Robert Pattinson and Summit Team Up Again

According to Screen Daily, Robert Pattinson has signed on board with another Summit project that is slated to be shot in New York City just prior to Eclispe.

“Summit Entertainment is presenting four new titles to buyers at Cannes this year including two new Summit productions – a romantic drama starring Twilight sensation Robert Pattinson and a generational love story set in Italy starring Amanda Seyfried.”

The Pattinson Anonymous site has some additional insight into the script. Check out their report here.


  1. A romantic drama. Hmm. I know Rob has the range for all sorts of parts, but I am selfish enough to say I’m glad he will be in another drama. But, how on earth will he squeeze in another film before Eclipse?

    Can’t wait for more info on this one.

    • Most Indie films don’t take that long to film. Cadillac Records was done in a month. But, you’re right. I was wondering that as well because time seems to be against them.

  2. Im sure this will be a great film but i like rob in more dramatic,quirky roles…I cant wait to see him in little ashes or how to be…Has anyone seen the trailer for the haunted airman looks great?…

  3. SMILE222 says:

    He’s still growing. I’m looking forward to seeing Little Ashes. The Haunted Airman was very moving. I think he was convincing and believable. Wonder rest of the cast as well.

  4. CarGonza says:

    How fortuitous! I just so happen to be in NYC in June and July. Romantic dramas aren’t really my thing, but I’m down for some immature Pattsy stalkin’!

    • CarGonza, i live outside of the city and i was just telling my sister the same thing…..i know its silly…would love to see him out though in new york at a bar…should get 2gether lololol..

  5. Boy, I bet Amanda is ecstatic! LOL!

  6. Great! I can’t wait to see I love drama.

  7. I just hope Robert approves of the script because from what I’ve read/seen from his interviews, he’s very particular with the scripts.

  8. MariposaAlice says:

    I literally just fainted. Very very literally. Because I live in Southern Connecticut – one train right from NYC (which I know like the back of my hand). And, I’ll be damned if I don’t see Rob in that time frame. Everyday. All I can say is – Hallelujah! @_@

  9. Bella Cullen/Kristen Pattinson says:

    i don’t want him to do movies with a different pair..i want kristen stewart!!!!!!!!!!!!
    amanda would be okay but dont pair him w/ camilla belle or i’ll go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
    rob and kristen forever!!!

  10. Cargonza and Maripoisa,listen girls we should all get together and form a group 2 find r.pattz.We will were badges that state in “search of rob p.hes wanted for the crime of being dashling handsome and driving girls into htysterics, he will pay 4 such a hanius crime”.We will get him IN new york girls are you w/me and boys to, for that matter its new york after all …..LOLLOL…

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