excited! You did a great job highlighting the good and the bad.

    Good: CGI, Edward apparitions, Alice (acting), Taylor, Kristen, rush and flow (very fast! almost too fast… needed to be longer).
    Bad: Alice’s clothing! Bad dialog sometimes, but there were key parts that were perfect/hilarious (on purpose). Frolicking scene… you’ll see. I hope it was supposed to be funny!

  26. I saw it today, and it is awesome !!!
    Jacob & Michael Sheen great actors !!
    I just do not agree with the comments about make-up, I think in New Moon vampires look too white (except for Jane), I prefer the way they looked in Twilight, but still love the movie.

  27. I forgot, the end is gorgeous !!

  28. I saw this movie last night and thought it was amazing! I will be going again at midnight tonight to see it. I thought it stayed pretty close to the book. Lots of key quotes were used. Charlie was very funny! You could really feel bellas heartbreak in the break up scene. I wish Edward wouldn’t have told Bella his true feelings until after the Volturi scene like in the book. I felt that part was rushed a little. I also thought the ending left us hanging. But none of these things really took away from the movie and I am anxiously awaiting Eclipse now!

  29. I saw NM last night and its seems better than Twilight in so many aspects except the romantic scenes. Also, what´s with Alice´s vision? I know its about Breaking Dawn but still unnecessary. It bother me that they took some key points from Eclipse. But, good. To me, it was Taylor´s movie.

  30. I thought that overall the movie was really well done. Compared to twilight anyway. Taylor was awesome, Kristen too. And I thought Dakota Fanning was the best of the Volturi.

    The only serious bone I have to pick is that Edward still makes a sparkly noise when he sparkles. What us with that? It irritating and pointless. He’s not a crystal glass that the sun is flicking, he’s not a windchime. So stop with the sillyness!!!

  31. I want to know ending too!!!

    Is the movie like the script that is on line?

    • That script was complete bull, as Im sure you already know. But yeah, bull, someone just trying to make stuff up, from what they saw in the trailer.

  32. Saw New Moon yesterday it is was fantastic! My thoughts on the movie are pretty much summed up in Pel’s review. Alice’s vision of Bella as a vampire would of had to have been the corniest scene in New Moon and perhaps even Twilight. The whole cinema (including myself) erupted into laughter.

  33. The pack looks low grade at best! Why in the world would they take someone like Jackson Rathbone and make him look so scary ugly as Jasper?! That is just wrong! Kristen killed me with everything,but really the paper cut scene was so bad. Can she not break herself away from the roles she plays? I don’t like the way they did her “hearing” Edward’s voice. That really did take away from the whole point of New Moon. I know FanGirls love Rob, but c’mon. Thank god they did fix how the vampires move. The clothes were bloody awful. No taste at all. I didn’t think Robert looked anything like he did in Twilight. Twilight he looked good. New Moon he looked like a very sick Robert Pattinson. It’s something else to Watch someone like Michael Sheen (underworld movies and many others) and then we cut to Kristen and Rob… It’s like having a bottle of Chateau Petrus From Bordeaux…and eating it with a happy meal! It’s a very big no no. I was left with a bad taste and maybe some heartburn.

  34. “And unless I’m uninformed there is no shortage of bright silver paint.” EXACTLY!!! My exact same thought since the very first picture of the new car! Really, is it THAT hard to paint a car when they make books become alive? They can make a guy turn into a wolf but they can’t photoshop a car’s color… Silly! And they could have pleased so many people with only that tiny detail… “Congratulations, guys, you killed the Batmobile.” Right on spot! Thank you! I thought I was the only one so mortified! Loved your review!

  35. JUST got home from seeing NEW MOON!

    SOOOOOOO much better than Twilight. I was kind of sad with a few things they left out but understand it was necessary due to time constraints.

    I personally was not a huge fan of the ending. I wish that was a bit closer to the book. It worked, but I would have liked it close to the book better for sure. There were also some lines missing from when Bella wakes up after Italy and thinks she’s dreaming that are probably some of my favourite lines in all of the books (from Edward) so I was a little disappointed by that.

    But all in all. It was amazing and FAR FAR FAR superior to Twilight.

    Good Job Chris Weitz and team 🙂

    NOW I’m looking forward to see what Eclipse will bring (yes, already.. lol).

  36. I just came back from seeing New Moon and I feel like I’ve fallen in love with it all over again. Yes, there was a few cringe worthy pieces of dialogue and the cliff diving looked fake, but over all it was just as good as I hoped it would be.

