Robert Pattinson Confirms His Breaking Dawn Interest

Robert Pattinson spoke to the Hollywood Reporter in Cannes saying,

“Robert Pattinson, who shot to stardom in “Twilight” and is now filming the second and third movies in the franchise, confirmed Tuesday in Cannes that there will be a fourth installment of the vampire franchise based on the book “Breaking Dawn.”

Pattinson told The Hollywood Reporter that he is committed to starring in the final outing to date but doesn’t know when backers Summit Entertainment will begin production because of the actor’s jam-packed shooting schedule.”

Keep in mind that we know the script has not yet been written, and with the Olympics being in Vancounver this winter followed immediately by the Eclipse PR blitz for the June 30th Eclipse release, we don’t know that they could film this before summer 2010.

Popsugar has a video of Rob at the photo call. It makes you wonder if someone just randomly shouting out “Yo Bob!” or “Hey Dude” might have a better shot of attracting Rob’s attention.


  1. Victoria says:

    Hmm.. very interesting

  2. Yaaay! Breaking Dawn!! πŸ˜€

    It’s totally going to be rated “R” though haha

    • Kay_Cullen says:

      Ahhhh! πŸ™ Maura, why do you have to be such a Kill-joy!! :<

      I love the Twilight saga but the rest of my family hates it!! How am I supossed to get in to see the dang movie if I’m bearly turning 13(I’ll be about 15 if Breaking Dawn comes out in 2011), and no one in my family will agree to take me to see it in theaters!! *cries* *sob* *sob* *sniffle* πŸ™

  3. I’m excited and ready!

  4. it could still be undecided so dont get your hopes up plus they’re going to have to make a movie thats rated pg13 because thats there target audience i mean most of twilight’s fanbase lies in teenage age range and some adults so that means kinda covering the R rated parts, u see what im saying?

    • BloodSuckingLeech says:

      Some adults?? The youth may be louder, but the adults are just as numerous in their love of all things Twilight.

    • I think this topic has been covered thoroughly in the past. The teenies no longer rule Twilight. Especially Breaking Dawn.

      Sorry Kiana, if you are too young, you will just have to wait. For the DVD at least.

      • D****Cullen says:

        ummm ecxuse you. Breaking Dawn doesnt have anything that chould be rated r. If you saw nick and norahs infinite playlist(nanips) has some very similar to what happens on esmes isle and guess what nanips is rated pg 13. If they make Breaking Dawn rated then thats ttly messed up!!!!!
        Does anyone disagree???? Hmmmmm

      • Kay_Cullen says:




    • Kay_Cullen says:

      Yep,I do. By the Way, you go girl!! Stick it to the old and krinkly and wrinkly adult fans!! πŸ™‚

      If only I had that much courage! πŸ™

      On the other hand, eat this stupid adults! πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
      Teens started the Twilight Addiction!!!!

  5. *goes weak at the knees*

    Wow… he’s…gorgeous…

    • Kay_Cullen says:




      WOW…such a gorgeous face…

      Love ya Rob! πŸ˜‰

  6. Devon061381 says:

    This is officially exciting news for my day. Rob wouldn’t be saying this unless it’s pretty much in the bag. I’m sure they’ll find a way around BD not being rated R – it won’t be as graphic but it will still be *our* BD! πŸ˜€ yay!

  7. It’s going to be interesting to see how they could possibly keep this below a rated-R movie. I just hope, in trying to do so, they don’t cut a lot of the important parts of the book out.

  8. u guys can do twilight and new moon and eclipse but PLEASE! no no! BD is my only fear! no i personly think it will suck if they make it. and how they will make it? i have no clue.

  9. Jane R. says:

    I certainly hope there will be a long break between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I fear for the quality of the movie if they rush things and do another back to back filming.

    If it’s rated R, most of the target audience (tweens) wouldn’t be able to get into the movie unless they go with a parent. If they decide to stick to the book as close as they can I think they would be looking at a rating of 18A.

    • Jane, i agree, i hope they do not rush it, this one is my favorite. I believe Nessie would be the hardest part. I know cgi (is that it?) has come along way but…

    • Jane R. says:

      I just realized I forgot to add something. Yes, I am aware the definition of “Restricted” means no one under 18 can get in under any circumstances. But, I’ve been to many movie theaters, in many different places and I’ve been able to get into rated R movies with a parent present. Hence, why I said they should be able to get in with a parent. These days most movie theaters are not fussy.

