Kellan Lutz On Italy and David Slade

Also of note in the video is that Kellan addresses fake Twitters and states that he doesn’t have one for fans. For weeks we’ve been seeing fans sucked in on various accounts on Twitter where they are thinking they are talking to the real Kellan Lutz. One is actually a pretty good fake that tweets with a pretty creative fake Ashley Greene account. How do we know they are fake? Tweeting while the real Ashley was physically on planes, on stage at a charity presentation, and the fake Ashley account falsely stating that real Ashley doesn’t have an MySpace when in fact she does.

To date the only two members of the Twilight Saga movies who have accounts that they use to speak to fans with are Jamie Campbell Bower and Michael Sheen.

Edited: Interesting how immediately after this footage was released that the fake Ashley account suddenly was deleted.


  1. sheila says:

    Nice to see Kellan without his hat. He has a nice head of blonde hair! 🙂

  2. Kellan did a graceful job at that… wish i could bum a ride and board to Italy…

  3. Gisselle says:

    This account have been twitting the entire afternoon. I’ve been following….can anyone tell me if this is the fake Ashley account mentioned is the post?

    • Twilight_News says:

      Yep that would be the one. Amazing now that it’s been busted, she’s suddenly tweeting this:

      “I’m deleting this I just don’t have much time and I can’t write back to all you amazing ppl so what’s the point?8 minutes ago from TwitterBerry”

      Also of note is that this account almost always posts via Twitterberry and in paparazzi shot that have Ashley on a phone, the phone is not a Blackberry

    • Twilight_News says:

      Interesting how immediately after this footage was released that the fake Ashley account that had been non-stop Tweeting with a fake Kellan account suddenly contradicted itself saying that Kellan didn’t have a Twitter and decided to delete the account.

      Too bad we screen capped it all.

      • Gisselle says:

        Thank you very much. I got that account from a fellow twitter and I’ve been following. It was strange that she was twitting so know…for someone who is very busy with the movie etc…. but I have to admit at some point she was very convincing.

        You guys are the CNN of the Twilight world…the must trusted name in twilight news. Thank you for the hard work of keeping on informed with reliable information!
        God bless you!

        • Gisselle says:

          I wonder if this Kristen Stewart page is also fake:

          She claims to have an official my space that is actually not the one I have as a friend in myspace. I wonder wich one is the real one…if she really has a real my space. I don’t know guys..there are a lot of fake people…one thing I find strange about this account is that it always write from the web even when it claims that Rob stole her phone etc…I don’t think Kristen has that much time to be twitting from a computer with all the work in NM.

          If anyone knows something please let me know.

          • Julie M. says:

            I don’t think she has an account. If she did have one, the Lex would tell us. And they have repeatedly said those accounts are fake.

  4. safina says:

    Well,Kellan made me a little more hopeful about David Slade.I don’t tweet(which may sound silly),so it doesn’t matter to me if any of the Twilight cast members have a twitter or not.

    Moving onto Italy, I can’t wait until the shooting starts there.

  5. ScarletRubie says:

    i have a twitter that i don’t use, I’m kinda stalking in a way because i only follow (i don’t actually tweet) Ashton K (i added him so he would beat CNN) and like 4 other accounts but i never get on or ever update. I forget. I can’t wait until shooting in Italy starts, November seems ages away!

  6. mschicklet says:

    LOL Kellan couldn’t have provided a worse answer about the David Slade thing. You could tell he was nervous. Poor guy being put on the spot like that. I think he just has very little info to go off of and until he really works w/ David he won’t be able to give us much….

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  8. Actually Justin Chon also has a Twitter.

    he announced it on his official myspace

  9. di*cullen says:

    yea it was heaps awkward…obviously he didn’t know anything about the whole rumor, so he had to answer in a way that wouldn’t cause problems…

  10. Julie M. says:

    That reporter/journalist, whatever she is, asked a really dumb question. What did she expect him to say. And yes, his answer was very diplomatic. Why do reporters ask such questions?

  11. That question! Jeez. Oh well, he handled it as gracefully as he could. He’s still as adorable as ever!

  12. nicole says:

    so this one is a faker?

    • Yes it’s a fake…none of the cast members have a twitter except JCB and MS as listed in the post. Some of the fake ones are pretty good and pretending but yes they are all fake!

  13. Cassie says:

    There’s photos on film magic of Christian Serratos at the Nylon party too.

  14. I love me some Kellan.
    Its obvious by his answer. he didn’t realy know what was going on, though very professional and diplomatic. Its pathetic he even had to answer that question.
    Well its cool that he will be going to Italy. Maybe some of the twi-hard flying across the ocean will spot him touring the city. I know you guys will be looking for him. 😉

  15. He was really put into a difficult position and handled it with grace.

  16. Don’t believe everything you hear.
    It was also stated a while back that none of them even have a twitter and WHO CARES!

  17. guys why cant kellan just pay 4 his own room???Im sure he has enough money….I guess he will harass robert (thats ok i think rob.needs some fun)LOLOL

  18. Doesn’t Jackson have a twitter page too? Cause there is one I found the other day which is used quite a lot by the looks of it. Although he is following 2 ‘Rob’ pages, and Ashley and Kristen, so I guess it his was real, he would spot the other fakes a mile away. Hmm…How are you meant to tell which are real and which are fake?

    • I saw the Jackson twitter page too. It is convincing! And whoever it is knew about the weird Ashley/Kellan twittering very soon after it happened yesterday…

      Jrathbne Yes. Most of the Twilight cast is Getting rid of their twitters. It is true. I am not getting rid of mine though. about 21 hours ago from web

      Jrathbne Kellan and Ashley. They have alot of weird reasons but they are going (MAYBE) to make another one soon. about 21 hours ago from web