    I feel silly now for getting so worked up about the change of Volvo. It was only shown for a handful of seconds so it doesn’t even matter. I thought the promotion of Virgin Airways was much more obvious. I actually heard groans from the audience.

    I am also surprised that I no longer mind the cast change of “Victoria”. Don’t get me wrong – I think it was an unnecessary change, but you only get to see Rachelle’s face for a grand total of about 15 seconds and she has no lines, so I don’t think the cast change will impact on Eclipse at all.

    All in all, I thought it was brilliant and I don’t understand the negative comments about the scene of Bella after her transformation. Everyone in my cinema made “awwww” noises when they saw her, and I personally thought she looked beautiful.

  37. Wait… I CANNOT believe only one person here mentioned the frolicking scene!!! It was BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!! hahaha The entire theatre burst out laughing but I don’t think it was supposed to be funny! And if it was, it was a really inappropriate place for a comedic scene. God, why does there always to be ONE scene that fuels the haters, and you can’t even argue because you know they’re right…

    But beyond that one epic flaw, I thought it was grand 😀 There was so so much to it, I need to see it again just to process it all, but the performances were perfect, the scenes from the book were portrayed really well and the non-book scenes were even better, definitely added to the plot. I was pleasantly surprised to find, too, that it was really funny (when it was intentionally funny, I mean) but still really emotionally charged in all the right places. Overall, win 🙂

    • The frolicking was a little ridiculous. But what bothered me the most, and doesn’t seem to have phased anyone else was that Bella’s eyes were gold! In BD, she had blood red eyes like a new born and I don’t ever remember her eyes switching to gold. Could be wrong though.

  38. I think the reason they changed the colour of the Volvo is because the film was sponsered by Volvo. I work in Film and I know that when we get given a free car, we use it.

  39. cheering4twi says

    Love it! seen it twice already! My stand outs…Kristen, Billy Burke, Pater Facinelli and Michael Sheen oh! and Anna Kendick and Mike welch all brought so much light and shade to their characters.
    My one down point was the omission of the paragraph at the end of the book Edward says to Bella “Before you my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars, points of light and reason…and then you shot accross my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire, there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldnt see the stars anymore. And there was no reason for anything” p. 514 Hardcover edition I think this paragraph helps the reader/viewer see the sacred relationship of edward and bella and why she would be willing to give up a friendship as special as jacob for edward. i didnt think that came accross as much as I wiould have liked….
    but amazing brilliant loved it!Team Chris Weitz for sure!

    • CravinCullen81 says

      I really missed that part as well. i think there were many things that could have been fleshed out a little more. don’t get me wrong, i loved hearing Edward recite lines from Romeo and Juliet but i would have def given that up for those words when they get back from Italy.

  40. Oh my gosh! I just got back from the Nordstroms event and I am just speechless. Two hours felt like two minutes. The film was beautifully shot and scored and there are some scenes with Jake as wolf and you look into his eyes and just see so much pain and longing it was heartbreaking. After this movie I am 100% team Taylor!!!!

    It’s so funny that Pel talked about Alice’s clothes because I talked to a friend about them also. I said she looked like a cleaning woman or an old grandmother and my friend said that is how some girls are dressing these days…who knows but I trust Chris 100%.

    Negatives are hard to think of…I guess I wish there had been the scene where she thinks she’s still dreaming. I loved how they had Harry’s death, I won’t say in case anybody hasn’t seen it yet but I thought it was really clever and a great setup for future movies. I have to wonder if they edited quite a bit of Rachelle out after they knew she was recast.

    I agree with Pel about the cliff diving scene, that water did not look right to me but who cares 🙂 I wish there had been more with the wolfpack to see how they all worked together, I’m not really fond of Quil but that may be because he’s just not how I imagined him.

    I loved the makeup, the costumes (other than Alices’) I just loved loved loved it and cannot wait to see it again.

