Chance to Meet Jackson Rathbone and 100 Monkeys

We just heard the following from the 100 Monkey’s publicity team:

“We’re going to be picking two lucky fans from our September 12th Vancouver show for a private meet & greet with Jackson and the band.”

So if you are going to be in Vancouver that weekend buy your tickets for the show now before it sells out!

The show is at The Rickshaw Theater, and is a class above the local pubs the band played in last time they had a Vancouver gig (not that there’s anything wrong with a pub band location). The Rickshaw has a great stage and a relatively new sound system so it should be a great show.

The warm up band is Thee Manipulators and the tickets are $20.00. You can purchase your tickets right here.

The new Create Control Live Sessions album is now available at in the Monkey Mart.

It’s also available in MP3 format for you iPod & player junkies


  1. Scooby Lady says:

    **Sobs** Sounds great, but I can’t go 🙁 ! I live in Texas and Vancouver is to far from where I live. And I’m almost positive the annoying Papparazzi will be there too. They certainly were, the last time 100 Monkeys were in Vancouver and were pestering some of the Twilight cast that attended some of their shows. I prefer (if I ever could) to go to a show with no annoying Papparazzi around, here in the U.S. And I bet most of the Paps weren’t listening to the band, but just to get pics of Jackson and the Twilight cast and thats sad, cause 100 Monkeys is a great band.

    I’m hoping they’ll come back to Texas, cause I want to see them perform live. And it was really depressing that I couldn’t go to the late July/ early August shows when the boys came to Dallas that weekend.

  2. will the cast still be in vancouver then?

  3. Scooby Lady says:

    Yes or at least some of them will, the concert takes place on September 12th. Filming for “Eclispe” wraps up on October 31st. So, yeah the cast would still be in Vancouver unless they’re attending a Twilight convention being held that month (like in Orlando, Fl held on Sept. 25-27th) or working on a scene for “Eclispe”, or working on another film when not needed for Eclispe.

  4. Okay, yet another Vancouver event! PLease, Jackson if you are reading this, how about coming to the Twi-con Nashville and play. The south is really lacking in the twi-event department. Its so great we are finally getting a little mid-south love.

  5. Sept.12th is my bday! Must. Win. Tickets. 😀

  6. holly piper says:

    Hey Jackson if you are reading this I wish you would come to owatonna Minnesota we need some music and I really want to win the trip to vancouver and I am a singer to so please i really want to meet you

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