Kristen Stewart Issues Official Statement Regarding US Weekly Photos

Usually we don’t really cover things like this, but since Kristen Stewart has issued an official statement(it has been verified as authentic) we are. Earlier today US Weekly published photos of Kristen Stewart in a compromising position with her married, Snow White and the Huntsman director(edited: as has he). The statement was given to People Magazine, which we believe is a sister company to US Weekly.

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry,” Stewart said in a statement Wednesday. “


  1. FayeMassenroe says:

    Love Kristen….LOVE ROB. REALLY DISAPPOINTED in Kristen! Its so out of the blue. I think he knew last week because there was a picture of him I think on eating at a mexican restaurant all by himself and he looked a little sad. I came to the Twilight Saga last year with no expectations. I am a HUGE fan now. Twilight is about Edward and Bella and I love THEIR story. Twilight existed before Rob and Kristen. What we see on screen with those two is in part the feelings they have for each other and will show up again in BD Part 2. Kristen’s comment about a momentary lack of good judgement indicates to ME that there was no long going affair…just this one incident. Hopefully. It hurts that Rob is probably so hurt because you can tell he really loves and cares about her. Rupert should be ashamed of himself! He is a complete scoundrel. He has a duty to his wife and for him to just ruthlessly throw that to the wind is very difficult. I can forgive both but I am disappointed ………..I am a FAN of The Twilight Saga books, movies and music first…PERIOD!

  2. Prayers for those who were hurt in this whole mess. May they have the strength and courage to move on and do whatever is right for them. No one should have to deal with the hurt caused by cheating. But please remember that it is up to Rob what he wants to do and what he can deal with, that is his choice. Likewise for Ruperts wife, she must make her own decisions about what is best for her and her children without worrying about people’s judgements.

  3. I will say this, he needs to forgive her, but then move forward with his life. The thing is, his relationship ship with her is everything it is ever going to be, it was in its best phase, young, rich, exciting! If she could not be faithful at its best, what kind of partner will she be when things get tough? Because nothing stays new, fresh, and exciting forever.They both deserve the one they want to hang in there with even when things get hard. She may have been the one for him, but he obviously was not the one for her. Live and learn. Her article I read said she wanted to be F—– over, well words are powerful things, that had to be the most immature article I had ever read out of Hollywood except for those Jersey shore people. Words are powerful things, and nearly always come back to haunt us. I suppose she got her wish. I feel very sorry for them both. I know they must both be blown away at this moment.

    • Wow, your short paragraph speaks volumes! Yes, words have power and I totally agree that we speak things into existence. Guess she got exactly what she wished for. It’s funny ’cause she was always so careful about the things she put out there; well I thought so anyway. And I haven’t read this article personally, but it sounds like she was pretty careless in it. Too bad she was so willing to throw everything she said was important to her out the door without a second thought…..

  4. People wake up she cheated ! AND STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HER !

  5. Brittany says:

    This whole situation is beyond strange. This woman has gone out of her way for 4 years to keep her relationship and her personal life private. I’m sure that has been very difficult to do. Then she drives all over LA in a car with un-tinted windows making out with a married man when she can afford any hotel, private vehicle, disguise etc. that she wants. As if that wasn’t out of character enough, she then issues a very revealing and personal statement to the tabloid that reported the story which professes her love for Rob for the first time ever. That is the very last thing I would have ever expected her to do. I’m thinking there has to be much more to this story of course. I’m not saying she did or didn’t do it. I just think it is extremely strange and out of character behavior for her. Did anyone else notice how she was careful to say “momentary indiscretion”. Its like she is trying to put to bed rumors of a long standing affair. Which of course makes me think there was a long standing affair. The only way that this type of public apology makes any sense is if she was the one who desired the secrecy in their relationship and it was like a total slap in the face to Rob that she didn’t require the same secrecy with a tryst with a married director. In my opinion she must’ve felt that the only way to right that wrong was to publicly apologize to Rob and profess her love for him that way, otherwise she could’ve apologized in person and never responded to the story publicly in that way. With him making a statement verifying the affair she almost had to issue some sort of statement. I just would’ve expected it to be directed to the fans and the media and been much less personal. None of this makes any sense with the movie coming out in less than 4 months. The premier should be very interesting. I doubt Rob will issue any response to this so that should be the first time we see the dynamics between them.

