Fun and Games With Twilight

There’s a Twilight Quiz over on How Well Do You Know. Currently the easy version is up. They are promising a much harder and advanced  version on Sunday.

If you’re a Scene It fan, a Twilight Scene It is in the works.

The game features, “…clips, questions and puzzlers from the highly successful Twilight franchise and includes content from New Moon! From the Twilight-themed puzzles to the customized mini-games and bonus activities, Scene It? Twilight Edition will immerse players in the Twilight saga and is sure to resonate with fans of all ages. Game includes game DVD, 4x collectible metal tokens, 150x trivia cards, 30 fate cards, 1x 6-sided die, 1x 8-sided die, and instruction sheet.”

TY to Twilighters Anonymous for the detective work on this one.

Intoxicated Twilight has a great costume contest going on with an awesome prize pack:

  1. 1 Twilight 2 disc DVD (NTSC DVD, for North American players only)
  2. 1 Twilight Soundtrack
  3. 1 Twilight P-1 Trading Card
  4. 1 Twilight Special Edition Wal-Mart Gift Card (no money loaded)
  5. 1 8×10 Bella Glossy Promo Photo
  6. 1 8×10 Edward Glossy Promo Photo
  7. 1 Twilight 2009/2010 Poster Calendar
  8. 1 set of How to Be promotional cards
  9. 1 Robert Pattinson: Eternally Yours book
  10. 1 Director’s Notebook

Need more Edward and Bella? Well they are now available for order at Hot Topic.

Wonder if Lauren’s Bite will get Pocket Edward a friend?

Twilight UK has an upcoming contest to celebrate the UK DVD launch.

1 Twilight poster signed by Rob and Kristen

2 Twilight Posters (HUGE) signed by Rob, Kristen and the lovely Catherine Hardwicke

1 Baseball signed by Kristen and Catherine


5 Twilight DVDs (this is the UK version, which contains UK Premiere footage exclusive to the UK, UK Theatrical Trailer and UK Theatrical TV spots)

Check out their site for details.


  1. wackness

  2. annie.ohhhhyes says:

    Pocket Edward already has an official Pocket Bella on Twitter. And I’m pretty sure PB will get a tumblr and whatnot.

  3. Amy Darlene says:

    ok… i got 1 question wrong…and i’m kicking myself… i never paid attention to what it was rated. and i was sooo torn for some questions… like where does Edward kiss bella first… just outside the meadow in the book…

    random: i wonder if they are going to cut out the Bella searching for the meadow with Jabob scenes in the movie… for in the movie it’s right next to the school… it wouldn’t make sense to have to look for it …. i guess she’s just going to wander by herself….but then that means Laurent is going to be near the school *eeks*

  4. lol wow.. this is kinda cool. but really? *sighh* it will never enddd!

  5. R Cullen (for edward only) says:

    guyzz…do th HOw Well DO You Know Twight quizz thing….i is soooo koool
    i got 25..ha
    i no everthing
    shame (just kidding)
    really try it
    it is really kool

  6. wait, so the costume contest one, you’re suppose to send a pic? cause it doesn’t specifically say “attach with a photo” or just fill out the form?
    ahhh! im confused.

  7. therealmrswhitlock says:

    Well, obviously the person who created the quiz never read the books, or forgot to mention that this quiz was from the movie, because the actual name of the beach was First Beach, which wasn’t even a choice. La Push is the name of the reservation that the beach was on.

  8. Devon061381 says:

    Ummmm…I am soooo all over that Scene It when it comes out. I looooove Scene It!!

  9. Rachel M. says:

    Totally gonna get the Twilight Scene It, if I can find it.

    And the Twilight quiz was too easy! Bring on the harder stuff! (And some of the answer choices were ridiculous. Underwater Basket Weaving as a class? Seriously.)

  10. My score on the “How well do you know” quiz is 23,35.I wonder where I got wrong.There were two or three questions I wasn’t sure about.

  11. Julie M. says:

    The Twilight Scene it is going to be awesome! Can’t wait to get it.

  12. 1. I cannot wait for Twilight Scene It! I have like every one. I will be first to get it and play with my sisters.

    2. I am SO getting the Edward and Bella collector set. I also have to get a new Edward. My figure’s packaging got smashed and dented….

    3. That quiz was so easy. I missed one though: Where was their first kiss. I said the meadow because thats where is was in the book (well, outside it) and thats what the answer was at the hot topic DVD release party I went to. I have to go watch Twilight for the 6th time to be sure….
    Can’t wait to see the hard version!

  13. How does somebody know they had the first pocket Edward?

  14. chritina says:

    i agree that the quiz was too easy(got them all right), and the beach was called “first beach.”

  15. PninaLovesTwilight says:

    When does the scene it come out?!?!

  16. haha, twilight scene it! awesome

  17. gralice says:

    omj{oh my jacob} twilight scene it would be totally really awesomly ccccoooollll!!!

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