100 Monkeys & Jackson Rathbone Respond to Make A Wish

According to the Canadian site Contact Music 100 Monkeys, the band that Jackson Rathbone is a part of, is not just all about themselves and potential fame.

…when Rathbone heard that a Twilight fan is suffering from terminal cancer, he vowed to make her dreams come true.
He’s offered to let 14-year-old Dorothy hang out backstage with the band at Saturday’s (01Aug09) show in Dallas, Texas – and the star is convinced the selfless act is the least he could do.”

Let’s hear it for Jackson, Jerad, Ben, and Ben for thinking about more than themselves. They could easily have ignored the request, but they didn’t.


  1. Chloe Cullen says:

    That’s awesome 🙂 It’s really cool to see Twilight stars giving back to fans as well, especially ones that really deserve it, like Dorothy.

  2. faeking says:

    Woot! that’s so awesome that they’re doing that.

  3. ILoveEC says:

    Aw! They are so sweet…

  4. Wow, super nice…

  5. awwww, that’s great of them to do.

  6. That’s so generous of them.

  7. Where is this concert in dallas? Please reply ASAP.

  8. Catherine says:

    Exhibit 7,654,321 in my case for why I’m in love with Jackson

  9. What?

  10. Will somebody just please tell me where the concert is in Dallas and what time. Uber PLEASE.

  11. Never mind. that was so nice of them to do this. If anybody else want to know when it is visit jackson-rathbone.com or visit 100 monkeys official website.

  12. Really wonderful 100 monkeys!!! Keep up the great work. It means alot to us twifriends that your band and cast members work along with other organizations as well.What a big and beautiful heart you and your friends have..ROCK ON!!!

  13. ross argentina says:

    I think that is generous and polite from his part.Good luck for this girl!

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