InStyle’s Twilight Hair Breakdown

InStyle has got teh scoop on all the products and techniques used to transform the Twilgiht cast’s hair.

“The first step in getting Pattinson and Stewart to resemble their characters Edward and Bella was a hair transformation. “Both of their hair colors were from a previous film and needed to be corrected for their Twilight roles,” says Mary Ann Valdes, the movie’s department head hairstylist. To get the right shade, she had the actors try on wigs and when the color was decided on, she sent them to Beverly Hills salon owner Stuart Gavert (with the help of co-colorist Jonathan Castellanos) take care of the coloring.”

Check out the full story here. TY to Kaila


  1. Personally, I am amazed at this story. Rob’s hair was miles off the mark. I’m talking color. The recent photos from the New Moon set show him with bronze hair, as it should be. There is a world of difference. I only remember one shot in all of Twilight where his hair looked other than dark brown. Not that he didn’t look good, just not accurate.

    Nikki and Ashley’s hair both were off too. Who made these decisions? The hairstylist or Catherine?

    • They’ve a better budget for New Moon, so makeup/hair/stunts/etc will be improved ^____^ and of corse Jacob’s wig… cause it was TERRIBLE in ‘Twilight’ lol

    • .Insomnia says

      Kristen’s hair piece in Twilight totally bugged me. Every time she came on my eyes just went straight for her hair. You could clearly see the color difference with her hair and the fake her. Seems like they didn’t even bother getting the hair piece to match the color of her real hair. The most visible scene was at the hospital, when Bella confronts Edward. Is it suppose to be like that? I hope they fix that in New Moon. It’s just a minor detail that totally distracted me through the movie.

      *Please fix.

    • You have to take into consideration that Twilight was shot through a blue lens, changing what the color looked like

  2. Nightswimming says

    I think it’s funny that they credit the production for the color choices and not the book!

  3. Ok there were so many errors and stupid comments in this article on the hair. First off, as already mentioned, the hair was HORRIBLE on Rosalie, Robert, and Ashley. And Taylor’s wig was so obviously fake.

    Secondly, the said Taylor was a so-cal native. LULZ. He’s born and raised in Michigan you idiots!!!

    And when the hair stylist was talking about how the director didn’t want them to have black hair like traditional vampires…. um HI stupid, they COULDN’T because it was very obviously NOT that way in the books.

    I mean seriously, did the hair and makeup people even READ the books for the first movie? They should have at least read Twilight because of the descriptions Stephenie Meyer created for the characters.

    Anyway… I’m glad the hair looks much better for “New Moon” so far. That “In Style” piece was a joke. They’re just trying to cash in on the Twilight cash cow with irresponsible reporting and false facts.

  4. I think its kind of weird that they both have the same hair color (Rob and Kristen). I mean they look like they could be related! But they both look great regardless.

    BTW- I just read this article about how Cam (aka James) and his gf just had a baby girl! I didn’t even know they were expecting! Congrats! 🙂

  5. Wow, as mentioned above that article had a ton of inaccuracies. The author clearly never read the book.

    And let’s hope the hair’s better in New Moon. Seriously, what were they thinking with Jasper, anyway?

    The actors’ hair already looks loads better from the set pics that I’ve seen.

  6. WannabeMrsCullen says

    I know it all looks so much better!:)

  7. i personally think that ashley’s/alice’s hair was adorable. i know that in the book, she had black hair, but i really like it and i think it looks good on her

  8. B.O.B. Back Off Bella says

    Seriously people! i couldn’t tell the difference between bella’s real and fake hair! The production crew were on a tight budget and they did amazing give them a break! Not everything can be perfect…

  9. there are many hair colors out there but i alway prefere blondes`’,

  10. i really like to color my hair and i would love to try different hair colors specially auburn ;*’

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