New Moon Twitter and Facebook Roundup

First up Michael Sheen wins for the funniest comments:

“Met Stephenie yesterday on the set. She was charming and enthusiastic and very positive. Keep forgetting how freaky i look with my red eyes”

i think Dakota may look the most unsettling though. So angelic yet so weird. As Jane that is of course. like an evil red riding hood.”

Melissa Rosenberg, who the other day spoke about David Slade, now talks about Chris Weitz:

“Writing from the set of New Moon, a ridiculously happy place to be. Everyone is having a gas. Especially me. You’d expect at least one person to be snarky after working so hard for so long but I haven’t heard a single sour note.

Chris Weitz is the zen ringmaster doing a fantastic job. The Volturi look amaaaazing. Michael Sheen embodies Aro so completely, elevating the role to a whole new level. Dakota as Jane knocks me out. Rob and Kristen are gorgeous of course and and and… I probably shouldn’t gush so much, no one will believe that everything is perfect but it is!”


  1. Melisa says:

    If Dakota is unsettling Michael Sheen, then we’re in for one brilliant performance from her.

    Melissa seems to be blogging it up a lot later. I don’t recall her doing it this much or even at all for Twilight.

  2. uhh!!!!!!! i cnt find her on twitter! will someone lk give me the link or something???

  3. morg – melissa is on facebook. michael is on twitter.

  4. Julie M. says:

    I love knowing that Stephenie is on the set.

  5. Twiligher14 says:

    sweet but what are the pictures of? I can’t see them. 🙁

  6. Wow!! That is awesome!!! I am way excited for the Movie.. I know that it will be amazing.. Just looking at the Cast Pictures for the Volturi and the Wolf Pack.. They really did a great job casting.. I am sure that Stephenie is so blown away by these characters coming to life!!

  7. i would love to see some pictures of them in costume…. maybe just the face and eyes to get a glimpse of what is to come….. I’m hopefully Steph might post some if Michael doesnt

  8. hoping*

  9. Woohoo! Such exciting news! Makes me happy to know everything is going well. 🙂

  10. I’m so excited about “New Moon”. I think it’s going to be way better than “Twilight”, if I dare say so.

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