Kellan Lutz Hangs With Stan Lee

If there were a master of all masters in the comic’s industry, Stan Lee would take that title.  He is responsible for some of the most iconic superheroes of the 20th century. His creations include Spiderman, X-men, and the Fantastic 4  to name a few.  What’s even better, is that at 86,  Stan Lee has more energy than men half his age. Stan was one of the biggest, mesmerizing, fan draws at Comic Con. By “mesmerizing fan draws” we mean that glazed over and in awed look that that people get accompanied by a barely audible, “I love your work.”

According to Just Jared, it looks like Kellan Lutz got to meet Stan at the The Radical Event hosted by Barry Levine, Gene and Nick Simmons  at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on Saturday night, two nights after the Twilight Comic Con appearance.

Kellan wasn’t incognito at the party, but he was earlier on Friday when various fans (including Kallie and Kassie of Twilight Series Theories) recognized him under a bad wig and hood.  Actually, what caught their eye was that accompanying Kellan on his journey through the exhibition floor was castmate Noot Seear. We had met Noot the night before at the Twilight Experience event, and and they recognized her.  Being a runway model, between striking good looks and stauesque build,  she tends to stick out in the crowd.  She stands out even moreso when you wonder how the guy in the bad wig managed to hang out with her. That’s when Kallie and Kassie put it together and realized the two were trying tobe  incognito explore the the exhibition floor.  It probably would have worked if he was solo. Kallie and Kassie had a good laugh, and didn’t give Kellan up.


  1. Love that KL wore a disguise, attempting to be “normal”. As if you could tone down perfection! If I could manage not to squeal like a schoolgirl I’d swear to secrecy 😉

    • I’m not surprised. KL is very wonderful and down to earth. That’s greatthat he braved the fans to sneak a look at the convention floor.

  2. ross argentina says:

    hi!you r going to kill me, because when i read this note before i didn’t know who was spike lee!but now i know!kellan beautiful as always!

  3. Don’t hurt me – but I seriously never really noticed before now just how freaking beautiful Kellan Lutz is.

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