  41. Just came back from seeing NM. Overall I was pleased with the movie.
    The Bad:
    The car being black wasn’t too big of a deal for me, but it’s certainly would’ve been better had they kept the same. I was disappointed in Alice’s wardrobe. Being a “fashionista”, she definitely did not look like one in the movie. The wolves, aside from Chaske, Alex and Taylor, did not deliver. I felt they weren’t the same caliber as the rest. The CGI for the wolves cliff-diving were a little on the poor side. The water scene with Bella when she dove into the water…I felt that the emotions there were lost in the movie. It was very rushed and I felt that that part in the book was so intense. Alice’s vision of Bella as a vampire could’ve been done better. Like a few people mentioned, it definitely was a cringer. It was too cheesy of a scene. Rosalie’s wig was terrible. Very obvious in the voting scene.
    Kristen’s performance was great. Loved the scene of the month’s passing. Still love Charlie! Taylor did an awesome job on this one. You do feel sorry for him and do feel torn between the two. The CGI of the wolves in wolf form were my fave scenes. You do feel the ground move when they’re in action. Michael Sheen was amazing. The ending worked for me. Gonna see it again with my daughter this time and maybe get a second glimpse of some things I missed. Gosh, 7 months of waiting till Eclipse 🙁

  42. Hey Everybody,
    I just got back from seeing New Moon!!!!! It was good, but way too short. It felt like it happened in two minutes….I know I know….most of us feel like we could watch or listen to the series for days…so I’m sad that it’s over. I’ve been counting down the days, and now that it’s done…what do I do with myself. Can somebody say it’s June already?!
    Alice’s outfits were horrible and I didn’t think the music fit the movie at all. I just don’t understand why they made the movie so short. Titanic was long….why wouldn’t they think we’d sit through a movie from Stephenie Meyer that was that long too? Heck, I’d watch it if it were four hours long.
    The movie was just too fast paced. Overall I thought it was good….not great. I’m left feeling sad that it’s over:(

  43. Really, nobody is going to mention Aro reading Alice’s mind? And that horribly ridiculous vision? I gagged, seriously.

    I also thought the end (from Alice and Bella leaving for Volterra on) was way too rushed. It felt like it all happened in maybe the last 15 minutes. I could look past how different it is from the book because I think the adaptation works, it’s just soo fast. I heard a lot of people say that they were lost for a lot of the end because it was so choppy and over so fast.

    Overall, I think New Moon was infinitely better than Twilight. I have to see it again (I missed a lot of the dialogue because of screaming 10 year olds), but I really liked it.

    And to everyone who mentioned Alice’s clothing, I’m right there with you. She looks almost homeless, especially in the Volterra scenes…like she just walked into Goodwill and bought everything on the 25cent racks. *sigh* Hopefully they get it right with Eclipse…

  44. Oh. My. Goodness.
    New Moon came out yesterday (19th November) in New Zealand and I have already seen it twice. It was AMAZING. The whole time I was sitting there thinking “I can’t believe this is really happening.”

    The beginning (with the new moon) was very, very well done. I liked how it went on a bit longer because it really built up the anticipation. I admittedly let out a few shrieks of excitement.
    I didn’t really like how Edward and Bella were talking about the Volturi at SCHOOL. What was with that? People definitely would have over heard.
    And I had really been looking forward to the break-up/Edward leaving scene. Each time I read the book I find myself tearing up. I really wanted to cry during the movie for that bit but, unfortunately, it did not happen. Still it was done remarkably well.
    The car. What else can I say. At first I thought it
    belonged to just some random person. but then it disappeared, along with the ‘vision’ of Edward. Disappointing.
    And Alice’s vision. Oh My. I cannot understand it. It looks more than ridiculous, it looks like some farmers ended up in the forest, running in slow-motion. Above, someone said that their theatre erupted with laughter – I have to say that this too happened to mine. And I was among the loud ones. The clothes made it worse. I may not have minded if it weren’t for them, ugh.

    These were really the only problems I had with the movie, other wise it was GREAT!!
    Kristen and Taylor AND Rob (Let us NOT forget Rob) were all amazing. Their performances were very believable and convincing. I was really suprised with Taylor, it blew me away! And yes I included Rob. Because though he was not in it much, his scenes, were more or less, perfect. And I think we forget him once we see Jacob with his shirt off. (It’s about the STORYLINE ladies, remember? We are true fans right?)
    I think Alice’s wardrobe was MUCH better this time. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. The books describe Alice as being fashion forward and always right with her style choices, and the costume team really pulled it off. I must admit I didn’t like the Volturi scene outfit but other than that, Spot on!
    The ending. I don’t know what to think. The first time I watched it I was sitting in my seat when it just… ended. I was frustrated and really agitated. But now I look back and see that it was quite smart of them. It leaves you (REALLY) wanting more and buzzed. Good work!

    Well I LOVED the movie. Much better than Twilight and it was a nice surprise to see the characters were not blue skinned, but actually normal. Chris Weitz, I think I love you. You have given me the best New Moon possible. 🙂

    I hope I can see it again tomorrow!!!! EEEEEEEP!!!!!!!

