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It seems that UK actor, Jamie Campbell Bower, is going to be pretty busy in franchise movies. In fact he’s definitely taking a turn for darker characters after having recently played the hero in Sweeney Todd. It seems that Jamie, according to The Daily Mail, is in negotiations to play the part of Grindlewald in the final two Harry Potter movies. As any Harry Potter fan knows, next to Voldemort, Grindlewald was the most terrifying wizard out there.

Also on tap for UK fans this week is the midnight release of the DVD! the Forbidden Planet store in London sounds like it’s the place to be featuring:

“You can take the forbidden romance of Bella and Edward home early when you come down to the London Megastore to pick up your copy of TWILIGHT on DVD or Blu-Ray. Plus we’ve got goodies and give-aways – and loads of gorgeously dark merchandise just waiting for you to treat yourself… or that forbidden lover of your own! EXCLUSIVE! First 30 purchasers of the Special Edition will receive a DVD sleeve signed by one or more of the cast.

See the Twilight UK site for details.

In case you don’t really want an autograph, but want a bite (no we are not making this up) you can get your DVD bitten over a HMV. We’re a little unclear if it’s an electronic molding of Robert Pattinson’s teeth, or not. If interested talk to the people at HMV.


  1. Im confused about the Harry Potter thing? Isnt one of the last two movies done?

  2. one of the last 2 books is done but they’re splitting the last book into two films because there’s too much going on in the book, so there will b 8 films.

  3. wow. if he gets it, he’ll be really lucky.
    It’s going to be in the 2 famous series…
    hahahaha. But it will be funny how that will turn out
    because in one it’s Caius. Big Part
    and in HP is Grindlewald, that is a Big part in that movie too
    well, GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  4. lirael cullen says

    Grindlewald… thats Dumbledore’s friend right?? Pretty big parts he’s got. hahah Wow that’s awesome, good luck jamie!

  5. Grindlewald would be a gd part for him to get.
    wish i cd get my hands on one of those 30 special dvds but as i live at the other end of the country no such luck i think

  6. Okay, that ‘bite’ I can safely say is one of the most bizarre things I have ever heard!

  7. I thought they’re already halfway of the last two HP movies… hmmm

    wth??? LOL —–> “an electronic molding of Robert Pattinson’s teeth, or not”

  8. OMG he would be amazing as young Grindlewald!!!

  9. O hey I am in London right now and I am on Vacation – WOOO!!! That was a quincidence 🙂

  10. Don’t trust the Daily Mail, biggest bullsh*tters in the history of journalism. Check your sources! From one sensible Twilighter to another. 😉 Trust me, coz I’m British. lol

  11. TwilightFanUK1972 says

    I can’t believe it. I pre-ordered a copy of the DVD through HMV and it’s arrived this morning! I didn’t think they would post it until Monday. I’ve just watched the extras.

    Loved the film at the cinema and then bought the books. I haven’t put them down since. I haven’t read anything else since the beginning of January. This must be about 8/9 time each by now…

  12. MeggieMoo says

    eww i HATED him in Sweeny Todd! he looks like a girl……

  13. Oh wow he is lucky if he gets the harry Potter role as well.

  14. im missing something… what has he got to do with twilight? ive never heard of him before!

  15. …Anyone else notice that he looks very similar to Gaspard Ulliel? Or is that just me?

    Weird… ^^

  16. they havnt started the last 2 movies (book 7) yet, the 6th movie isnt even out yet!

    i think he’ll b good as caius! i thought he was bloody brilliant in sweeny todd. he’s kinda meant to look slightly girlish in it cos he’s meant 2 b all innocent etc. i think he’ll b good as both Caius and Grindlewald!


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