Twi Tour Kellan Lutz Shadow Boxing & Pushups

Our apologies, we think the heads up on this came from either Cullen Boys or Peace, Love, Twilight(we’ve had a hell of a morning with the majority of our emails going to spam, we just fixed it).  Anyway, Kellan Lutz shared some of his workout routine with fans at the Creation Entertainment’s TwiTour. Pel was sitting about 25 feet away on the floor when Kellan did the push-ups. Let us tell you the whole place was shaking, and the fan screams rivaled those usually reserved for Rob.

There are also additional videos here of Ashley’s Q&A


  1. One word…. DAMN.

    ok can I be the floor.

  2. TwilightFreak says:

    aahh Kellan!!
    I love him!!

  3. fellowaddict says:

    I was actually there! It was an awesome time and Kellan just makes you love him more with his care free attitude. He was GREAT!

  4. I do boxing. Now he is a total inspration.

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