The Meet Jacob Black New Moon Trailer

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  1. OMG WOW that was amazing…oh and first

  2. ……………………….. That was incredibly amazing and now my expectations are soooo high. I think New Moon is going to be excellent!

    Ahhhhhhhhhh November!

    Jake jumping up to her window = <3

  3. veronica roberson says:

    wow thats all i can say is wow, is it nov. yet?

  4. bΓΆhmie says:

    wow, that was pretty good.
    i’m gonna miss rachelle, she’s such a good victoria.
    but there’s one thing i don’t like about the trailer: jane is blond. why is she blond??
    she’s suppost to have light brown hair. :/

    • Why is Emmette’s hair not curly? Why is Jacob not taller? There are some things they have to do with out. I hope that those things will not ruin the movie for you. It can’t all be 100% accurate.

    • I kinda like Dakota fannings sinister eyes and silvery hair as Jane. It adds to the whole mystique.

      • I agree. I think she looked awesomely evil!!! Loved at the end when Jacob says “don’t get me upset”…I’m thinking this is the scence when he and Alice run into eachother at Bella’s. I wish it was November already!!!

  5. christabell says:

    Wow….November is taking waaaaay too long to get here. I’m neither Team Edward or Team Jacob because I like them both and can see the story from both sides but Jacob jumping up to Bella’s window….wow πŸ™‚

  6. WOW!!! Can’t wait. Thanks for posting.

  7. omg! so excited for the new moon! thanx for the post!

  8. Why the hell are Bella and Jacob kissing at 1.30? That’s not in the book, is it?

    • I hope they dont, but i dont think they do.
      im almost positive thats right before edward calls, and the phone ringing will break up the kiss. This happens in the book, but i dont think they come that close.

      • Wow! It looked pretty close to me! That’s awesome! And the part where he jumps up to her room! WHOOOOO! Jane look pretty awesome too! Oh I cannot wait! From the looks of the trailor I say they did and awesome job!

    • Nope. Just read it again…Im sure they dont kiss till Eclipse.

    • Peace.Love.Twilight. says:

      I think it’s the almost kiss, like in the book when Edward calls and Jacob answers it and tells him about the funeral. I think this because he is wearing a black shirt when they “almost kiss” and in the last 10seconds of the trailer he says “Don’t get me upset” to what I think is Alice. So that has to be the almost kiss.

      Love the trailer! Love that climb that Jacob did to enter Bella’s room and the steamy hot kiss scene b/w Bella and Edward in the beginning. Is that before or after she saves him, I wonder?

      • It’s after. He has his shirt off (about to walk into the square) and she’s wearing the same shirt she is when she’s running through Volterra.

        • oh I guess that doesn’t make sense. I misinterpreted your question…not sure. From the pictures I saw, it looks like they may kiss when she runs into him the square…it’s not in the book, but they may do it for the movie. So maybe AS she is saving him…not sure, what do you guys think?

          Also, from the preview, Edward looks like he is wearing a red cloak…would that be after?

          • in the kissing scene at the beginning I couldn’t see any red robe on Edward, and you can only tell that Bella is wearing a dark shirt. In the book, they kiss pretty intensely before Bella’s birthday. This kiss could take place in her bedroom.

          • actually, the scene i was thinking of was right after her birtday (when edward kisses bella passionately in her bedroom)

    • Yeah, I don’t think they actually kiss. I think that’s the scene where they almost kiss. That would annoy me if they changed that detail from the book because it would not only change the story in NM, but “Eclipse” as well.

    • That kiss between Bella & Edward was hot. Wow.

    • BellaSeraph says:

      I totally agree, what is up with that?? Team edward all the way!!

  9. Ahhhhhhhhh i love it!!! why is november soooo far away!!!!!!!

  10. okay… i got chills πŸ™‚ so good!

  11. mschicklet says:

    Thanks! You’re actually the first site who’s posted this, that I’ve seen.

