Another Cover Shot For Robert Pattinson

Mark Malkin over at E! has unearthed the following information:

Robert Pattinson has another magazine cover coming up—and thankfully, it’s not some far-fetched tabloid bullcrap this time around.

Mr. Pattinson, I’m told, has landed himself on the cover of probably the most coveted of monthlies—Vanity Fair!”

You can check out Mark’s full story on E!.

E! Also has the details on the Teen choice awards where Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene are confirmed as presenters and Robert Pattinson (barring filming issues) is also rumored to be there.

Twilight may have been ignored at the Oscars, Golden Globes and the like, but the vampire movie is scoring where it really counts—with the kids!

The Robert Pattinson romance earned an even dozen 2009 Teen Choice Award nominations, including Choice Movie: Drama and Choice Movie: Romance.”


  1. yay! 1st comment.. okey! LOL. ofcourse! not only he has won the hearts og kids! he won all women’s heart!!!! especially mine..

  2. The Vanity Fair shoot with the Twilight cast was beautiful–can’t wait to see this!

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  5. LaTuaCantante says:

    woohoo…i wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that he won most handsome not too long ago??? (sigh) he’s so photogenic.

  6. I so agree with the comments on the E page…Go Hello?? I so agree with you…he is a man not a vampire…I do get sick of hearing about him being such a handsome vampire! His name is Robert Pattinson and not Edward….he plays Edward…a character…lol. Why do people fill like they have to hang/scream/attack actors?

  7. Good for him to get the cover. However I would like to see Kristen get a cover too. This is not only about Rob. Kristen deserves this just as much. But then again, the tween girls seem to hate her for some idiotic jealousy thing so I suppose thats keeping her off some covers.

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