LA Times Comic Con Buzz-makers

The LA Times evaluated the pieces that rose to the surface during Comic Con, and perhaps to the surprise of no one, New Moon made the list.

“The teen vampire sequel didn’t disappoint the cultish crowd, many of whose members camped out overnight for a scream-filled (not for scares, but for star Robert Pattinson) presentation in Hall H. Director Chris Weitz said the fan base is excited no matter the setting, including during production of the Nov. 20 “Twilight” follow-up: “There was a moment where I had to go to the bathroom, and there was not a cafe I could go into without being mobbed,” he said. “Not because I’m me, but people wanted to know if I could set up meetings with Rob.”

See their entire play-by-play on the LA Times.

USA Today also has a similar list.


  1. Definitely no surprise that New Moon made the list.

  2. TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

    Why didn’t you just put the link to usatoday above LA times? Usatoday had twice as much about New Moon as LA times did. Both were good though;)

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