EW Reveals Exclusive New Moon Cover

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive look at the legit cover (not the one erroneously reported by numerous other sources this morning) of the movie trade paperback tie-in edition of New Moon. The cover features a a never before photo of  Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

We have been asked by EW to only link to the story and not post the image to our site. We are respecting their wishes. the cover shot can be found here. It comes with an exclusive poster inside.

According to a representative from Little Brown, the book will hit shelves September 15, 2009.


  1. Lorraina says:

    I do have to add as much as I LOVE Edward he looks a bit like Anakin Skywalker in before he turns into Vader in the last Star Wars.
    Okay now I have totally revealed my dorkiness! LOL!

    • totally good thought! It does look like Annikan Skywalker! However, I do enjoy the poster; It’s sexy yet age appropriate! fantasy but not too sexy. I give 2 bites and 2 howls! GRRRRRR!!!!Bite!!!!!!!!!

  2. i like it. i like the original cover better, but this one’s good. just one thing, though: I NEED ME SOME MORE EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow!! I own all 4 books in Hardcover, but this is so super neat!! They both look great.. It really sets the mood and the emotion behind Bella and Jake’s relationship and how she is embraced by him like she is leaning on him or into him for the support and care that she needs right now.. The Wolf pack in the Back ground is cool too.. I love how Edward is in the Moon.. I didn’t notice that at first.. It is like he is distant but still there in the book!! Nicely done…

  4. Ok, so it’s a little bit of a misrepresentation of the book. HOWEVER, if you look at the body language of the characters, you can see that it DOES go along with the story. 1. Edward is watching from afar. 2. Jacob is protecting Bella, holding her close – goes along with the “I love Bella” storyline. 3. Bella is moving her shoulder away from Jacob, implying that she doesn’t feel comfortable in that position – goes along with “I’ll settle for Jacob”. On top of that, you can see the hurt and sadness in her eyes, like “I give up, I hope one day I’ll be happy with Jacob”. Even if you look closely, her legs are turned into one another, giving the illusion that she is uncomfortable.

    No, this picture does NOT imply that they are in love, or that they have a love triangle. It’s obvious that Bella is torn. If you remember in the book, she even says that she wonders if she could make it work with Jacob (right before Alice comes back).

  5. BTW, I really like the cover – just throwing the body language aspect out there. There are just too many people FREAKING out about the “there is no love triangle, Summit is dumb for making it look that way” angle.

    Personally, I’m pretty much in love with Jacob – I kinda stopped liking Edward when the jerk left. Never liked him after that. Grr.

  6. switzgal says:

    I think it’s perfect!!! Finally Jacob is on a cover with Bella w/o Edward, well only a ghost of Edward. They should change the movie poster to this!!!

  7. Sorry cant get into Taylor he looks young. Also I will hate on this as much as I like – with that I said I know how to read and I am intelligent enough to interpret the results of all 4 novels, therefore I hate it the concept, the ad is misleading and is being used as a cash machine at the cost of alienating and enticing fans of the series.

  8. Melanie says:

    I like the picture but not for New Moon. It seems too intimate. New Moon is not a romance and they are making it seem that way with this cover.

  9. I know several people are hating on this pic, but you have to look deeper than just the surface. This picture displays several parts of the book with one picture: Jacob’s love for Bella, Bella’s ever-present restrained & conflicted state of mind, & Edwards haunting presence in her consciousness. All of these items are displayed here. Now, I know that there are very few people have read New Moon as many times as I have (I could be wrong) but it says that she and Jake were viewed as bf & gf because they constantly held hands and were always blurring the lines of friendship. At the end of New Moon, she seriously considered being with Jake, so this fits. My opinion. Plus Jake looks HOT!!

  10. Krystol says:

    I think the cover is gorgeous! The colors and themes are all perfect! Jacob is acting possessive, Bella is uncomfortable yet clinging to Jake anyway, Edward is more or less a ghost of himself and the pack is skulking around the edges. I think it’s amazing and beautiful and perfect!

  11. The first thing I thought when seeing this is: Why is Elijah Woods on the moon? Did anybody think that too?

  12. La Bruja says:

    WOW! I don’t say this too often but i have to dmit that I am really impressed!
    I love how they had jacob and Bella up front as the main focus regardless of what some people think,N.M. Is alot about getting to Know Jacob better and how Important he becomes to Bella..people who are freaking about this should calm down..I am sure the covers of Edclipse and Breaking Dawn if made will once again have Edward and Bella.geez give Jacob his moment too.hahaha..
    But i also LOVE how they still added Edward in the background JUST like how he was always there in the back of Bellas mind in N.M!

