“New Moon”ing for Halloween?”

Remember to check out the New Moon cast on Ulalume this Friday!


  1. As much as I love the cast, I have to admit Jackson always makes me laugh. He’s completely adorable.

  2. Sherie gordon says:

    i know right i have a soft spot for all the cullen boys jackson and pattz are my fav lutz is growing on me though those when he smiles it makes ur heart sing *sigh*

  3. christine says:

    Are they really going to be showing a never before seen clip of New Moon? I mean how much more can they leak out there? I’ve already seen the full break up scene, Bella confronting the pack with Jacob’s transformation scene, the volturi fight scene, and all the clips and scenes from the three trailers and tv spots. I made a video of all that’s out there and I have about 15 minutes of the movie already.

    • Technically, the break-up scene wasn’t supposed to be released publicly. It was only for a private event in Rome. Summit has been taking the break-up scene videos down, but they keep re-appearing.

      • christine says:

        They can take all they want down. It can always be found! I just found another clip that I hadn’t seen yet…the kissing scene after the birthday party. Great stuff! Adds another minute to my colection haha.

  4. I’m definitely “New Moon”ing for Halloween. I don’t think I’ll get to see the Ulalume festival tomorrow, so I hope Mtv will put some of its parts online.

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