      Also I think the movie might even be able get away with a 14A rating, depending on how strong the violence, language and sexual scenes are.

      • Minaminx says:

        Actually “R” Rating you can get in with a parent or legal gaurdian… NC17 Is NO ONE with a parent or otherwise can get in if they’re under 17…

        I don’t know why it would have to be R rated… I mean they don’t have to do butt shots… And they don’t have to use explicit words. The books don’t describe in detail their “private encounters” I don’t know why they wouldn’t be able to fade to black or fade into the next scene with Giggles… They don’t have to show bella’s whole body to show bruises…

        • Jane R. says:

          We don’t have N17 as a rating in Canada as far as I know. I looked up the movie ratings for the province I am from, (B.C) and rated R should bar anyone under the age of 18 to the movie.

          I guess movie ratings in the United States are different. When the movie comes to Canada it would be given a rating equivalent to the American one, unless it’s already stamped with a rating that both Canada and the U.S use. I could be wrong though.

          We’ll just have to wait for the movie to come out to see what the rating is. It all comes down to how the screenplay is written and how the director wants to go about filming those certain scenes.

    • Wow, imagine how awkward that would be.. seeing BD with your parents…O_O

      • Jane R. says:

        I guess it depends on whether you’re comfortable going to a movie with questionable content with a parent. But yes, I can see how it would be a little awkward. My family are huge movie goers so not much phases us. Heck we just saw the Watchmen a while back and that was rated R for heavy sexual content. By the time Breaking Dawn rolls around I should be 19, so if the rating is 18A or above I can go on my own or with friends. πŸ™‚

      • Star Wars says:


  10. It seems to me this is the type of thing where a studio would film an R rated movie with the intention of hageling with the MPAA and then doing a duel DVD relese of the theater version and an unrated verson. This has been a very lucrative model for other films in this varied demo.

    Personaly, I don’t think they’ll have too hard a time with making things PG 13. They’re going to have to do a lot of editing in the first place to widdle down the long book…

  11. BloodSuckingLeech says:

    Well, I hope they consider making Breaking Dawn into two movies like Stephenie suggested…it’s way too meaty to compress into 90 minutes.

  12. yay breaking dawn is official!! πŸ˜€

  13. Autumn H. says:

    I’m just glad to hear him say that he will do it. I really thought they there had been a rumor mill started just for the heck of it, but you truely never know with him now taking several other movie roles. As for Breaking Dawn and their target audience, they are ways to still get the true effect of what is happening or just happened without having to really depict the “act”. They were some great scenes in the book they can include like the “feathers” and other things that they could shoot that would be just as effective at letting people know how they arrived at the actual scene, especially if you’re read the books. =) I can’t wait!

  14. They are going to BUTCH BD if they make it below an R rating, I for one will not see it if it is below R, because they will have mangled Stephenie’s work.

  15. I hope this is not a stupid comment im making but cant they shoot B.DAWN where they shot TWILIGHT ?That is if they cant film in canada.

  16. FilDeCuivre says:

    If I was Rob I probably would’ve jumped in the water and started swimming as fast as I could πŸ˜€ That was just so crazy!

  17. Shelly- Um. Stephenie’s *work* was fade to black. Unless you are really eager to see Edward rip Bella’s uterus apart with his teeth, there is no R rated content in the book to work with. lol

    • Rachel M. says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Stephenie never really SAYS what they’re doing; we just know. They’ll find a way to get around it. As for the birth…ok, so it may be bloody, but again, they’ll get around it.

  18. Rosalie Cullen says:

    I love Breaking Dawn!!! I hope they do an awsome job with it!!!!

  19. Sticking with the video content…”he definitely KNOWS” what he’s doing with all those papps! Work it Rob!! :-))

  20. I don’t think there’s any question of summit wanting to make breaking dawn, the only glitch could be the cast. depending on the success of new moon and eclipse, they could be looking at some pricey contracts for the actors.

    • Pricey contracts yes, but you can rest assured Summit would make plenty. They are already so in the black on this series. They only have to worry about extra help in counting the money.

