MTV: Jamie Campbell Bower Comic Con Interview

You can read Larry Carrol’s write up on MTV.


  1. Cannot watch it.

  2. Twilight Nymph says:

    Ok I’m a bit confused did he say Caius is a leader of the Volturi or that he is the leader of the volturi? b/c if so, boy was he misinformed.

  3. ok ok ok hold up. ONE of the leaders mr man ONE of the leaders. Jeeze read the book.

  4. He’s a cutie!

  5. oooohhhh…. i like his quote! he’s so adorable.

  6. mschicklet says:

    LOL his acting. Can’t wait to see it more polished in the film.

  7. could someone please put this on youtube? i can’t see it. :'(

  8. He is so cute and funny and I gotta admit that the British accent is turn on! I can’t wait for the Volturi scene – I hope it is as incredible as they make it out to be…

  9. ross argentina says:

    for those who cannot watch the video enter to:
    I think this guy is very nice!

  10. I LOVES HIS HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. the actor’s will portray the scenes and their character’s as they see it when they read the books and the screenplay. Just like how we all see and envision the characters and we see them differently its impossible and stupid to expect the actors to portray the characters the exact same way we see them in our minds when we read the books. Everything is seen differently through every person’s eyes. All they can do is the best with the way they see it in their minds

  12. I think he is PerFect!!!

  13. Lissete says:

    Is this real or fake???

  14. real. it leaked the other day. summit doesn’t want to release it yet…

  15. Youtube??? 🙂

  16. TwilightFreak says:

    BAAAAA!!! When he said that last line from New Moon i almost fell out of my chair!!!

  17. haha i like this guy :]
    when he said his line all i could think was, “OH MY GOD HE’S SO PERFECT!!” lol

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