    Thanks to Lexicon for being a class act in all things!!!

  6. Danielle H. says:

    I think if people cheat that usually means there is something wrong or missing in your current relationship. I think that Kristen is smart and trying to act like it was a “momentary indiscretion” is ridiculous. She doesnt seem the type to jump into things haphazardly. I think this has been going on for quite some time. Not to mention she smiles more in those pictures than I have seen her smile in a year. I am not condoning it just saying maybe they should look at their own relationship.

  7. Hellohoudini says:

    Did she make a huge mistake messing with someone elses man? Yep..BUT hes a 42yr old married with children so called director….we dont know what he was telling her “oh my wife doesnt understand me” ” I think your boyfriend treats you like crap” “I love you and I’m leaving my wife”…..yeah she may have broken her boyfriends heart..but he ruined the lives of his wife and their two children…..I hate that it seems like the world is blaming her…..he had a very big part in this….

  8. She’s young and made a mistake. If you are gonna screw up, that’s the time to do it, before you make vow’s to one another. Hope they can work it out.

  9. So nice to see all of you in picture perfect relationships with picture perfect people. Jeez…don’t throw stones at glass houses and don’t judge until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

  10. well, according to Yahoo, Rob packed his bags and left :(

  11. PamelaC says:

    Don’t you wonder if her fellow castmates in Snow White & Huntsman suspected something was going on? Bet Chris Hemsworth’s glad he stayed faithful to his wife………

    Now, every movie that Kristen will be in, each and every director’s wife will be cringing to hear that their husbands cast Kristen in the movie. They’ll all wonder if she’ll tempt their husbands also (not saying that it’s all her fault but that’s how the women would see it). Just like wearing a scarlett letter huh? Not a very good label for a 22-year-old actress to have……

  12. Gossip Cop reports that Kristen and Rupert only “made out:”

    Which is good that they clarified that.

    But it’s kind of like I wrote in “Twilight for Life,” if Bella had kissed Jacob in the truck, everything in her future life would have been gone forever, ruined. If she’d just settled on Jacob, and just kissed him — Alice would have seen, left, and Edward and Renesmee would have been lost to her forever.

    And she kissed this seemingly manipulative married man, her director, who was in a position of authority over a person who is technically an adolescent.

    Still, Kristen should have known — there’s no such thing as “just” a kiss.

  13. This whole incident makes me very sad. I never imagined such a horrible thing would occur before the release of the final movie. :(

  14. Yes it was a terrible “lapse of judgement” on Kristen’s fault and should not have happened but it did. She owned up, apologized and will need to somehow sit down and talk w/Rob. Will this end their relationship? That’s going to depend on Rob – based on the interviews that he’s given where he has discussed her – I’m not sure what he’ll decide. The fact that he definitely cares about her may sway him to forgive – how long that will take is anyone’s guess. As for Liberty and Rupert – not sure. She’s mentioned in a recent interview about their marriage surviving another situation but it wasn’t anything like this so alot will depend on how much she’s willing to forgive – there are 2 small children to consider as well. Do I see this as a career ender for Kristen? No. Do I see her doing a SWATH sequel? That might be a long shot. Do I think that the premiere and red carpet events for BD2 may be awkward……..that will depend on how Rob and Kristen can overcome this. He has promotional work for Cosmopolis to start soon and then if the reports are true – filming to begin in Iraq in the next month for his new movie Mission Blacklist – we may not get any response or answer until the premiere’s begin – then again, I’m sure the studio is trying to figure out all senario’s now so they can be prepared.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the crazies that have come out because of this story -disappear soon – I’m not involved w/this at all but some of them are scaring the crap out of me! Seriously people, think before you talk / write – something tells me the holier than thou self that you are portraying (not here at Lexicon) is not what you’re like in person!

  15. Christina says:

    I can’t begin to express the level of disgust I feel for Kristen Stewart right now, which is regrettable, as I used to idolize her. She obviously has no respect whatsoever for Robert, the Twilight franchise, her fans, or the many lives that were changed through Bella and Edward. I believe that couples can work through a scandal such as this, it’s true, but cheating is simply reprehensible. It’s immoral, period.

  16. Barbara J Rodgers says:

    Shame on Rupert Sanders! He’s in his forties, married, and what does he do? Takes advantage of a young, rising starlet, breaks up his family, and a relationship that was just beginning to take flight. Was Kristen wrong? Absolutely! But my gosh, she’s a 20 year old kid who has suddenly had this monstrous juggernaut of fame dropped in her lap.

