New Moon Fountain Being Built

Twilight Italia sent us some great links to today.

First there is a video of the centerpiece of the fountain being pieced together.

Next there is footage of the Porsche again, only this time it is out in the countryside.

You can read their report here and here . It has lots of other details which you can more or less make out if you toss it through the Babelfish translators.


  1. Entertainment Weekly magazine is doing a New Moon special! Just thought I’d give you guys a head’s up. 😉 I just saw two pages of it in my group.

  2. And LOL @ Babel Fish!! I’ve seen the Britsh tv series of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And just yesterday I watched the American movie adaptation.

    Zaphod! xD

  3. Timberlynn Twilighter Cullen says:

    that iz a totally hot car n it would totaly fit alice!