The Top 10 Fictional Vampires

Now we have to say that we are a little mystified that why the adjective fictional is needed here…as opposed to the real vampires? Maybe they mean the people who think they are vampires? We don’t know. Anyway, The Insider has put Edward Cullen as portrayed by Robert Pattinson at the top of their list.

The photo is by Amy Howe, who incidentally did Kaleb Nation’s Bran Hambric photos.

Check the entire rundown on The Insider.


  1. that was my first thought when I saw your tweet… Fictional? ha!

  2. That is one of the lamest Vampire top ten lists I ever read. They picked Bill over Eric? These people only watch movies, clearly. If they’d paid attention to literary Vampires at all they would have some very different names on that list.

  3. bluebutterfly says:

    *cough* Sanguinarians and Pranic vampires… *coughcough*

  4. Madeline says:

    I was happy to see Edward have the top spot! I thought the 2nd spot should have gone to Bill though.=)

  5. Glad Edward was at the top, but don’t know anything about the Vampire Diaries or True Blood. Would have liked to have seen Lestat there though (Stuart Townsend or Tom Cruise version – both are good) x

  6. I totally agree, Kylie. Where was Lestat!? I always thought of him as one of the most well known vampires of not only literature but also movies. Kind of a disappointing list, in my opinion.

  7. HEY kylie and jackie!! what about lestat and louie as well lol..also what about dracula with gary oldman.Without lost boys there would be no cullen clan.Love bill also they are the grown up vampires that do naughty things ha ha

  8. I love that pic of Rob.

  9. Not a good list at all in my opinion, how about, say, Dracula?

  10. therealmrswhitlock says:

    Haha–I love that they WANTED to put Jackson up there!! He IS naturally gorgeous! I loved David and Louis (sorry ladies, but I prefer Brad to Tom). Also, I don’t get the whole Bill thing–I don’t find him that attractive. Spike is hotter. Much hotter.

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