    Should she have done this? No way, but she’s a baby in the “lifelong” relationship game. Sanders took advantage of a vulnerable young woman, who may or may not have father figure issues. This incident has nothing to do with SWATH or Twilight. It has to do with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Period.

    I hope he cools down, accepts her apology, and the media leaves them alone to work this out. They are both so YOUNG. I know I’m not the same person I was at 20 or 26. Give them time. Give them space. Leave them alone!!! This momentary indiscetion should not ruin what was so obvious to many fans for quite some time.

    Let them work through this!!! Are you listening to me, Kristen and Robert?? Work it out. Cry it out. Do whatever needs to be done to fix this.

    If you need a referee, a place to hide, a place to work this out, the Lexicon gals have my email.

    PS: Paparazzi leave them alone. The world doesn’t need another “Diana.”

    • I think what u sayed is right thing for them to do . And I think the same thing adout Rupert . That he older and may have took advantage of a young woman . Who may not been thinking at the time that he my have took advantage of .

    • OMG, stop making excuses for her! She’s 21 years old! She’s not a kid anymore; she’s an adult! She made the choice to hook up with him; it doesn’t matter that he’s older and should know better, because by now in her life, she should know better as well.

      • She’s not making excuses for what Kristen did .Just say that he may or may not have took advantage of some one how is younger then him.

  17. So, Robert is now Sexy, Free and Single….Ready too, Bingo!

  18. dandelion says:

    RobPat and Kristen are not saints. All they did in a movie was simply acting. They ARE NOT Edward and Bella. In this “infidelity case”, it proves once again: man thinks with his dick and woman….well, i don’t know what was Kristen thinking when she did that ~

  19. NOlonger_aROBSTENFAN! says:

    I can’ believe what Rupert and Kristin did! This isn’t just another little ‘mistake’ in my eyes! Cheating is serious, and I for one am going to put most the blame on the married 42 year old man who has wife and kids! No one should cheat in the first place as it is, they are basically taking their partner for a mug! Rob would be humiliated obv!

    I was such a fan, people please let cheaters feel punished so no one would ever even try this! Kristin and Rupert were both well aware as to what they were doing! I hate to say its affected me

  20. Marilyn says:

    Like everyone, I’m saddened by this. I love Robsten but I never thought they’d get a happy ending. Rob pursued her when she was barely 18 knowing she had a boyfriend. And for those of you who are making Rob like a saint, go to youtube. There is an interview from 2008-2009 where Rob was talking about Kristen. The interviewer told him she has a bf and Rob’s comment? “Pffft. Who cares about the boyfriend”. Joke or not, it’s an inappropriate thing to say especially since he ended up getting the girl despite the Nikki Reed issues. Yeah I know everyone denies that too. No one seems to care that Rob broke up a good friendship too. But hey, it’s okay if it’s the man who does the wrong thing, right?

    Of course I’m not condoning what Kristen has done. Matter of fact, I’m just as shocked as everyone. But I can’t help but question how these pictures were taken. Has someone been following Kristen 24/7? If so, someone is behind this and set her up for monetary gain and to destroy her. Well, for sure this will affect Kristen at the boxoffice in the short term, but this will pass and she’ll make movies worth watching and fans will see her movies again. I for one will continue to support her because I don’t know her as a person only as movie star & have always liked her. What she does in her personal life is her business. Yes, she did a terrible thing and hurt the man who loves her and another woman but I know she will learn from this. People forget she is only 22 and really very inexperienced. A home-schooled kid who had older men for boyfriends. Michael was 5 yrs older. Rob 4 and now Rupert the pervert who is old enough to be her Dad. What is wrong with this picture?

    Robsten is no longer UNBROKEN for sure but I hope in time Rob will reflect on his own actions in the past as well. He too hurt another man by taking his girl from him. Just because they were so much younger then doesn’t mean Michael hurt any less.

    • Jill Lawson says:

      You make some good points. But the root issue here is not what Kristen did, it’s our cult of celebrity worship. Our culture needs to stop making demigods out of our movie stars, politicians and sports figures. They’re great at what they do but at the end of the day they’re all just people like the rest of us. We’ve become unbalanced in our expectations of these people. Let’s all try to adjust our thinking in this regard.