  45. Love the movie…OMG the makeup was WAYY better for Edward and Carlisle..I think Kristen did a great job protraying Bella’s depression..Jacob was awesome and scene stealing and I too had to remind myself he is only 17! Charlie was great again, as a Mom he touched me.The music definately lacked…and WHAT THE HELL were they thinking with that outfit Alice wore in Italy???!?!? Also I am going to miss Rachel as Victoria…her hair looked amazing in this moive!

  46. I saw New Moon last night in Finland.

    Overall it was definitely better than I expected – then again, I was expecting it to flop completely so I guess it doesn’t take much to surpass that…But it really was miles away from Twilight!

    First the pros:
    -I loved the beginning! The moon becoming a new moon…just awesome!
    -I really liked how, even though it was crammed it didn’t really feel rushed. They made some clever changes that might throw some fans off (like what happens after Bella stops Edward) but that were necessary and I felt the story flowed easily from scene to scene without leaving out any key points like they did in Twilight.
    -I loved the way they were able to portray the vampires better than they did in twilight – the speed, the eyes (no more contact lens lines!), the way they’re kinda made of stone and the make-up surely was way better than in Twilight.
    -I was also pleasantly surprised by Kristen’s acting skills, and the way this Bella was much closer to the Bella I imagine when I read the books than she was in Twilight. She really was the force that kept it together!
    – Also the emotions conveyed by Taylor and Rob were spectacular, the pain in Rob’s expression throughout the movie is tangible. Taylor’s performance was amazing and I can really see now why Kristen fought for him.
    -I loved how they’ve put some funny stuff in there as well…I was actually laughing a lot, whereas in Twilight there’s probably only 1 or 2 lines that make me giggle.
    -The cinematography is really breathtaking. I love the change of color scene and how they work the camera. I actually felt dizzy at times and especially the drowning scene is filmed very well.
    -I like the way they portrayed the Bella-Charlie relationship. Billy is a great actor and I love how he got more on-screen time. Their relationship is vital to the story and in Twilight it sorta got left out.
    -Michael and Dakota were sooooo great as the Volturi! I loved loved loved them. Aro was everything I ever thought he would be – a little mad but oh-so lethal and Jane’s smirk when she’s torturing Edward – priceless!

    And the cons:
    -I’m not sure I like what they’ve done to the whole “Bella’s internal talk” thing…I prefer the original way, this whole e-mails to Alice just seems…pretentious. It’s ok, but just not a change I felt was necessary.
    -I really really hate what they’ve done with the music! They’ve got the greatest soundtrack and they just cram all of the songs into the first 15 minutes of the movie and then play this over-dramatic-grand-hollywood-type of score for the rest of the movie that has nothing to do with the music on the soundtrack. (Though the whole “hearing it from the radio is ingenious.) The score is very beautiful but I guess I wished it would’ve been closer to the feel of the score of Twilight, not this bombastic full orchestra stuff. The music changes so much it takes away from the fluidity of the movie. And, again, they put the “theme-song” as the third song in the end – why??
    -I actually thought the warewolves could have been better made, these days special effects can be sooo great and that was just ok. I still liked the wolfpack though and the other CGI stuff is amazing, except for that stupid cliff diving part in the beginning.
    -The dialog is a little awkward at times.
    – Alice’s obvious wardrobemalfunction, what’s up with that??
    -I would’ve wanted to see more of the volturi (and the cullens) maybe less of just random stuff like the taking a motorcycle ride from a stranger scene or like Julia said Alice’s vision- whaat? so unnecessary.
    -I don’t think the movie was depressing and angsty enough. Bella’s pain didn’t really come through like I wished it would (No curling up into a ball and the holding her chest to keep herself together was only a brief glimpse). I mean, I do love all the jokes but even with them I think the overall feeling of the movie should’ve been a little darker. As it is it really doesn’t make sense why Bella would take Edward back and why she’s so willing to leave Jake behind. Yes I was on the verge of tears a couple of times, but it’s not enough; I balled my eyes out while I red the book.
    -The only thing that really left me with my mouth hanging open (ok i admit, I screamed too) is THE ENDING. It’s just so out of nowhere! Bam! Ok so I guess I get where they’re coming from, but…it’s supposed to be a ROMANTIC moment, not in the middle of the freaking woods! It works but that doesn’t mean I have to like it 😉

    My guess is what they’ll do is make Eclipse the movie continue on to the beginning of BD, at least until the wedding, possibly until the honeymoon. B/c when you think about it there isn’t really a lot to film in Eclipse, considering most of the book is just Bella’s internal battle (which really can’t be filmed). They laid down a lot of the groundwork for the Victoria-scam too, so they really could easily fit Eclipse into an hour and a half, which would leave a half an hour for the wedding and honeymoon.

