Twitter Update: Rob, Kristen, & Taylor

Recently made one. We have no idea which it since it’s not officially announced yet, but given that Taylor is hardly shy, we’re sure he’ll fill us in shortly.


  1. aww… I love kristen and taylor together! soooo sweet!

  2. Kristen seems kinda……….drunken?!
    Hm. Maybe it’s just the way she is ๐Ÿ˜€ . Dunno

    • Jeanine says:

      I was thinking that, or stoned.

    • TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

      Guys, watch some more interviews with her. She’s always like that. She isn’t drunk or stoned (or both) cause who the heck would be that on comic con, on mtv, on almost every interview. I guess she just freaks out a little bit by the camera and the focus to be cool and still deliver a good answer at the same time – at least I would be! I think that’s fairly reasonable, but uncommon with so famous people. But read some interviews when people doesn’t pop a camera in her face, then you’ll see that she’s really smart and passionate about acting and she knows what she’s talking about when she talks about her role and stuff. Go Kristen! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Bella Jane says:

    omg Leslie I was just coming to say the same thing. She honestly seems like she tipped a few back before the interview..

  4. I don’t think she’s drunk, she always stutters and seems kinda nervous on interviews.

    • JULIE!!!I love the interview too.She seems more relaxed and having fun.Honestly her and rob are like the same in interviews.They always are jittery, or pulling at their hair or face.Thats just how they express themselves.Why do peeps hate on kristen?.Taylor to me is one of the best spoken peeps on the panel as well as the other cast members. I think they all rock its good to be different new moon all the way..

  5. Shakaiya says:

    Wow, is it a crime to have fun? She looks excited and her and Taylor look cute together. I love Kstew!

  6. Ugh. I do not like this interview. I usually like Kristen but not right now. She cant say shes team Jacob. Shes suposed to be neutral! in all other interviews, she’s like “Oh I cant say”. Whatevs.

  7. We knew this was coming it was only a matter of time that stupid sick tabloids were going to start to make up lies and so called “sources” to say mean things about rob. Over on star mag they are saying that he’s a big jerk who is “demanding” and all of this other crap that i know cant be true. Whatever i refuse to believe that he’s become just like the other typical hollywood people. And if he does i wouldnt blame him cuz i mean come on after what the so called fans do and how they treat him he may just say f it ya know?

  8. Kristen is either stoned or wasted… Taylor is so together though and Kristen’s hair! Gross me out!

  9. THEHTIC says:

    Yeah..I agree Kristin usually seems awkward in interviews. It almost seems like she is bored and interviews are the last thing she want to be doing. Which is understandable but its also part of the job.

  10. donsher says:

    Kristen is … Well,anyway…Taylor is enjoyable. He is mature far beyond his years, very articulate and self assured. Great kid. Way to go Taylor.

    • Do you remember Taylor in Cheaper by the Dozen 2? So cute. My 10 year old daughter loved him in that movie and she is Team Jacob. Too funny! He is very well spoken and mature beyond his years. A true gentleman and someone I wouldn’t mind having as a son-in-law some day..LOL

  11. I actually liked this interview because Kristen was carefree and she was having fun.It was nice to see that.

  12. Artemis5390 says:

    Normally I like Kristen, but she seemed a bit out of it in this one. Taylor almost seemed as though he was trying to step in and save her from embarrassing herself. I’m not hating on Kristen, but I do think that she should be a bit more professional during interviews. After all, she is being paid to represent the franchise.

  13. I think Kristen looks tired and just trying to keep awake. I think it was because of the long drive to Comic Con. But I like this interview and agree with Safine.

  14. Taylor is so adorable, and I still love Kristen though. I agree that she should be a lil’ more professional… But after all, it’s Comic Con! Let her chill. By the way, I feel bad for her when she said that she’s afraid to just go out ’cause they’ll even recognize her shoes!

