Vanity Fair Interviews Kiowa Gordon

Vanity Fair has put up their interview with Kiowa Gordon. Judging from Chaske Spencer’s Twitter account, we should eventually be hearing from him too.

How would you all get revved up before a scene?

We just took off our robes, put our game faces on, and did what we do best.

So you spent a fair amount of time being topless.

Yeeeeep! It was really freezing when we first got to Vancouver.

What was your favorite scene to shoot?

I call it the “muffin scene.” It’s right after Bella finds out we’re all werewolves, and we take her to Emily’s house while Jacob, Paul, and Sam are off in the woods taking care of some wolf business.”

Read the rest on Vanity Fair.


  1. taylor- innocent ! im sure taylor didn’t appreciate that statement lol!! but there is suddenly a competition for my favourite wolf pack member! taylor or kiowa…. hmmm…..

    And I can’t wait to see the…er “Muffin Scene” haha

  3. Came back to read the rest of the interview and I gotta say this boy is so cool =)
    Can’t wait to see him on the big screen! ^_^

  4. He looks great in that picture. I can’t wait to see the “muffin scene” which is one of my favourites too.

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