Collider Interviews Melissa Rosenberg at Comic Con

You can find the Collider write up that gives the background here.


  1. Erin S. says:

    As a writer, I’m so glad they’ve finally given Melissa some recognition.

    She seems like a really talented writer; she has to be, considering the task she has in adapting the books.

    Thanks, Collider and Lexicon, for giving me some inspiration.

  2. Angelique says:

    This is an excellent interview. I am very happy that Stephenie is becoming more involved in the writing.

  3. Good interview but hated Twilight script….sorry.

  4. shortstuff says:

    THANK GOD she is in contact with stephanie for the next scripts.. twilight was adapted quite terribly in my opinion. the fact that she thinks asking the wolves colour is a silly question says something to me.. but at least she is asking those questions. i much more optimistic about new moon and the following books..

  5. thparkle says:

    I dont think the Twilight script was horrible but I do think it was lacking. And hopefully it was a trial and error situation, something that she can grow and learn from. I have hope that New Moon will be more satisfying concering the script. I think they learned from the Twilight reactions that you should stick to the book as closely as possible and not stray, i.e. making rediculous additions like the diner, and cutting out or cutting short key scenes aka freakin’ meadow scene, hello!!!