  21. edward4evR says:

    For Pete’s sake, this is absolutely no ripping of the uterus in that book. Anyone with a halfway basic knowledge of human anatomy knows this. I always took it as his own way of rupturing the bag of waters and the placenta, which obviously was tougher than a normal placenta. Still not gross to me. But then, I’ve had 4 kids (including a set of twins) and have been at the point where I’d have let someone with sharp teeth do it if it just me we could get them out of there already. Sigh. Tangent, I know. Anyway, thrilled that BD is for sure!

  22. LaTuaCantante says:

    YAY! Words do no express my excitement πŸ˜€

  23. Ugh. So BD is makeing it into the movies. Well, sometimes bad things happen to good fandoms, I guess.

  24. I don’t see why BD would be rated R. It’s more mature than the other books but still very vague. If they were actually staying true to the book they would do the movie in a vague way aswell. After all, if it was rated R Stephenie wouldn’t even be able to see it!

  25. Julie M. says:

    I dont’ care what it’s rated, I’m just glad they will be making it!

  26. there will be plenty of adult viewers for the movie to be rated R!!!!!!

  27. AlbertaJenn says:

    I think that “all encompassing” might be a better way of thinking of the PG-13 rating. That’s why many franchises choose that rating: so that as many different people will be able to watch their films as possible.

    Plus, I don’t think that they would want to offend Steph by making a movie that she wouldn’t be comfortable with. And something rated “R” wouldn’t really be her cup of tea, I think.

  28. That’s great news! I just hope I’ll be allowed to watch it.

  29. Here we go again… We had this same discussion some threads back and it did not go very well….

    Look, IF they rate it R it only means that under 18 needs an adult present. Are you kids telling me you can’t get an 18+ person to see it with you???

  30. Another person pointed out a while back that if it was rated R Stephanie would see it because it would not be a ‘bad’ R. She knows what to expect…

    She wrote the book!!! If it ends up PG13 or R it is because of what she wrote!

  31. Okay, I really do not understand why so many people insist that Breaking Dawn should be rated “R”, and that it will suck and/or butcher the book if it is rated PG-13. I did not think that Breaking Dawn the book was rated “R”. There was NO explicit content whatsoever; Stephenie did not describe anything in graphic detail…it basically just faded to black, and I’ve seen PG-13 movies get away with far worse than that.

    If Breaking Dawn were to be rated R, I think– as movies tend to do– everything would be exaggerated and the studio would take advantage of the more mature rating, upping the blood and gore and sex scenes. And that would totally and completely ruin the movie. The Twilight saga was not meant to have “mature” content that would be too graphic or inappropriate for a PG-13 rating. Breaking Dawn would be JUST FINE without the “R” rated sex and gore, thank you very much.

    *end rant* sorry, just had to get that out. xD

    • I don’t know if you are referring to me? I do not care if they rate it R or not, but only pointing out to people that it is not the end of the world if they do rate it R. I’m sure it would not be over gory or sensationalized or anything that the book is NOT about.

      The kids can find someone 18+ up to take them if they want to go bad enough.

      It is what it is. I will see it regardless.

    • AlbertaJenn says:

      *2 thumbs up* I agree 100%! You actually presented it better than I could have. Great job!

  32. Yay!! Breaking Dawn! Please give us a fantastic script and pay the cast whatever they want. Make it a 2 1/2 hr movie. The fans will sit through it. As for the rating, they’ll push the envelope on PG13 probably with the option of a “director’s cut” on the DVD. Summit is not run by fools….they know the wide age range of their fanbase and they know we’d pay extra to see what all the other movies have been leading up to.

  33. Yay! I’m so glad that there’s going to be a fourth movie. They need to finish what they’ve started.
    It might be rated R, though….

  34. i wouldn’t be worried about ratings, i’m sure it wouldn’t even get more than a pg13. just look at harry potter. the 5th movie got a pg13 and the 6th is only pg and it still has fighting and darkness in it. it won’t be a problem.

    but i would have to agree that they split it into 2 movies. it’s too long for it to be done justice in one movie.

    • I agree! There will be so much editing to fit it into one movie!

      Stephanie said once that she thought it should be two movies also… or edited really good.

      Then again, there is a lot of dragging out at times though, like the build up to the big fight which seemed to go on forever, but we will see!

