Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz Ham It Up

Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz reenacted some of Twilight for the crowd at the Creation Entertainment convention this past weekend, only Peter played Bella and Kellan played Edward. TY to Sita.

EDITED: Via Twi-crack you can also now find out what exactly Peter was whispering in Rob’s during the transformation scene.


  1. ROFL, that was great! I love how they’re so natural and down-to-earth and fun.

  2. Hmmm I may be over sensitive but Robert has never made fun of or ever said anything other then something comlimentary about his cast mates. I know it’s all in good fun; but I feel bad for Rob. He did run and swam very well in HP’s Goblet of Fire. He didn’t look goofy as Kellan portrayed him. Sorry.

    • You’re definitely right about that– Rob’s been very professional regarding his castmates (if nothing else…) hmm.. i wonder why he tends to be the butt of the joke most of the time? if anything, he insults himself, but never anyone else. come to think of it, i actually got the impression, way back with Twilight Tuesdays on MTV. com that Rob was kind of an outsider during filming. You’d think they’d be nicer.
      idk. prob. just being overly sensitive like u said…

      • Brooke_Black says:

        Well, the guys on set are really close. Kellan even said that Rob was like his little brother. And what do big brothers do to their little brothers? Make fun of them lol

    • it seems like they have a lot of fun lol

      • I think Rob is just the type of person that has a kind heart and looks to himself first when it comes to finding fault. He certainly doesn’t like drawing attention to himself and could never be considered a show-off. No indeed, he’s not show-ff material.

    • I’m a big Rob fan too, but I don’t think they meant it personally. I’m a very sarcastic person and all my friends and I do is make fun of eachother all the time! I think this is funny. I doubt Rob is offended by it.

  3. No Hollywood snobbery there!!! Gotta love it!

  4. I adore all of these guys…wish they were my friends…They are so cool and down to earth as well…love you all

  5. Meghan says:

    That is soo funny! LOL literally. Those guys just love their job and it’s so great to see!!

  6. LOL! Kellan giving Peter a piggy back ride! xD

  7. Oh I can’t wait to meet them! 🙂 @ Twicon!

  8. Ha ha, love them hamming it up… but Lex, I’m sad… I originally posted about the whispering in twilight and I emailed you… 🙁 I’m know I’m just one of the little guys…

    • Twilight_News says:

      Sorry but we caught Twicrack’s Twitter before we caught your email. That’s why we credited TwiCrack.

  9. Rosmelie says:

    OMG hilarious. This just made my day!

  10. Minaminx says:

    that was so funny!!!

  11. LMAO. I love Kellen! And Peter. I wasn’t keen on the latter at first but he really has won my heart.

  12. vampbball says:

    :0D As to why the Rob is the self-deprecating butt of all jokes, I think it’s a British vs. American thing. Stereotypically, Americans are more happy-go-lucky, and I think Rob’s happy to play the serious, dorky, outsider role.

  13. LOL! Who was the guy following him? His body guard? LOL!

  14. Peter and Kellan aswell as ashley and rachelle are definatley my favourite cast members, they’re actually interested in amusing the fans and really care, sometime I don’t get that vibe of kristen and rob…

  15. That was funny. They always have Kellen do Rob’s run. I’d like to see it in person some time. Kellen or Rob…doesn’t matter.

  16. CaliMum says:

    It was so funny to see the bodyguard chasing after Kellan. He was actually a very nice guy (he was wearing a Pooh tie). It was too bad that Ashley wasn’t able to be there, but Edi was so much fun, especially while the three vampires were onstage. Thanks for posting the clip!

  17. Holy hell that was HILARIOUS!!

    I wondered the same thing about that guy following him (who was he?)… it must have been someone in security but it just made it even funnier. Poor body guard, LOL.

  18. Twiligher14 says:

    ok so i love rob and kellan! kellan is hilarious and i love him he’s rly hott!! haha. that was rly funny!!

  19. As much as I love Kellan, I sort of cringe every time he does this. I think while it’s meant in good fun, it’s sort of mean.

    Rob never disses anyone and they seem to revel in making fun of him. I guess because Rob’s gotten so much attention from the press and the public, he’s “IT guy” to talk about.

    It bothers me, though. With a crappy Edward and without Rob, I’m not sure they would all be coming back for more movies. I just hope they respect what he’s accomplished.

  20. Peggasiss3 says:

    I think that was funny. You know they wernt being mean to Rob all castmates make fun of each other on or off tv you just dont see it. so to all that hated it sorry your just going to have to live with it.

  21. I love this video it cracked me up. I love seeing the cast members having fun and enjoying the ride while they’re on it. They all seem like nice down to earth people.

  22. Kellan-Lutz-Luver-a.k.a.-Tay says:

    Kellan Is amazing!!! I love how he’s so lighthearted and everything. His britishg accent was really adorable too. XD

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