    Overall I think that New Moon a great MOVIE as itself and I’m sure we’ll be able to convert a few more ppl to read the books and fall in love. My friend who has never before seen Twilight or red the books loved it, so I guess a lot of the stuff I dislike (except for the music part!) is just b/c I (like we all do) have such a strong emotional bond with the original story. Definitely a lot more of a moneymaker-hollywood-type than Twilight, but not too grand to put you off (except for maybe a couple of scenes, like the Laurent-wolf fight scene…) And like they said – it’s not just a girl’s movie – guys are going to like it too. And I’m definitely gonna go see it again next week!

  47. Oh and just a few more points.
    -I really wished they would’ve found a way to express Bella’s emotions as she’s drowning. It is such a defining and emotional moment in the book when she just decides to give up and stare at Edward. Now it was just sorta empty.
    -Even though I liked that E&B had their conversation right then and there, before the Volturi came, I wished they could’ve somehow put more of the morning-after dialog in there, b/c really some of Edward’s lines at that point are what I feel are the most important lines of the saga. “Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night”-stuff.
    -The Volvo surprisingly didn’t really bug me, mostly because I totally forgot about it. Still it’s a stupid thing for them to do.
    -I find it weird that some of the scenes we got to see in the trailers actually weren’t in the movie. Like Alice saying “Bella, you’re a human who knows entirely too much about us. They could kill us all.” Or Jake’s lines when he’s trying to convey Bella to stay.
    -As I said I think the whole bit about Alice’s vision was totally unnecessary and a bit ridiculous, but I think the interesting part is that it show’s Kristen playing the after-transformation Bella as well. In the books she’s supposed to look so different not even Charlie is able to recognize her, and I guess I always thought they might change actresses…but obviously not.
    -I find it strange how people aren’t more upset about the ending – my bff was so mad she swore she’d never watch another Twilight movie in her life. Has everyone forgotten that this is actually the ending of Eclipse?

    • The ending isn’t actually the ending for Eclipse. That part for the end of New Moon fit perfectly, and brought in what happened in the book.

      • Yeah, I actually can’t believe I messed that up. Probably the lack of sleep or something. It’s unbelievable how it’s possible to have red the books 5 times and still get confused…or maybe that’s exactly why. Anyhow, now that I’ve revised the ending of the book, I totally lovelovelove the ending of the movie. Still wished they’d had Edward’s key lines in it, though.

    • I absolutely loved the movie. I thought they did such a wonderful job. The actors, the music, the story, everything was just perfect. I like how they brought in different conversations and had them throughout, I don’t want to say too much, but I thought it was quite wonderful.

  48. JasperRocks says

    I just have to say…. Thank you, Chris Weitz! This movie was absolutely amazing. Was it perfect? Of course not. But it was sooo wonderful being able to walk out of a theater after having watched a movie where I had read the book first and be so happy with the adaptation of it.

    It was even hard for me to think of any scenes that they left out that I thought should have been included, which is usually a really big gripe for me with book-to-movie stuff. I was able to think of a few, but it was hard though.

    And usually new stuff added into the movie that wasn’t in the book annoys me, but here their stuff really did just enhance it.

    The actors were all great to me. Taylor did definitely prove his star-quality, though he didn’t sway me from being Team Edward.

    Alice was so much more Alice-like in this one, it was so great. I loved the humor given to Jasper since he’s one of my absolute favorites and we got to see Emmett being his awesome-self; teasing, grinning, and a big Emmett hug!

    And I think the much over-looked humans need a big shout-out because they added as much to the movie as the vamps and wolves did for me!

    There’s defintely some things I would have changed (first and foremost that horrible scene with the vision that Aro sees in Alice’s mind) but overall I was sooooooo happy with this movie. Job well done by all involved with it for me!

  49. We watched New Moon (midnight showing) and here I sit, at work, with 2.5 hours of sleep. I’ve been waiting so long to see it and my emotions were running rampid, I cried on and off the whole time. I did not like Alice and her “dumpy” clothes. I loved Jake’s sense of humor. Charlie, is awesome. Overall this movie is a 10,2 thumbs up,and what ever high ratings are out there. NOW, bring on Eclipse !! 🙂