  12. JANE!! We saw Jane! πŸ˜€ Oh my goodness, why can’t November come any faster??

  13. So is this the preview that showed with Bandslam?

  14. Edward/Bella kiss=*thud*

  15. Awesome. I hope Bella and Jacob dont kiss yet. Its not suppose to happen…………that phone better ring….lol…….thanks so much for the posting…………TEAM EDWARD

  16. Wow, this actually looks GOOD.

  17. I was on the fence prior to this trailer. All i got to say, is November is toooooo far away. Can’t wait!

  18. ZOMG… that was good. Can’t wait!

  19. havent watched it yet. just wanna say thnx before the chaos ensues…

  20. I kind of wish they didn’t have Taylor’s commentary but it was still cool. I’m getting more and more excited for November to get here already.

    • dtbvampire says:

      I agree. I was thinking that that was weird for a trailer. Im not sure how I feel about it because its neat that its something different and since the fans are generally very intrested in the actors to hear from them, but I’d rather “get lost” in the trailer as a story like the movie.


    • LOL that’s what I was thinking! Even watching this I was like “WHOA, no no NO!”
      It would be really lame if they kiss in this movie, Bella’s supposed to punch him after the first one. If they kiss now it will mess up their two kisses in the next movie. PLUS they’re only supposed to get close to kissing in this scene, that phone better ring!!!!

      • If not Chris Wietz is going to have a serious problem on his hands. Don’t get me wrong I love TAYLOR/JACOB, but it’s not supposed to happen. They can mess up with hair and cars and height, but they better not mess up that scene.

        • The moment where they nearly kiss is when Jacob turns up in Bella’s bedroom to make her guess that he’s a werewolf. They dont kiss in the book at this moment so I’m hoping they dont in the movie!

          I’m sure they dont though πŸ™‚ I think they will nearly kiss and he will suddenly turn and jump out the window (I hope) πŸ™‚

          • No, in the near kiss, look closely, he is wearing a black shirt. When he goes in the room he has not shirt. That is def. the phone ringing scene.

          • Oh my goodness your are right!! I was so mad about the “kiss” that I totally forgot to look at what they were wearing! Yeah I agree its the phone ringing,Charlies at the funeral part. πŸ™‚ Thanks πŸ™‚

            And also do you think at the end where he says “Dont get me upset” is where his talking to Alice?

          • Twi~dancer72 says:

            lol that is what i was thinking too. i think so. Who else would he look so angry to see?

          • Yeah, so when the kiss happens, he is wearing a black shirt…and if you go to the new moon movie website (which is pretty amazing by the way), you can see a picture of when alice comes back. jacob (taylor) is sitting on the couch, and guess what? he’s wearing a black shirt πŸ˜‰ im pretty sure its the kiss right before alice and bella find out what edward is up to in italy….

  22. jacobsgirl17 says:

    im ssssoooo frekan happy man!!! i love it even more that now u can really c what is going on!! god.. chris did a wonderful job on the movie so far!!! chris is so much better than catherine!! trhis sis os much better than the first trailer.. as 2 lindas comment.. read page 411 of new moon and u c that bella and jacob almost kiss!! have u not read the book!! come on!!!!! 95 dasy till new moon!!

  23. Wow.

  24. so…can we assume there’s going to be a goteamedward version of this as well? and how about that b&e kiss? :thud

  25. W-O-W

  26. LaTuaCantante says:

    AAAAHHHH….OMFG! I’m super excited. Can you tell!?! I can’t wait ’til November. It looks awesome. I feel like I’m 13 or something…LOL. So far it looks like Chris Weitz did an amazing job!

    • haha I love your name, so fitting for this time. I hyperventilated. Than kept on rewinding and pausing to get a clear picture of everything.

      • LOL! I did the same! I paused nearly every frame to examine all that was going on πŸ™‚ and I noted that when Jane is walking towards the Volturi leaders Alec is also there waiting for her!

        I’m 24 but screamed like I was a teen when I saw this and also I saved money not having to go and watch bandslam! πŸ™‚

        • Jodie, I love you already. I am 20 and I almost died. I can’t wait!!!!