    • Thank you, Marilyn. I kept thinking, “Didn’t they get together when she was still with that one guy?” (I don’t pay much attention to the names.) I’m not saying anyone deserved anything, but karma does have a way of making it’s rounds.

      But, like I’ve said before, I smell publicity stunt. I could very well be wrong, but that’s just what I think.

      And speaking of publicity stunts, how does anyone know this whole Kristen/Robert relationship isn’t a scam as well? I know there have been pictures and things have been said, but it is a POSSIBILITY that this whole romance/relationship/cheating thing has all been for show. Fans love to see life imitate art. In order to make the fans happy, you give them what they want. In this case, they wanted the two main actors getting together off screen. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they conveniently broke up after the series came to an end.

      Again tho, these are just my thoughts.

  21. This is a girl who knows the paparazzi are never far away. They have been her constant companions since 2008, always lurking somewhere. This was blatantly reckless behaviour. However, if it had been going on since filming last year they would’ve been found long out before now…

    • I agree…I cant believe she was that stupid…not sure what else to say…we really dont know all the details and its not our business. I do wish that I was a fly on the wall tho! lol I do know that in our lives we all have done some stupid things…this one is just on camera for the whole world to see…

  22. I like to add that I know some one how was cheated on . From what I know the one who was doing the cheating she was pulled a long by the other guy. ” Like he does care for ” and all that BS. But when she and the person I kown get the big D so she be with the other guy. But other guy from what I herd leved her some time after . Also the person I know and her have 2 kids at the time .
    I think that Rupert may or may not have pulled Kristen a long . By say some stuped thing and he older so he has more power per say of some one who is in thier 20′s.
    But that all I know on the person that I know story. And like in this story we only know whats out there and not the full story.

  23. I like to add HE LOOKS LIKE A FISHY TAPE OF GUY. Like the guy who do somthing to get ahand in his job. And dose not think of the people who are in the middiel of it. Like he may have tip off the papps . Becase in some of the pic he is looking at the papps when she not looking and what looks like a smerk. But that is what I think .
    In all this we do not know what happied or will happen and how this all happied in the frist place. But let Kirsten and Rob get throw this with out every form press in there fase all the time . Something like this is hard to go throw with out the press .So stop with all the press in there fase .

  24. Im so sorry for the ones who were hurt by the two of them…but I do think this was a wakeup call for Kristen…I hope this will humiliate her into never doing this again. I hope they all can work thru this also. Even if her and Rob do not stay together, I hope they can stay friends.

    The other two…well, they are older and I hope that his wife Liberty can trust him again…something tells me that he’s probably done this before. He is old enough to know better.

  25. “I drove a NAIL in the bottom of my walkin’ boot, so I WAIL every time it hits the floor…”

    why Kristen, WHY?! how could you do it to Rob?!! :(

    i will not rail on her, but I am very disappointed.

  26. I like to quet Ray Chaierls. For what the wife needs to say to Rupert ” Hit the road jake . Don’t you come .” Becase he miand a life long commite to trus and love her. But he goes do this to her and the kids.
    If I was married and my other hafe did somthing to me and my kids. Like he did he wound be looking for a divores lawyer.
    That what I think the wife needs to do. Before it happeins to her agane with some other women .

  27. If Rob forgives her he’s a better man than me. No trust no marraige, I’ve been married for twenty years but if the trust went then I’d rather be on my own than be put through all the heartache of wondering what is she up to now.

  28. Verified or not, I smell publicity stunt. But that’s just my opinion.

  29. Kristina says:

    Glad to have found your website as an avenue to express how I feel as a Robsten fan in the midst of these dark dark days for our favorite Hollywood couple.

    I was skeptical at the beginning of all this mess. Yes. I didn’t believe anything written or published by the tabloids. Heck. I didn’t believe the “official” statement of Kristen. Was I in denial? Yes I was. I don’t know Kristen personally but from what I have observed in her interviews, she seemed very sincere and passionate when it comes to her roles –most especially her role as Bella.

    I respected that they denied their relationship to the public to avoid scrutiny and exposure to the media. For days, I searched online and asked friends what they thought of this whole mess. I waited for Rob or Kristen to just come out and say “Shut up, it’s all lies.” Still–no pictures nor interviews or word from their media representatives. I assumed they just want to go incognito and let the lies die down.

