Jamie Campbell Bower Tweeting Away

Unlike other Twilight Saga stars, Jamie Campbell Bower has a Twitter that he uses for fans, and he has been Tweeting an awful lot today.

So, if you want to catch Jamie and is band, they have an upcoming gig at the Bullet Bar in Camden. Check out the MySpace for the band The Darling Buds for details.

Apparently according to his latest Tweet, he’s in a bit of a bind…literally.

Follow Jamie on Twitter here.

Also the Cullen Boys Blog has been following Michael Sheen who also has a Twitter.


  1. Twilighter14 says:

    ok…….thats odd! lol

  2. Twilighter14 says:

    but i cant wait for new moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. FilDeCuivre says:

    Even Michael Sheen’s Twitter has the link for the fake lawsuit article!

  4. You know I always thought guys named Jamie were wierd. And the name too.

  5. NuttyNetty says:

    lol i am sooooo following this guy 😀 i think he’s cool and love his voice… but that joanna song is ANNOYING! hahaha it got stuck in my head… and it’s like the only song he sang the whole movie xD anyway he’s cool with me =]

  6. Cool I have been wondering witch Twilights stars have Twitters

  7. SparklesorSpaceheater says:

    but I know at least 3 other stars who have them too…and they aren’t fake…they’re the REAL Kristen, Rob, and Nikki…

    • I don’t think Rob has a twitter account. I remember them saying he doesn’t have Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace.

      I thought it was Kellan that had a twitter account. I went to it but it was protected.

  8. O can someone Please give me a link to Robs, Kristens, and Nikkis profile on Twitter

  9. Taylor also have a twitter

  10. I dont think Kristen and Rob have a Twitter…I know Kristen has said in several interviews that she doesn’t but I know Ashley Green and Kellan Lutz do….

    I know it is them because Ashley posts pictures of her driving and how can you fake that!
    Kellan’s was protected…he added me then he tried to add too many people at once and he got blocked from the site so he make the new one that I linked above.

  11. lmao. Jamie seems hilariously cool.

  12. michelle says:

    i don’t know if its his real one but i found http://www.twitter.com/iamedigathegi

  13. Actually, it’s looking more and more like http://twitter.com/michaelsheen is a fake. However, http://twitter.com/michaelsheen1 has provided a picture for his profile that seems to back up his claim as being the real Michael Sheen.

  14. Emmett'sGirl says:

    is it true he smokes??? omg, if he does, i’m gonna be SOOOO pissed!!! i love him! he was amazing in sweeney todd!!! awesome singer!!!!
    –EG O_o

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