Chapter update

I’ve added Chapter Five: Cheater to the discussion area.  Hop over to the message boards to participate in the conversation about that.  Many thanks to Seraphyn for helping us out on this one.  I also added a bio for Embry Call

In other news, the folks over at Twilight Teez would like to make all of you that are going to E-Prom aware that there will be official E-Prom t-shirts for sale at the event.  These shirts will only be avaliable at the E-Prom and not on their website.  They also have a new Alice t-shirt design for all the Alice fans out there that can be for ladies AND gents!  Cool stuff!


Just adding that The Official E-Prom tee shirts offered by Twilight Teez are going to be cash only, and they are only available at E-Prom the day of E-Prom. So don’t forget to bring money to prom. Their other merchandise, is readily  available for order online and you can use a credit card.





  1. paige thompson!! says:

    ok, so i got my best friend kelly to read twilight and now we have read the entire series (so far) 17 times, counted!! we would pass notes to eachother in history class trying to GUESS what might happen in breaking dawn. We also write things like “i love Edward Cullen” and “I love Jacob black” all over the back of our notebooks. We both love the excellent description of the characters and their actions, it’s so good that you can picture the entire book in your head. we love this book!!! i bet y’all are thinking “obessesed??” and all i say is “just a little!!!”

  2. i have to know his last name tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please
    he is embry call

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