100 Monkeys Concert Dates and More

Remember the other day when we first learned via Contact Music that Jackson Rathbone and the band were going to grant the wish of a Make-A-Wish Foundation child?  Now we have more information from the band on that and their upcoming dates.

According to their press release:

Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper Hale in the blockbuster movie, Twilight, is coming to Dallas.  He’ll be in town for TwiCon, the largest Twilight Convention in the country.  While he’s there, Rathbone is also taking time to meet with a very dedicated fan.

Fourteen year-old Dorothy has loved Twilight since the day she read the book.  Then, after seeing the movie, she was really hooked.  Like many teenagers, she dreams of meeting Robert Pattinson, falling in love and living happily ever after.  She didn’t get quite that lucky but when Jackson Rathbone and his band, 100 Monkeys, heard her story they invited her to join them this weekend at their concert in Dallas, Texas.

Due to terminal cancer, Dorothy hasn’t been able to do much lately but one of her childhood dreams came true last week.  She and her family were given a vacation of a lifetime at Disney World in Orlando.  They get back this Friday just in time for the concert.  She and her family are getting tickets to the show and backstage passes to meet the band this Saturday at The Palladium.  “We’re all very lucky people and helping others makes us who we are,” said Rathbone.

100 Monkeys recently completed a two-month, East Coast tour, with every show sold out.  The band has been featured on MTV, VH1, Entertainment Tonight and in People Magazine.  The thing that makes the band so unique is that each member can play every instrument.  In between songs, one of them yells ‘switcharoo’ and they all switch instruments.  “It’s amazing to see musicians that can play six or seven different instruments without missing a beat.  We’ve booked them at venues all over the country and they never fail to amaze me,” said Tim Crockett of New Castle Entertainment.

The all ages concert at The Palladium promises to be their biggest event ever.  The band is also releasing a new, live CD this weekend and everyone who attends the show gets a free copy of the CD.  Tickets are only $19.99 and are available at TicketMaster.com.

After the concert on Saturday, 100 Monkeys are hosting a party at Sambuca to benefit the Spencer Bell Legacy Project.  Spencer was a dear high school friend of the band who died of adrenal cancer in December of 2006.  For more information about the Spencer Bell Legacy Project, visit www.SpencerBellMemorial.com.

To learn more about 100 Monkeys, visit www.100MonkeysMusic.com”