Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson in Reunion Photos

The pictures are pretty spoilerish. So we are only going to link rather than post so people aren’t forced into seeing if they don’t want to.

Also despite reports that a stunt woman would be plowing through the fountain, Kristen clearly did it herself. Also Robert ( as much as you can tell from the telephoto lens) has obviously been working out.ย  Not quite Taylor’s 8 pack, but ripped nonetheless.

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  1. All I have to say is, “Holy crap”! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Laura G. says:

    I shouldn’t have looked – especially since, in my country, we won’t be seeing it until January ๐Ÿ™ – but I am so glad I did. I’m not so sure what to think about the kiss…when I read the book I thought that it was only normal for them to kiss when they are reunited, but the fact that they didn’t only made it sweeter when they finally did…I can’t decide ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sterling Snow says:

    Oh. My. Edward!!!!!

    Absolute perfection. Rob, Kristen, everything. The photos on Popsugar of Kristen jumping into Rob’s arms, made me tear up. Soooo excited for this movie!!!

  4. sillygirl says:

    I seriously can’t stand it!!! It’s perfect absolutely perfect! Exactly how i imagine it would be. Isn’t Italy beautiful!!!? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oooo, poor beautiful boy…
    He has to look grave and serious while being half naked, covered with those CGI dots, in these weird low-rise pants and surrounded by hundreds of curious people and about as many cameras. He does look good doing it though, good job Rob :)))

  6. Addicted_Fan says:

    HOLY HELL! This just made my day!

    Awesome Awesome Awesome! I need November to be here NOW!

  7. omg, those pictures are amazing ๐Ÿ˜€ i can’t wait any longer, i have to see this movie now!

  8. BloodSuckingLeech says:

    The PopSugar pics are very spoilerific but so wonderful. I got teary eyed from the look on Robert/Edward’s face, knowing what he’s thinking at that point…sigh…Thanks Lex!

  9. BloodSuckingLeech says:

    Sorry for the double post! Thought I cancelled my earlier comment before I sent it.

  10. He’s one Sexy Vampire!

  11. Minaminx says:

    Black dots for the special effects they’ll add later??

  12. When I saw Rob, I thought he had chicken pox or something…lol

    • lol yea me too. i thought they were zits or chicken pots, and then like 2 seconds later i realized they were for the sparkeling effect

  13. Someone please make these into fanarts!!! Haha I wish I had the talent to do it myself..

  14. Addicted_Fan says:

    Holy Mother of GOD! Very Nice!

  15. misslelie says:

    His abs, im so sorry to admit. Are airbrushed in. My friend stalked the set when she was there, she saw them (not sure how…but w.e.) airbrushing the abs on. SHe got there too late to find out if he actually has ANY at all, but all I know is that those babys are fake. Im really excited though!!!!!

    • They do look a little airbrushed, but he has been working out, so some of the muscle definition is in fact his own.

    • In most movies, they airbrush more definition to muscle tone. I saw a pic from the side, and most of them aren’t fake. drool…

  16. AnnieCullen says:

    these pics are great! I feel like crying just looking at them! That scene is going to be sooo good! Rob looks sooooooooooooo fine ๐Ÿ˜‰ I seen some more pics aside from these on a different site…and they’re all making me more anxious for this movie to come out. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted November to come so bad in my whole life lol.

  17. These are awesome!! Robert looks beautiful!!!!!!!

  18. Wonderful pictures! Glad to see Rob was able to pull off the six pack this time around, man, he looks even more sexy. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with all the tid bits I’ve seen so far it feels like the movie just may come together beautifully.

  19. ahaha! the excitment is killing me!!
    how great are those pictures! ome i cant wait!!!

  20. Jovanna says:


  21. oleander says:

    The reunion is one of my all-time favourite literary moments. It makes me cry every time I read it. I am THRILLED that it is going to look so good on film, and dayum, Rob’s been going to the gym by the looks of it. I can’t wait to see the movie!

    I JUST DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HOLY F****************************************K!!!!!!!!!!
    MY LIFE…IS NOW…COMPLETO!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Oh dear God that man is perfect *drool*pant*drool*

  24. Another wonderful way to start my morning! Thanks Twiight Lexicon! I totally cannot wait until November! I am so excited! BTW – Rob looks freakin’ HOT! Lucky Kristen!

