Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Twilight Shark Week Style


  1. 1st! Funny stuff!!!!

  2. lmao omg!!!!! too funny!

  3. I hope he keeps doing these. So awesome!

  4. Poor Kristen, Jimmy has a Bella blow up doll. Ack
    So funny. Well you know you’ve arrived when all the major network night-time hosts spoof you.

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  6. Pretty In Plais says:

    wow this is too funny! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Jimmy Fallon, just isn’t funny anymore, I loved him on SNL, but lately, hes just been lame. Not just in this, but his late show is a real disapointment.

  8. That was actually funny. Or maybe it’s funny to me b/c it’s 2:30am? Who knows.

  9. Another side of Robert we’ve yet to see…nah..
    Jimmy is spot on with the stares,etc. but R.Patz has a certain smolder all his own. Funny as hell but poor K.Stew!her performance was a bit plastic and she seemed rather stiff, almost uncomfortable… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Wow I found that funny. Kristen needs to get a little more into her role, she seems real up tight, stiff, it Bothered me ;D
    I hope Jimmy does another one real soon. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. vamp_koi_girl says:

    hahaha! that was really funny!
    oh… wow…
    ha (i can’t stop laughing!)

  12. I have a feeling we might see Rob on his show sometime… like when the cast starts doing promotions for New Moon.

  13. Where were the trademark chucks on Kristen?

  14. cullenbound says:

    too funny

  15. Kathleen loves vamps says:

    Yay!!! lol I love bothered the Robert Pattinson. I hope this becomes a regular thing. Maybe Jimmy can even get Pattinson On to do it his self that would be the funniest thing ever!!!

    • lol It would be funny to see Rob do this or to have Rob or Kristen make a surprise visit when Jimmy is doing one of these skits

  16. LMAO…gotta’ love Jimmy Fallon and his jokes…RPatz would probably hate this though if he saw it, as he’s already having trouble dealing with the amount of fame he gets as it is…

    • I don’t know… I think he’d probably laugh his *** off. R.Patz seems pretty easy going and can take a joke. I think he’d give Jimmy some tips for improving his smoldering gaze..;)

      • ScarletRubie says:

        i think he would laugh his butt off too, it’s really funny, i’m not a big fan of Jimmy Fallon but this is hilarious.

  17. Vampiregirlsince1918 says:

    hilarious! hehe

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