Chapter Eleven – Complications

Chapter Number:  Eleven

Chapter Name:  Complications

Page Numbers:  218-235 (Hardcover)

Date of Chapter:  March 9 and March 10, 2005

Summary:  Bella and Edward attend science class and both seem to feel an electric current passing between them. They both sit with their arms folded and hands balled up in fists to resist touching each other. 

After science class Bella goes to gym. She is Mike’s partner for a badminton game and does poorly as usual. After the game it is apparent that Jessica has told everyone that Bella and Edward are a couple. Mike makes it clear that he doesn’t like Edward.

When Bella reunites with Edward after class she is furious when she finds out that Edward was basically spying on her via Mike’s thoughts in gym class. When they get into his car, Edward promises not to do anything like that again. Before Edward drops Bella at home he tells her two things 1) the reason she can never watch him hunt is that she might accidentally become his prey because vampires give themselves over to their senses when they hunt, and 2) Friday will be his day to ask her questions.

On Friday, Edward questions Bella every free moment. He gets some surprising answers. Bella’s favorite color is brown because she misses brown. Everything in Forks is too lush and green.  They discover that they both like classical music like Debussey and modern groups (later revealed to be Linkin Park in interviews with Stephenie Meyer).  Most of the questions concern books, but we don’t know the specific questions that were asked.  The most embarrassed Bella gets is when Edward asks her about her favorite gemstone and she answers “topaz”. She admits that it is a recent favorite because it’s the color of Edward’s eyes. The questioning continues after school where they sit in Edward’s car talking for hours in Bella’s driveway. Suddenly, realizing it is now twilight, Edward tells Bella he better get going before Charlie comes home. He first however, describes twilight as the safest part of a vampire’s day.

Just before Edward leaves a car pulls up. It’s Billy and Jacob Black. Edward seems upset by  their presence.  When Bella looks at Billy, she can tell from his expression that he believes the legends of his ancestors that Edward is a vampire.

Characters InvolvedBella Swan, Edward Cullen, Mr. Banner, Coach Clapp, Mike Newton, Charlie Swan, Jacob Black, Billy Black.

Characters MentionedJessica Stanley, Phil Dwyer

Places VisitedForks High School, the Swan home.

Memorable Quotes:
“He looks at you like…like you’re something to eat.” 
~ Mike stating to Bella why he doesn’t like Edward.

“I don’t speak Car and Driver.”
~ Bella asking for clarification on the type of car Rosalie drives.

“I couldn’t sleep.”
~Bella Swan to Edward

“Neither could I.”
~ Edward trying to make light of Bella feeling out of sorts in the morning.

“It was easier to ride with him if I only looked when it was over.”
~Bella describing her reaction to Edward’s driving.

“It’s twilight…It’s the safest time of day for us…The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way…the end of another day, the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable…”
~ Edward describing his feelings as a day ends.

Important Information Learned:
Bella and Edward, according to Bella, seem to have an almost electric like connection.

Edward and Bella both sit the same way during a movie in biology class to avoid touching each other. The electric connection between them happens on consecutives days when movies are shown.

Vampires give themselves over to their senses when they hunt (much like sharks in a feeding frenzy), so it would be dangerous for any humans, regardless who they were, to be around them when they hunt.

Bella’s favorite color is brown because it is warm.

Bella’s favorite gemstone is topaz because it reminds her of Edward’s eye color.

Twilight is the safest time for vampires.

Edward is irritated by Jacob and Billy Black’s presence at Bella’s home.

Billy Black believes the vampire legends of his ancestors.