Looking For a Way To Celebrate New Moon’s Release?

The Lexicon is having New Moon release events in Nashville (sold out) and Utah (click here to get tickets and see the video below).

We aren’t the only site!  Other sites may have events in cities near you. Check these out!

San Fransisco region Twilighters Anonymous

Phoenix region Cullen Boys Anonymous and Twifans

New York City New York area Twilight Moms


  1. FYI- not to be mean, but whoever wrote this article should probably use spell check because its spelled San Francisco not San Fransisco.

  2. That’s awesome that their having an event in San Fransisco! I was more than “slightly bummed” that you folks were having yours so far away :/ But, this cheers me up, thanks for the info!

  3. saraItaly says:

    I really would like to have something like that here in Italy too…Why are plane tickets to the Usa sooo expensive???:)

  4. Hey guys!!! I wish the girls from Twilight Lexicon were closer to Buffalo! We will be celebrating the New Moon premiere in NYC for the 7:30 showing and then possibly making a pit-stop in NJ to see a midnight showing with some twi-friends we met at the NJ convention! Wish you all were headed to NYC so we could see it together! If anyone is going to that event please email us at twi-star@live.com or leave a comment on our site http://www.twi-star.blogspot.com

    Where ever your going I’m sure it will be fun!

  5. laurenblack21 says:

    Do you know where we can find information to get tickets for the New York screening?

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