          • yeah? im 31 and making my husband watch it

          • I’m 37 & love, love, love me some Twilight! I cannot wait for Nov. 20 to come. Right after I saw this new trailer, I went & told my husband & my 19-year-old son about it. They all think I’m nuts but hey, it makes me happy & is such a breath of fresh air from my stressful job, etc. I have to say the movie looks AWESOME!! I am definitely standing in line all night to get to see the first showing…already gave hubby notice that I won’t be home on Nov. 20. Thanks Twilight Lexicon – YOU ROCK!

          • I’m 40 and have just made my Wife watch it. πŸ™‚

            Stephenie’s work has fans of all ages (and sex’s.)


  27. So awesome. I can’t wait. Did Summit realease this then or what?

  28. mschicklet says:

    Also, I love how Summit allows it now, after Bandslam is released…. They’re like, “I guess we got their money, now let’s make them regret it. *bam*”

  29. I peed a little, watching it. LOL *Squeals like a child*

  30. Okay, I’m now regretting spending my $9 to see Bandslam.
    That was the same special preview b4 the bandslam movie.
    But OME!!!!!!
    Bella and shirtless Edward kissing, shirtless Jacob jumping around, the volturi, edward’s flaming bronze hair, wow!
    Hurry up November!

  31. So good! Special effects look so much better. Jake climbing into Bella’s room looked good! No cheesey special effects there. And Bella looks way better. Better makeup, hair, ect.

    • The “good” vampires definitely look “darker” in Hardwicke’s Twilight, they look human. In NM they do look like actual vampires, almost as if fangs are gonna come out and they are gonna take off in flight.

  32., LOL!!! Looks pretty cool. Kristen is such a good actress, how in the world has she managed to have such good chemistry with BOTH Robert and Taylor?

  33. Favorite moment: the moment when Bella and Jacob hug. I don’t know why, but that hug seriously gave me hope for this movie. Next to the amazing turning-into-a-wolf thing and the Italy thing and everything, of course. And FINALLY they get that in NM it’s NOT about Edward, it’s about Edward not being there en Jacob being there. Thank god they let Taylor do all this and there is more Jacob-things in this trailer.

    • Peace.Love.Twilight. says:

      I loved that part as well. It was very tender and sweet. Just like Bella and Jacob’s relationship.

  34. momrod2000 says:

    WOW!!!! I can’t wait to see this movie. I’m still a little concerned about how far the movie will stray from the book (no movie is ever an exact screening of a book), but this looks great!

  35. Ahhh. Novemeber can’t come any sooner!

  36. Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hurry up november!!!!!!!!!

  37. Thank You Twilight Lexicon I have been wathcing the blurry video on youtube for days lol. And Omg i love it. What can I say OMJ I love Jacob so much! Yah New Moon is gonna be beyond great.

  38. Tiffany W says:

    OMG!!!! I can not wait till November!!!!! I cant believe how horrible Edward looks; from seeing that alone I have confidence that it was done right!!! AHHHH soooo excited!!

  39. Jetcliffe says:

    I had to keep on pausing to see Jane’s Eyes!! and Jacob is too hot, I almost forgot about the cliff diving. i wonder if they’ll show that


  41. I think that for Twilight, Hardwicke was needed. she set the stage for the initial part of the saga. i think it seemed a bit short for the movie, she definitely left me hungry for more of TWILIGHT the movie. I’m 23 and a twilight Mum, although my child is not a fan (not reading yet), and I thoroughly enjoy the experience in the books and what Hollywood is bringing to the table so far.
    As for NM, I think Weitz is doing a fantastic job from what I am hearing and seeing. Also, as the saga grew in the books, so did the maturity level onscreen. This NM is definitely looking more mature and deep, I like that…if this is what was shown before bandslam, definitely glad I got to see it here..HURRY UP NOVEMBER, this thanksgiving, i’m going to be thankful for NM, hopefully!

  42. ok, this trailer blew my mind!!! glad i didn’t go see Bandslam. my only problem is that they almost put too much material into it! i had to keep pausing it just to make sense of what was going on! ahhhh but it looks so AMAZING! can’t wait till November!!!!

