Lana Veenker’s Twilight Poster Contest

Lana Veenker is asking for fan input for a contest to win actor signed posters.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lana, she was involved in the Twilight casting. She’s based in the Portland area and gives seminars and classes on breaking into ‘the business”.


  1. Something more creative than a writting contest! Some people suck majorly at writting so we never win! Maybe a cool video competition…that sounds fun.

  2. Yes, i agree, the fan made trailers are the bomb! look on youtube if you haven’t seen them already.
    Isle Esme is my favorite but there are several New
    Moon ones that really rock. This of course lets me out again because I don’t do trailers but…could you do a plain ol pull a name out of a hat one on the side? lol

  3. I would love a writing contest. I really love Twilight and I would absolutely love this so much. I never would image getting something so amazing so having a chance at winning it and it would – for me, be beyond fantastic. So I’m in favor of a writing contest. But the fans are all wonderful and I think that they all should have their vote, but Lana of course should decide. And I also want to say thanks Lana for making a contest for this awesome prize!!!

    One thing I want to add is that I’m a Twi-Guy and I hope that the competition can be equally open to both guys and girls. And Twilight really helped me out of a dark time, do just talking about it is great. I want to add though YouTube video entries isn’t fair to everyone like me. I don’t have a video camera and can’t afford one. I also don’t have any friend to borrow one from. So please consider this as well. Thank you so much Lana.
    – Keith
    18 years

    • OOOH TWI-_GUY, Glade to hear you are in a better place now.I am sure you would write a great essay!! have a great night and remember “we could all use a little help”. just love how to be!!!Be safe and happy twifriend..

  4. Carolina says:

    I would go with the writing contest. A lot of people (like me) don’t have all that fancy video making software.

  5. Hi, I agree with everyone that a video competition wouldn’t be fair to all. It’s obvious everyone has a computer so they can at least submit some kind of written material. Whatever the contest does consist of, I’d really like to enter. I would love to win this poster! Also, does anyone know how we could get a copy of the New Moon movie poster that just came out?

  6. I’m just taking a shot in the dark and I may be off but just in case. The thought came to me today that the contest might actually be coming up with a contest. Lana is incredibly intelligent and want’s someone worthy. Maybe this is the competition right now! Maybe not. But if it is, I say – People should write a 500 word, double spaced essay on why young are reading more now than before because of ‘Twilight’. It’s a good topic to discuss and think about and it get’s your brain going, plus it’s a good question. Why have only a few books like Twilight or Harry Potter inspired young readers? What is it about these books that makes them different and better than the rest? Or more appealing to us.
    The fact that Lana gives classes on ‘getting into the business’ and works with casting shows how smart and crafty she is. It may be a puzzler to win the great prize that is truly incredible. Sorry for posting twice Lana. But I appreciate it and I hope to have a chance at winning, whether this be a trick question of sorts or not. I promise to try my best and wish you the best of luck.

    – Keith
    The same Twi-Guy from before 🙂

  7. how bout something REALLY creative? like having people dress up like the characters and take out a camera and film different scenes? i don’t really know, but i’m sure you’ll think of something. whatever it is, i’d LOVE to enter. i admit it: Twilight is my obsession :]

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