  13. La Bruja says:

    I also have to comment on how poeple think bella looks more intimate with Jacob. Please take a closer look..she looks more sad(like she is thinking of edward),worn out,and confused about how she feels for Jacob. WOW! Thats alot of emotions for the people that say she always looks like she has no emotions. This poster is PERFECT!I like how it looks like she is pulling him towards her for support with one hand and away from her with the other too. oh AND if you look close enough she as a looks like she has a tear going down her cheek.aaawww.

  14. Oh, that is a pretty awesome poster! XD Now I really want that mag! 😀 Man, I want to talk about it, but I shan’t spoil it for those who refer to keep themselves out of it until the movie premieres….But WOW, that was a great picture, huh? 🙂

  15. its true she is more intimate with jake than edward but i can’t blame her taylor is drop dead gorgeous

  16. Neat to see the sillouettes of the wolf pack crouching at the bottom of the cover. That’s probably my favorite part besides the demonic Edward eyes.

  17. Tears in eyes, Tears in eyes. This is WAY SO EXTREMELY MUCH better than the Twilight movie graphics, posters and promotional stuff! SCORE! SCORE! SCORE!

  18. Twilightdiheart says:

    No matter how much I try to fight it, they keep showing these H O T pictures of Jacob *chanting to self “I’m a one vampire kind of girl”. Oh shoot, Jacob looks so intense. I’m so team Switzerland. Bella and Jacob should just hook up once and get it out of their system. Please Stephenie!

  19. Rockin'It says:

    I really like it! I especually like how Jake is so protective of Bella, And even though Bella’s head is turned in towards Jake, as if to say she needs him, the hand she has extended to Jake almost seems like she’s trying to keep him at bay.

    My favorite part is the other pack boys surrounding them, and how animalistic their stances are. Very wolf-like and haunting!

  20. lirael cullen says:

    That hott! And i don’t see any intimacy at all. From what others have said about the cover. She just looks like she was totally let down and about to lose control when her best friends comes over and keeps her from losing it. Totally awesome..

  21. Looks intimate yet not too intimate since Bella sort of falls back! I like this cover VERY much! I’m hoping to see more browner tones in New Moon unlike the blue/green/grey we often saw in Twilight. I cannot waiiiiit ahh!

  22. HOT HOT HOT!!!!! I love Jacob!!! I can’t wait to get a copy for myself!!!

  23. Here’s my take. They look more cozy than Edward and Bella ever did because they CAN be. He’s human, unlike Edward, and the risk of being close isn’t as scary. Remember in the book they held hands all the time and it seemed natural?

    I don’t believe it makes them look too intimate either. It looks like Jacob is PROTECTING Bella, which is what he does. I love it. I wonder if my favorite photographer, Joey L., did this shoot as well.

    Squee. I’m getting excited.

  24. I don’t like it. It is way too intimate …Kristen looks like they are about to go much further than Jacob and Bella ever do. They would never be in such an embrace in New Moon. It’s misleading and just propaganda to spur on the Team Jacob fans. I like the other poster where Jacob is in the middle better. And Bella doesn’t dress like that…lol.

  25. wowwww that cover is just amazingg…i wanna buy the poster of that..just the poster tho no point in having two new moon books! but wow its so cool!

  26. Oh God…this is not good for my Jacob obsession! I love that they’re getting more “Team Jacob” with the advertising for this movie…excellent! Sigh…if only Bella had made the right choice. Look how perfect they are! But anyway…so excited, can’t wait for the movie! 😀

  27. Emerson says:

    WTF????? What’s with the creepy tattoo and her and Jake being all intimate? That’s really stupid.

  28. I think this is better than the film poster. this is enticing while the film poster is bland.

  29. omg that pic is hawttt! but bella and jocob were never that close in new moon. this is probably some dream of jacobs. ha. ha.
    twilight saga <3

  30. I for one HATE this cover. It makes it look like she’s totally forgotten about Edward and has already moved on & is dating Jacob. We know that Edward is always there in her mind, she will always love him, and her and Jacob never date. Sure they hang out & are friends, but they are never an item. I hate how Summit is trying to make it seem like a lov triangle when it’s truely not.

  31. Love tihs poster! She may be cuddling Jacob put she is uncomfortable and one hand is slighty pushing him away. And Edward in the backround shows she can’t forget about him, which is perfect. Taylors stare is very intense and his arm is very protective:)

  32. there are two covers, no covers were erroneously reported -_-

  33. why the hell people think theres is no love triangle
    read the books people. you guys are not the directors the authors of the book

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