  43. hey you all, be grateful for November… some of us must wait until December, or in some countries even January πŸ™ I know I can find it on the internet, but I saw Twilight that way and it was horrible, so much that I felt like I was watching a different movie when I watched it on DVD. So, if you ask me, November will be here in no time… oh, but that December…*sigh*

  44. Thanks, nice to see a HQ version of that Edward/Bella kiss. Also loved the Volturri scenes at the end. Since this seems to be geared to Team Jacob complete with web address, I wonder when do the Team Edward fans get their trailer?

    *Team Edward*

    • I felt that way too! There might not be one for the “team Edward” fans coz New Moon is more about Jacob and Bella..

  45. Edward/bella’s scene is nuts!!!
    I like Taylor’s commentary..he’s insightful and genuine. I think he is genuinely as excited as the fans, maybe even a fan himself? They picked the best person to comment on this trailer, he’s so nice and open. I love Rpattz as much as the next girl, but he’s not into the PR so much, he would have made a horrible commentator.
    0:49, Taylor is soooooo feeding off of the attn. of his new bod…he does look better with muscle
    Off to watch Twilight!!! Gotta get my daily fix of the movie! lol

  46. Am I the only one who doesn’t remember where that ‘Run Jake!’ part is in the book? I’m not complaining or anything I just honestly can’t remember it and I’m wondering if I should remember it…

    • it wasn’t in the book, Bella doesn’t know that the wolf is Jacob and in the book ,jacob is not alone, the pack is with him. Bella does, however focus on the Sandy coloured wolf (Jacob) that was almost bigger than the black one (Sam). She recognizes something in the brown wolf, so maybe that’s where Weitz improvised for the sake of the movie

      • Twi~dancer72 says:

        i dont think that is the laurent scene. i think thats where paul freaks out and turns into a werewolf and jacob fights him

        • Ya you’re right. Taylor confirmed it after the first preview was release. They spliced two scenes (Laurant and the Werewolf fight)together.

          I don’t know if Bella actually said “Run Jake”, but I bet…here is my guess…after Bella runs up to Sam and Paul, and makes Paul angry, I bet Paul turns, and that’s when Bella turns, runs, and yells “Run Jake”, the Jacob turns in mid-air to fight Paul.

        • Question for you all…I’ve watched the preview over and over, slowing it down to see every piece of the footage.

          At 1:27-1:28, after Bella is show in the water-it shows someone falling, or flying, or something…what is that? Is that Bella cliff diving? Or something else?

      • Actually, Jacob was described as a rusty brown or reddish brown wolf(NM pg. 243). Which kind of confused me when I saw the first trailer, because I think Seth was the sandy colored wolf. πŸ˜›

        I hope the movie is as good as this trailer!

  47. Holy **** that was FRICKIN AMAZING! Waaaayyyy better then the original one! I love Jane in the Volturi scene….AHH! Cant wait!!

  48. I love the HQ of the video. Jane looks great (especially with the contacts). What’s up with Edward’s eyes near the end of the clip? Looks like he’s been cheating on human blood or something…

    • Idk, his eyes still look golden to me, maybe you’re focusing on his state of agony

      • It’s easier to see in the myspace vid, but Edward’s eyes are still golden, but he just has the dark purple circles under his eyes from being so thirsty. Remember in the book, after they leave the Volturi chamber, and they’re waiting in the lobby it’s one of the first things Bella notices about him.

        This movie looks unbelievably awesome.

        • Twilightfan82 says:

          I think I remember Edwards eye’s being black at that point in the movie, since he hadn’t been eating.

          • Twilightfan82 says:

            Er, that point in the book. I’m not sure why they made them golden in the movie, as if he’d just eaten.

          • they also did laurent’s eyes bright red in the other trailer even though they should be black (or dark red) from thirst. it seems that they have switched the eyes making them bright in color when thirsty and black when full. I don’t like this switch. it makes more sense if they have red eyes after drinking blood. that’s why the new born’s eyes are bright red, because of all the blood.

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