Meet the Volturi Down Under

Cameron Bright, Charlie Bewley, and Christopher Heyerdahl (who play Alec, Demitri, and Marcus) were at a convention in Australia this weekend and had time for an interview with Movie Mazzupial.

“Christopher: It was great fun, that’s the wonderful thing about being inside a studio. Certainly the majority of the Volturi scenes for New Moon were done inside a studio and in there you enter a cloistered, inner-sanctum where we’re protected on all sides. So all the pandemonium that happens outside bounces off this protective wall of the studio, so it was really easy to just do the work. But as soon as we left the studio and went outside to restaurants or hotels, what have you, the pandemonium was definitely there.

MM: What were some of the difficulties playing the role? I mean, all of your characters are essentially pretty evil, was that too hard to get into?

Charlie: I don’t know, it was fairly hard. The biggest trouble I found with my character was just his complete desire to want to let it rip, you know? You are bestowed with these powers of speed and strength and, you know, Demetri has a talent for tracking as well. I found I had to contain myself during the scenes and not just completely defy the script, whip around and go round ripping people’s heads off.

Christopher: (Laughs) I had no idea that was going on in your head, that’s amazing. You scare me now (laughs).”

Check out the rest of the interview here.


  1. The interview was totally hilarious! All three of them are so amazing. But there’s one thing that’s worrying me. Eclipse isn’t really as dark as they think it is. There isn’t much of a fight until the end. I hope David keeps it true to the book. Please don’t screw it up.

  2. Where is everyone getting ‘dark’ from? It was such a relief to read Eclipse after New Moon (which to me was moody, dark, and intense until the end…) I loved the normalcy of Eclipse. The grad party, the coming together (in truce for a common cause) the Cullens and the wolves together. Carlisle taking care of Jake on the reservation. It was new foun respect for everyone. Where is the “dark” part?

  3. Haha this interview was funny!
    And I looove Charlie <33

  4. Lol this made me laugh
    Charlie: (To Cameron) Didn’t you get pooed on by a koala?
    i loved the interview they are hilarious and Charlie is cute. 😀

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