  15. Lissete says:

    I know that Kristen is very fidgety and has always had this fun, uniquely odd personality. Having said that, she did act a bit…more out there during comic con…don’t you think? I mean, I’ve seen all her interviews, known how she acts from the start, but I have to agree with a few others…haha her behavior is just a tad more strange than usual. :p

    then again i act pretty loopy when i haven’t slept either. XD

  16. Rockin'It says:

    Everyone is going to be attacking Cookie Monster now. I can just see the icons popping up now… ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. I have thought for awhile that Kristen is on something. Doesn’t seem like alcohol though, I would guess Coke. I still like her as Bella. I know I could get shot for saying this, but RPattz is the only cast member that I don’t like. Sorry, but he doesn’t quite cut as an adonis-like man to me. He seems really sweet though, and I love the character of Edward. I’m just more of a Taylor girl, though I am about 10 years too old to even be looking at him….

    • agreed. personally i like rob, he seems like a decent guy, i just dont think he really deserves the hype he gets. He is a very attractive man, dont get me wrong- but i think some people are more seeing their beloved edward when they look at him, and not rob himself.
      Taylor im much more fond of. He’s very charming- That smile could light up a room!!

      Anyway, not relevant to the above comment, but i like kirsten. Some people just dont feel comfortable speaking in front of millions of people! anyone who can sympathise with having to get up on a podium and speak would know… imagine that multiplied by a few million people! i think her awkwardness is kinda endearing.

  18. twilightroxz says:

    she had to be high on somthing seriosly like at the mtv movie awards shes become kinda weird

  19. twilightroxz says:

    i agree w u sarah im a taylor girl to lol

  20. The thing I noticed most was how at the beginning Kristen put her arm around Taylor to bring him closer, but when she let go of him he kept his hand on her butt. Did anyone else see the look on her face when she grabbed his hand and removed it?? That couple of seconds looked very “Jacob and Bella” to me. She looked annoyed at how familiar he was being, but when she removed his hand he just smiled at her like he’d been caught out. It was funny to me because she obviously thinks that it’s ok to play around with Taylor because he’s safe – but that may not be the case for much longer. After all, he did say that he was most looking forward to the sleeping bag scene!

  21. Seriously what is Kristen on. I know she is nervous and jittery sometimes but it just gets worse everytime I see her. It must be the weed.

  22. can someone please tell me what source this vid is from? I can’t view it with this player, gotta YouTube it. if only because all the comments say kristen looks stoned and hell, that’s always funny. and I mean that in the best way, I totally wanna hang out with her.

    • danielle says:

      Its from E! Online most likely I saw it on bits and pieces on the daily 10 one day so you can most likely find it there

  23. Chgo fan says:

    Kristen just came from work when she attended Comic Con. She said she got out of work at 9pm then drove to San Diego and didn’t get to SD till 1:30 am. She already work 12-15 hrs that day. The girl is exhausted and tired, she is not drunk or stoned. Try to do what she does and tell me if you can pull off what she did. Then she had to do press conference before doing the Comic Con panel.

    • I agree with you. That must be exhausting and tiring to work all day and then go to Comic Con right afterwards and the drive is long. I love Taylor. He is very well spoken for his age. But I am a Rob fan all the way (since the Harry Potter days)..LOL

    • thank you!!! plus having millions of fans watching you CAN be a little intimidating to sy the least- especially since she has a tendancy to be a bit of a klutz at the worst moments (aka- mtv awards)

      i genuinley like her. People should cut her some slack.

  24. I liked it..she seemed like she was finally getting used to it all. I’m glad she is doing another movie (Out of the Twilight Series) She’s made her name by playing Bella and this new one should be a good break for her ๐Ÿ™‚ well not a very long one but something else to occupie her thoughts! Good interview and it’s nice to see her and Taylor are friends ๐Ÿ™‚ They all seem close..I like it. Makes it more personal.

  25. that ben lyons is cute!

  26. I love kristen and taylor. kristen is just a weird person, if you look if at her other interviews you’ll see. they’re just chillin’, they’re working really hard. i dont think she’s drunk or high. i mean she dropped her mtv movie award and all but she’s just nervous and needs to calm down. but everyone has their way of dealing so.