      • Star Wars says:

        I also agree, I mean look what happend to Harry Potter 5, I don’t know if any of you read it, but the movie was ridiculus! It would have been better as 2 movies!I hope they make Breaking Dawn two movies!

      • Star Wars says:

        Jane, your points are valid, and I agree with most of them!

  35. I really doubt it would need to be rated R. There are some seriously gory PG13 movies. It is only the gore that we are worried about making it “R” right? There’s no swearing or nudity in the book. I doubt it would need to be much more gory than The Sixth Sense, and the was PG13. Anywho, I am really happy that they are making Breaking Dawn. I don’t know anyone who isn’t at least 18 who is a Twilight fan, and I know TONS of Twihards!!!

  36. I still say that besides the honeymoon and maybe the birth(blah) it was rather dull. Good luck to all of them (especially the ones writing the script and the director) who are entering in this venture…

  37. Wow!! Yay!! I wonder what the movie’s going to be rated. Hopefully it’s PG-13 so i can see it in theaters. there’ll be protests if its rated R though lol

  38. Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

    i really want breaking dawn!! renesmee and jacob!!

  39. i think BD like someone else said wont be made for teens but it will be made for todays teens and by the time it comes out we will be like 19 to 20 but i could be wrong.

  40. Janelle says:

    it will probably be rated R, but by then i will be old enough to see it eeeeep i cant wait!!!!!!!

  41. I’m wondering why everyone’s freaking over this ratings stuff. I mean seriously, 1) the producers want this flick pg13 and under, otherwise they lose their core audience. 2) r ratings have a lot to do with blood (circumstance/amount/what have you), but since much of the ‘gore’ is not exactly violent (though childbirth does seem rather violent) I think bd will slip under the radar. as for the s-e-x, well, they’ll just fade to black.

  42. BD will be the hardest to film (maybe this explains the delay in getting a script done) not only are they going to have to work out what to do with Nessie whos needs to be the size of 3yr old who talks,reads,jumps around and with a full set of sparkly white teeth!cgi? They also need to stay as close to the book as possible but keep it clean enough for their target audience(which is 10-100!) But I think when it comes to the rated part they will just show them kissing and then fade out, the younger fans will be happy with that and the older fans will know whats going to happen next and will also be happy! As long as we get a good shot of Rob/Edward half dressed thats all matters really people!! lol!!!

  43. ..Me again,Also they have to hurry up with BD because vampires/wolfes dont age! If they dont make it till say..2011? Then taylor will be nearing his 20’s, I dont see this as a problem (he’s worked so hard to stay in the saga) but other fans might.

  44. Ill fear lynching for writing this but.. Any conformation that BD could be turned into a movie is bad news. I just dont think it would translate well to film.

  45. Shannon4Twilight says:

    i dont think this movie could be “R rated” or whatever it is in America coz it doesnt actually tell you about themhaving sex in the book…she is only naked so all they need to do is put underwear on her…but New Moon is already a 15 here(UK) so i hear…but i dno…

  46. Oh no..
    Breaking Dawn is..lame..
    The movies should be kept as a trilogy, I dont think they should make breaking dawn.
    One reason being the book has no plot, apart from the baby, thats basically it & its not worth making it unless they put a battle in at the end, which stephenie meyer didnt..

    yeah, i dont think they should make breaking dawn.

    • yeah but if they dont make BD then they would never show Bella becoming a vampire which she starts asking for in the 2nd book and there wouldnt be a wedding which edward proposes in the second book as well. They kinda need to do it or the saga will feel uncompleted.

      • i agree that it wont feel complete unless they make all four books into a movie… and if they did make a battle at the end of BD then it would make alot of people very angry for changing to book so much. also, its not like it would be such a catastrophe if the BD movie didnt give the book justice. movies usually never do anyways.. and i really didnt care for the Twilight movie. it just seemed like a lot of bad acting.

  47. RobertMarryMe says:

    well, i dont think it will because its not like it goes in to detail how they do it and stuff. it just stops talking about it right before so i don’t think it will be R rated. There are plenty of PG 13 movies with sexual contact in them.

  48. OMG! i think it’s going to be rated “R” i can’t wait to see who plays Renesme! THEY BETETR NOT MESS THAT UP!

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