Kristen Stewart Celebrates With the Cast

It seems like Kristen had a much better time at her birthday this year than last year. Last year she got a cake and was treated to a late night filming since she was no longer a minor, she could now work late nights and extended hours.

This year, Kristen and cast members celebrated at Chill Winston, whose site at least has non-annoying and quick-loading flash if you want to check out their menu.

The cast waved to passers-by and signed a few authographs. Even though he’s unidentified in the photo, we’d swear that it’s Sam Bradley in the backseat of rob’s Taxi. Sam’s playing a bunch of gigs in the Vancouver area.


  1. Good for her, I hope she had a great time celebrating her 19th birthday!

  2. SuperVixen says:

    I hope she had a great time! I saw on Twitter and wished her a happy birthday there. In Canada leagal drniking age is 18 right?

  3. The legal drinking age in Canada differs depending on the province. In British Columbia, the legal drinking age is 19.

  4. SuperVixen says:


  5. soozabooza54 says:

    i officially want to eat everything on this menu. YUM!

  6. diannekay says:


  7. Oh to be 19 and in Canada….

  8. in Portugal the legal drinking age is 16

  9. Rosemary says:

    Happiest of birthdays to Kristen Stewart…she couldn’t spend it with better company or in a more beautiful place!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTEN!! You’re awesome 🙂

  11. Twilitex57 says:

    is that robbert pattinson in the front? he looks kinda creepy..

  12. Catherine says:

    yep i definitely thought that was sam bradley. also i think i read this article somewhere else (can’t remember where lol) and it said ‘his friend sam’. In NZ the drinking age is 18

  13. Legal drinking age in Canada is 19 except in Quebec and Alberta (which is 18). I’m unsure of the Territories.

    The rule is, though, if you look under 25, have your ID ready. I’m going on 32 and still get asked for ID lol! :o)


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