  27. If Taylor was in disguise I reckon I’d recognize him. Hahahaha. Stalker-ish.

  28. I dislike Kristen for MANY reasons but this video is not one of them. Kristen (In my opinion) is NOT drunk, she just looks REALLY tired and she doesn’t seem to be able to focus.And she REALLY dosen’t wanna be there… Taylor should STOP trying to be a bodybuilder..

    • lol, i think the point is that he kind of has to.? Considering his role as jacob depends on it- i doubt he can just stop somehow…..

  29. Kristen does seem a bit out. She’s got to be on something and I’m not saying that to ‘hate’ on her or anything. It just seems like she behaves oddly at every public appearance.

  30. Jacob luver says:

    did anyone see when kristen and taylor had their arms around eachother in the beggining and then kristen let go and taylor didn’t!! then kristen like took his arm off and smiled and taylor tried to play it off and look innocent!! XP i luvvvvv taylor xD kristen seems tired she should go get some rest!

  31. I dont know if anyone noticed but taylor has his hand around kristen’s waistthen sheobviously removes it..just saying

  32. Also- everyone is making a really big deal of kirsten pulling away from taylor at the start. firstly, SHE put her arm round him first, so i dont think she felt uncomfortable with them showing affection or anything. Also, when she pulled away from him, you can see that with his arm around her, HER arm was being bent at a rather uncomfortable angle. She wasnt ‘rejecting’ him or anything, she just was uncomfortable with the way her arm was being bent.

  33. Kristen is so awesome! It’s funny though how the media shows the growing relationships based on the books. When Twilight hit big, Kristen & Rob were “together” , now it seems like Kristen is really in the same boat as Bella trying to choose between Edward and Jacob!! Any one else notice??! Either way I just hope the movie is closer to the book this time…. with out any extra irrelevant scenes like the green-house field trip….bah.

  34. Just wanted to add that Kristen’s not like every other actress, she doesnt change her self to give us a generic response. I love that she stutters and can’t always find the right thing to say and isn’t always in a silk gown with lots of glitter with her hair perfect. It reminds us that she’s a person, and she’s still cool and beautiful!! Taylor, although very talented, seems to be telling us what we want to hear, Kristen even said she doesn’t care, she is who she is. That’s why its a relief to have her in the spot light. So any time you wanna hit a bowl and just hang out, Kristen you let me know!!

  35. Kristen is being herself…not everyone is so calm and collected in public as the ideology of movie stars is portrayed. I don’t see anything wrong with their behavior. I am a model and actress but if I had to be asked questions in front of tons of people and I have to think quickly, I would be nervous acting just like her too.
    Leave ’em alone and enjoy the entertainment they provide.

  36. I have to laugh at some of these comments–everyone got after Kristen for being “stiff and unfriendly” in some of her interviews, now they’re saying she’s “wasted”. Why don’t we let Kristen be herself instead of who we think she should be?

  37. is it me or does kristen take FOREVER before answering a question ?? i like kristen as bella but kristen herself , boring .

  38. kirsten seems fine to me in this interview-just tired and hacked off with all the interviews(possibly cound’nt blame her there!) Actors are all a little different-thats why their actors! lol!
    And team edward or jacob? Who cares they can both act!!

  39. Katrina Rodriguez says:

    Kristen is neither stoned or drunk she has a shaky knee symdrome for one thing. For another thing she has never been in a major movie like twilight and new moon so dont you think she would be a littkle nervous all the time with carmeras and paprazzzi everywhere she is. and for another thing she and robert and some of the rest of the new moon cast are like that sometimes in their interviews. Go Kristen!!=D

  40. Katrina Rodriguez says:

    Im team edward by way. I HATE team jacobs.

  41. Do Kristen and Taylor seem like an item?

    Like, at the start, when she puts her arm around his shoulder, he puts his hand on the small of her back and then she takes away her arm, looks down and then moves his arm- WTF? Not to mention “Read into this”.

    What’s going on?

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