  25. Major SQUEE!!!!!!

  26. Nymeria says:

    I screamed and my brother gave me the wierdest look. These pics look awesome!

  27. Wondervale says:

    I have died and gone to Twilight heaven!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Somebody hit me in the head and wake me up on November 20, please! This is toooooo good!!!

    And the picture on Popsugar where they are hugging is making me cry it’s so beautiful!! HD please!!!!!

  28. shavei7 says:

    OH MY GAWD. I jaw and heart just dropped to the floor. Is it November yet???!!!

    He’s got abs now! LOL.

  29. hotttttttttttt is the black crap for sparkles?

  30. ForJazz says:

    Rob should be illegal. He is too hot – he could kill a person. I have already slipped on my own drool puddle and almost broken my neck. He is too much beauty for anyone’s eyes – we will all cack off in the middle of the theater!!!!

    • No Comment says:

      First of all, ew. Robert Pattinson is not hot. He looks like he hasn’t bathed in weeks.

      Sparkling will just make him look more like a sparklepire fairy.

  31. I think I swallowed my tongue! I am 10 times more obsessed now than I was this morning. My husband is going to kill me!!!

  32. WOAH……

    Too much hotness….my brain is totally on overload right now. I’m glad the hubby wasn’t home to see my fangirl reaction to those pics–he’d probably ban me from the computer! Wow…I need November to come FAST!!!!

  33. I think. I just. DIED. :O

    Daaaaaang, Rob looks GOOD. That body might not be quiiite as extreme as Taylor’s, but he’s certainly rather ripped. ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Those pictures should have a warning “NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART” Holy crow.

  35. Kristen says:

    Are his abs spray painted on? or did he work out really hard?


  37. The dots are for CGI effects…and the pics are awesome!!!!! I’m so excited right now!!!

  38. But…here’s the thing…

    When they kiss here, you remove Bella’s “he doesn’t love me / only feels guilty” suspense throughout the Volturi and leading up to his confessions in her room and the epiphany. (I’m sure they’ll strip out the whole flight stuff anyway.) How do you go from a kiss like that to him having to *convince* her that he loves her?

    I know the script will have a lot of rearranging and compression (like Twi did) simply to get it all to fit…but I really hope they keep the idea of the “Truth” chapter true – at least in content, if not specific locale – to the book.

  39. OMB&E!!!!!

  40. TwilightDieHard says:

    I was only partially distracted by the dots. I was totally distracted by the six pack, and slacks that dip a little too low to keep me from blushing…okay I back now I was temporarily dazzled. I never wanted to be a cougar before, but I’ll gladly wear the title for him (my colleague says I’m not quite old enough to be a cougar, puma maybe.) Watch out kittens, momma’s on the prowl

  41. I have never been so excited about anything in my life. Considering how old I am, that’s pretty sad. Oy. Is it November yet?

  42. Melissa says:

    OMG!!! Iam obessing over these pictures!!!! I just cant stop looking @ them LOL. I cant wait for the movie to come out, its gonna be better than the book!!!! Iam sooo EXCITED!!!!!!!!

  43. I read somewhere else that Alice has a vision of Edward sparkling in the sun. Perhaps they are filming that scene with the dots.

  44. INF is soooo stupid!
    Seriously? “Why is Rob shirtless during their reunion?” I could almost hear them asking, “Are we finally going to get sex?”
    How can they be giving info on this and no even know the background info?! Twanabees.

  45. HowlingJuanjo says:

    This boy got ripped!

  46. I just wonder about the shots that show him out in the open… like the one with all the red cloaks. He is on the steps and she is running to him. Isn’t he supposed to be lurking in an alley about to step into the light? (I think his toe hits the light?) Here he looks like he is waaay out for everyone to see! And he is coming from a doorway…

  47. OMG! I am beyond excited! I saw 3 pictures on this radio’s website and knew that the Lexicon would have TONS more! Gosh I screamed when I saw them and I cannot wait till I see the movie! BTW Robs body is HAWT! a little hairy for my taste but still nice abs MR.!

  48. CeeCee29 says:

    OMG!!!! WOW!!!! HOTTIE! Workin out does Rob’s body good!!!! So excited I could scream! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  49. SibbySue says:

    No “Glitter Glue” needed for abs here!

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