The RingCon Report: Edi Gathegi and Christian Serratos

RingCon is an annual convention in Germany that is a fantasy convention.  It has stars appear from movies like The Lord of the Rings, Twilight, and other fantasy based films/projects.

This year Edi Gathegi and Christian Serratos were in attendance. The German site, Forks Bloodbank, has written up a report.

“Edi stated: It happens very rarely for an actor to be part of such a successful movie and it’s definitely a blessing that all these doors are opening up ’cause you’re part of this franchise. It’s great and I want to relate to Kyle’s words, I’m in Germany, get to meet friends and Twilight fans. Twilight fans are amongst the best fans ever. They develop a passion for the story and support us. Everyone tells you that they are addicted to the books and love them and that they read through them in two days.” Christian’s private live hasn’t really changed since Twilight. “I still have the same friends but it’s obvious how great it is to be here and meet all the great fans!” It’s the first visit to Germany for the three of them and they all talk about how much they like it here.”

See the rest on Forks Bloodbank.


  1. Already have my ticket for New Moon Midnight show. Can’t wait to see it. The preview of Jacob’s transformation to a wolf was Amazing.

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