Gil Birmingham Now On Twitter

Gil Birmingham is now on Twitter. You can follow Gil here. Currently he has 101 followers and he needs to be a lot more welcomed than that! Let him know we told you to drop on by. 🙂

Recap of the real Twitters
relating to the Twilight Saga

Peter Facinelli Also has an awesome IPhone app.

Billy Burke Soon to have an IPhone app.

Michael Sheen

Jamie Campbell Bower

Justin Chon

Charlie Bewley

If they aren’t here, they don’t have a Twitter that they use to contact fans.


100 Monkeys The Band Jackson Rathbone plays with

Bobby Long Writer of Let Me Sign along with Marcus Foster, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack

Sam Bradley Writer of Never Think, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack

Marcus Foster Writer ofof Let Me Sign along with Bobby Long, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack


  1. Okay, that means everyone following this taylor lautner, is not acutally following him. haha. taylor hasn’t updated his myspace in forever, so i would think that he would update on that that he had a twitter that everyone should switch to. right?

    • Twilight_News says

      Exactly! Interesting how now that he’s not as much in the news there’s nothing to Tweet. Hard to fake it when you don’t know what he’s doing.

      Big LOL is the Kristen Stewart fakes. One with 70,000+ followers just admitted that it was fake and the other deleted and reformed claiming it was because it was hacked. More like the old one was linked to a fake michael angarano (made the mistake of tweeting he was in Italy with Kristen when he never left LA). The fake Cam’s, Ashley’s, Nikki’s, Anna’s, Robert’s all link to the fake Kristen. If you notice the real Peter, Billy, Gil aren’t linking to those accounts.

  2. wow guess Mr. Rathbone a VERY believable person isn’t the real Jackson either then

    • Twilight_News says

      There was one Jackson account that his management was going to do but it had one post and hasn’t updated in months. We believe it is an abandoned project, but we watch it in case it ever comes to life.

  3. haha. these people are ridiculous and need to get there own lives! i mean come on!

  4. I feel sorry for all those fans who truly believe they are the real people. Poor, poor gullible fans.

  5. Wait so Taylor Lautner’s twitter isn’t really him? I bet it is…isn’t it? He also has an official Taylor Lautner Youtube page. I swear it’s really him……..?

  6. does that mean @PattinsonRT is fake?

  7. the “afgalisto poli” thing on Bewley’s twit is supposed to be “thank you” in greek, right? so, well, it’s actually “efcharisto poli”. 🙂

    • LOL. Well, ‘Danke Shoen'(German) is also wrong. It’s supposed to be ‘Danke Schön’. But then again, he wrote ‘Fanks very much’.. so he probably just wrote them all wrong on purpose.. Just a joke:P

      • oh, i know. it’s just that afgalisto doesn’t have much to do with efcharisto, and, well, actually it stung my eyes to see it written like that xD

  8. I believe that the the PattinsonRT was real but it has been removed. There were few updates, one stating, “my publicist doesn’t know I have this twitter…” The last update was a Twitpic posted of Robert & Jared Leto that I saw last week, with some type of comment about Jared being cool. After reading all these articles about fake Twitter accounts, I assumed that this must also be a fake. Now that the PattinsonRT has been taken down, the same blurry picture shows up on Entertainment Tonight’s web site stating that Robert snapped the pic himself and that Jared posted it on his MySpace page.
    So…was that a fake?

  9. Elizabeth says

    Peter and Billy are very earthy and very funny. These two are worth twittering alone.

  10. i thought alex meraz had one too

  11. AlbertaJenn says

    Gil is also on Facebook. As Lex has mentioned before. 😀

  12. Hey everyone get on Twitter and Follow Peter…he has a bet going to get more followers!!!

  13. Corry Snow says

    Tell me if this is Robert Pattinson’s twitter account? If not I’ve been severely hoodwinked!


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