Jackson Rathbone In The Vancouver Sun

Jackson Rathbone talked to the Vancouver Sun about his Twilight fame and future plans with the band 100 Monkeys:

“Rathbone remembers auditioning several times for the role, originally reading for the Edward Cullen part, before director Catherine Hardwicke offered him Jasper.

“I auditioned two or three months before filming started. And I just walked to the audition because the studio was close to my house, so I’d walk there with my guitar and I played it in the waiting room.”

With Jasper, and the worldwide frenzy that is Twilight mania, has come fame, but also a loss of anonymity for Rathbone.”

You can read the full article here.

Also remember that Jackson and 100 Monkeys have a show at the Rickshaw in Vancouver this weekend. If you are in town, tickets are available. It is an all ages event, so anyone can attend.  There is also going to be a random drawing for a lucky fan to win a private meet and greet with the band.


  1. I actually think he would b a better Edward than Pattinson .
    I LOVE Jackson Rathbone

  2. Scooby Lady says:

    I love him too, and I agree he would have made a great Edward, but I can’t see him in that role. I love the way he plays his role as Jasper and can’t imagine him playing Edward, no matter how hard I tried. 🙂 🙂

  3. yeah , I guess he’s a great Jasper too 😛 <3

  4. jackson is such a great actor.

  5. I couldn’t agreed more 😀

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