Jackson Rathbone’s New Look at the 100 Monkeys Show

Jackson Rathbone was sporting a 1950’s pompadour and a mustache at the 100 Monkeys’ show at Neptoon Records this past weekend.

According to RadarOnline:

One thing that really stands out about the Twilight cast is that they’re always supporting each other, especially if their castmate is in a band. Jackson Rathbone’s 100 Monkeys has been playing in Vancouver, and Saturday night his on-screen love Ashley Greene and new addition to the series Xavier Samuel rocked out at the show.”

Check out the rest of the article here. What do you think of Jackson’s look? We thought it was a bit of The Stray Cats meet Bob Stencil.


  1. rofl, i agree with Halo 😉

  2. You are being to harsh and mean, Halo. That hairdo doesn’t make him look like a criminal or a rapist. At least I don’t see it that way, to me he looked a singer from the 1950s. Though I don’t really fancy the hairdo a lot, I thought he looked kind of cute!

  3. Twilight_News says:

    Halo comments are removed. He/she just made several all calling various people: rapists, porn stars, and worse. By no means does anyone have to like the styles of dress of the cast members or their PR choices, but stooping to the level of insults and personal attacks is not warranted.

  4. I’m not a fan of the mustache but the hair could be very Johnny Depp in Crybaby

  5. I don’t like it on him at all, but I’m sure he was just having some fun, so it’s no big deal.

  6. It’s a look, I guess. He isn’t afraid to take risks, is he?

  7. Oh My God!! He reminds me of my couisin Mike!!! (who I BTW miss) haha
    I mean hes like a gentleman (hes really nice to people and to his castmates… he just seems NICE and my couisin would step infront of me and my grandma and tell a guy to back off) but hes like a REBEL…

    its extremely weird…. -__-

    I now have to tell my couisins -who introduced me to twilight- that Their brother is like Jackson Rathbone… and thats gonna be fun because one of them LOVES JR…. =-)))

  8. Bob… Stencil…? haha

  9. Eh, not a big fan of the stash, JAction. -_-‘ Hair’s not bad though.

  10. i saw a pic of him with his hair like that and i was like wow he actually looks hot for once! but i am NOT likin the stash….

  11. you rock that pompadour jackson! you look hot! could do without the stash.. but damn! you look hot jackson!

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