Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning Hit Nylon Music Tour

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning stopped by the Roxy in LA last night to take in the music at Nylon Magazine’s Summer Music Tour. Great way to chill out after a hard days work on the set of the Runaways.

The tour is coming to a city near you, and you never know which celeb who is filming in the area might drop by.

The girls were there to see Patrick Wolf. Other tour performers include Jaguar Love and the Plastiscenes among others. (FYI, the Roxy did have arrangements for under 21’s, but each stop on the tour is differnt so do check local rules.)


  1. kristen looks like she got a sunburn

  2. no. kristen looks drunk. ha.

    tho i do luv her.

  3. No she looks hot considering she is wearing a hoodie over her head in the middle of summer in a crowded club…

    • Kristen looks a little fade. It’s not hot in Cali right now we’re in the middle of what is called June gloom, so the temps are in the low 70s and drop to the 50s at night, so it makes sense that Kristen is wearing a hoodie. It’s definitely been chilly the last couple of nights.

  4. kristen looks scary…..

  5. Kristen KIND OF looks like Kate Hudson in this pic..

  6. The woman hugging them looks scary!! LOL

  7. Kristen looks like she’s wearing brown contacts. Thats not her eye color. Is everyone sure that that is her!!! lol

  8. Look at the GIGANTIC hands on the sides of the frame… holy…

  9. Olha a Kristen, tá meio com cara de chapada!
    paosaposap *tátáparei*
    beijosmeliga pra gente entra no foforks! 😀

  10. Okay, does anyone know what’s going on with

  11. kristen looks totally blazed. niiiiice.

    And if she’s wearing brown contacts, could it be for her joan jett role?

  12. Kristen looks like the stoner
    that she is. Dakota looks like……… cousin.. :/

  13. Poor Kristen, she looks so tired.

  14. Kristin looks like she may be doing a little method acting for this role…

  15. Ohmygosh…Kristen?? Are you Okay??
    It’s like Bella, only gone mad….

    And look at the women behind her and Dakota…
    She looks like professor Snape off HP.

    • Emily Lane says

      LOL i agree. she looks like snape with eyeliner and lipgloss :p

      kristen looks very very sick.

      dakota looks just fine

  16. Seeing how they hate contacts, I doubt she would be wearing them out at night!

    She really looks under the influence… Her prerog.

  17. Look, I’m not a huge fan of Kristen. She did an ok job in Twilight, but why is it we all have to assume she is either drunk or blazed every time she takes a not so flattering picture? She’s working on a movie people! She could be…exhausted! I know the girl likes to party, but she’s also an actress and seems to really be into this role what with the haircut and all. So give the poor girl a break and stop it with the accusations. Besides, I never get high or drunk and I pretty much look blazed in most of my photos too 🙂

  18. AlbertaJenn says

    I see Kristen is giving her signature charming look for the camera. Like someone is trying to pull her teeth.

  19. Amanda L. says

    Some of you are disturbingly cruel.

  20. Kristen looks soooooo strung out.

  21. omg kristen looks hot & cool
    so just leave her alone lol =]
    ilove her<3

  22. Thank youMusic


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