Chapter Twelve – Intruder

Chapter Number: Twelve

Chapter Name: Intruder

Page Numbers: 278-299

Date of Chapter:  March 10th – March 11th

Summary: When Bella hears a scratching sound on her windows she automatically assumes that it is Victoria. She’s relieved, though, when she discovers that it’s Jacob instead. He swings inside her room from a tree in the front yard. The way he arrives through Bella’s window reminds her of Edward’s previous entries, and the reminder bit at her insides.

After a bit of talking, Bella discovers that Jacob came to apologize, but Bella is tired and frustrated so she tries to push him away. Jacob doesn’t budge an inch and Bella lowers her hands, uncomfortable, because they were on the bare skin of his chest. Suddenly overcome with weariness, Bella sways on her feet and Jacob helps her back to her bed.

After further conversation with Jacob, it is clear that he wants to explain something to Bella that he doesn’t seem to have the ability to tell outright. When he tries to simply explain his situation with Bella, something unseen hinders him, and he’s forced to take a more roundabout way of explaining things.  He compares his secret to the Cullens. He says that the secret he’s keeping is similar to the one that Bella’s keeping for them. That it’s not his secret to tell.

Bella gets frustrated that there are more riddles than actual answers.  Jacob is also frustrated with himself, because he can’t just go out and say what he wants to. Then he brings up the first day they met on La Push and the stories that he told her then. But Bella can only remember one of the Quileute legends that were told- the one about vampires.

Jacob then asks if he was the one that told her that the Cullens were vampires, back there on the beach. He asks her if she didn’t know beforehand. Bella is still confused as to why he’s suddenly believing the legends he used to joke about, but she doesn’t say anything to confirm or deny what he was implying. Bella is keeping the Cullen’s secret even then. Jacob then brings up the secret that he’s forced to keep and how tight he’s bound to keep it. Bella doesn’t like the pain she sees on Jacob’s face when he says this. She keeps the Cullens secret out of love, but for Jacob it didn’t appear to be that way. Bella blames Sam for Jacob’s distress.

Bella suggests running away from them, to get free, but Jacob says that it isn’t possible- that there’s no possible way that he can run from it. Before Jacob leaves, he urges Bella to try and figure out what he’s been trying to say. He says for her to call him when she figures it out… but only if she wants to.  He pulls Bella into a bear hug and then walks out the door.

Bella falls to sleep almost immediately. She begins to have a dream that is not the same dream she‘s been having.  In it, she finds Jacob and he tries to pull her into the forest, but she resists him. He urges her to run, and that is when she realizes that she’s had this very same dream once before- the night after she talked about the Quileute legends with Jacob on the beach.

Bella watches the familiar dream play out, and then Jacob falls and begins shaking and transforms into the red-brown wolf she’d seen in the meadow. She screams and wakes herself up. She replays the conversation from the beach over in her head, realizing once and for all that Jacob is a werewolf.
She wonders why she’s having this reaction to her discovery. She didn’t act like this when she found out about Edward. But then again, she knew from the very beginning that Edward was special. Jacob is her friend and it shocks her that he could be anything but human.

Bella then realizes that the La Push “pack” are all werewolves. She gets up suddenly and resolves to drive to La Push immediately. She encounters Charlie in the hall and tells him where she’s going. He warns her about the other murders by wolves that had occurred. Charlie also tells her that there are people headed out to hunt them. Bella sees that he’s dressed like he’s going out to help hunt.
When Charlie leaves, Bella sits down, stunned, and tries to decide if she still wants to go to La Push. Eventually, she decides to go because Jacob is her best friend and she want s to make sure he’s safe from the hunting party. She worries that Jacob and the guys really are responsible for the murders that were going on.

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Charlie Swan

Characters Mentioned: Sam UleyEdward Cullen, Billy Black, Jared, Paul, Embry Call

Places Visited: Bella’s house

Memorable Quotes:
“The part that kills me,” he said abruptly, “is that you already know. I already told you everything!”
~ Jacob to Bella

“I guess I understand why you only remember the one story.”
~Jacob to Bella

”See what I mean about loyalty?” he murmured, even huskier now. “It’s the same for me, only worse. you can’t imagine how tight I’m bound…”
~ Jacob to Bella

“Just in case,” he muttered against my hair, crushing me in a bear hug that about broke my ribs.
“Can’t- breathe!” I gasped. 
~Jacob and Bella

“You aren’t turning into a tree-hugger on me are you?”
~Charlie to Bella

Important Information Learned:
Bella learns that Jacob is a werewolf.

Something was preventing Jacob from telling Bella what he wanted to outright.

A hunting party is being sent out to hunt for the wolves that were supposedly murdering hikers.

Bella thinks that Jacob and the guys are responsible for the murders.

Chapter Leader: Taxi