Red Flags Fly Over Montepulciano

It seems like all of Europe is heading to Montepulciano. We’ve heard from two different Italian sites, Swedish fans, French fans, and now it’s Germany’s turn. Members of the German site Forks Bloodbank are in Montepulciano and they grabbed some fantastic photos.

The whole town is being decked out for St. Marcus Day. The main square where they are putting the finishing touches on the new fountain got the royal treatment, and connecting alleyways (you can picture Bella running down them screaming “Edward!”) are covered too.

See the whole gallery at Forks Bloodbank, including a possible shot of Rob’s body double.


  1. Oh, now that just makes my day. 🙂

  2. Julie M. says

    All the red flags look so cool!

  3. CeeCee29 says

    Wow! Pretty place to film a movie.

  4. one week til i’m there. i am definitley going to try to snag a flag.

  5. It is looking so good. I am sooo jealous (I wish I were going with you Anna) That would be the best- exxept it sounds like it will be more crowded than

  6. This is so nice!

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