    But deep inside of me, something is telling me–something is true. Which? I’m not really sure. I don’t know them personally. I saw the pictures of Kristen with Rupert and I was praying they were all photoshopped. But then again, something is telling me there is some truth in this whole mess.

    If the official statement is indeed true, I sympathize Robert and I feel for him. I really really do.
    Age is not a determinant for maturity. I married the love of my life when I was 22 and we’re still together! Yes everyone makes mistakes but I really wonder what made Kristen do what she had done? Or even allow it to happen? A happy person in love wouldn’t even dare allow herself to be hugged or touched like that! So what happened? :(

    I hope a lesson is learned in all this chaos. I just hope that “time heals all wounds” in this case. I truly wish them both the best.

  30. I’ve been trying very hard to reserve my judgement. I saw the pictures yesterday and I’m afraid there is no other explanation for them, they are really Kristen. This whole situation breaks my heart and doesn’t make a bit of sense. I I can’t understand why she just wouldn’t break up with him quietly. Why pick a married man with two children to mess around with? Why wear Rob’s baseball cap when you are cheating on him??!!
    All I can say that “IF” this is real, then I’ve lost a lot of respect for Kristen. I know people make mistakes, but this is beyond a mistake, this is deliberately hurtful, damaging and destroying people’s lives. Those pictures show her looking right at the camera, she knew she was being photographed. Why not go somewhere private? Again, the whole scenario makes no sense to me. I’m reserving my thoughts and energy to the victims of this horrible situation.

  31. Barbara J Rodgers says:

    Well, I just viewed the photos on the online version of “US.” There is not doubt Stewart and Sanders were together. However, there is only one photo that looks as if they are kssing. Notice I said “looks.”It is grainy, and the angle is way off. Other picturesappear to be staged.

    Kristen has not always been the brightest bulb in the marquee when it comes to being sensible about her behavior. The paparazzi are all sensationalizing this with quotes that “she was all over him,” etc. If this is true and they are such great photographers, where are those pictures? They just don’t exist.Most of the pictures appear to have Sanders all over her; she looks indifferent to the whole thing, I think they were staged.

    Remember the movie “Nine Months” starring Hugh Grant? Just before it was released, he was arrested with a hooker, and eventually he and long-time girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley broke up. Jay Leno asked him, “What were you thinking?” His answer,”I wasn’t.” Yes, he is older than Kristen by decades. But I feel the same applies here. She just wasn’t thinking. While there are lots of mature 22 year olds, most of them aren’t. As I said previously, I am certainly not the same person I was at 22 as I am at 61.

    Who jumped all over Pattinson when he had his fling with Nikki Reed? Oops. I guess it’s okay for the man to screw up? Boys will be boys, but when women do the same thing they are called sluts and whores?

    Sure, this has hurt anyone associated with the Twilight franchise. Could it have been a publicity stunt? Maybe. But the bottom line is, she screwed up, intentionally or unintentionally, she screwed up. Instead of the “Kristen cheats on Rob” headline, the more appropos headline should read “Sanders secduces Stewart.” Let’s call it what it really is. If she was a few years younger, he’d be arrested as a pedophile!

  32. Barbara J Rodgers says:

    I just looked at the “US” photos. They look staged. The one showing them kissing is “grainy” and the angle is all wrong. Kristen has never been the brightest bulb in the behavior marquee, so let’s call this what it is.

    What bothers me is it looks so staged. With the way the paparazzi swarm her, how could it not be? Then, the are papps are being quoted as the expert witnesses? People who are paid to exploit and invade people’s privacy? Gimme a break.

    Did Kristen use bad judgement again? Yes. But, when Rob had his little fling with Nikki Reed, where was all the moral indignation then? Kristen screwed up, plain and simple. Has she hurt people? Sure. But, she’s 22; I am certainly not the same person at 61 as I was at 22.

    So a young woman uses bad judgement; she gets called a slut and a whore. A man does it and he’s a hero; another notch in the bedpost, so to speak. Instead of the headline reading “Kristen cheats on Rob,” it should read “Sanders seduces Stewart.” Let’s call it what it really is. A few years ago, Sanders would have been arrested as a pedophile.

    • Huh?? Please tell me you are joking. IF Rob indeed had a “fling” with Nikki Reed, it cannot even compare to what KS has done. Rob and Nikki were SINGLE. They were free to do what they like. I cant believe you are trying to compare what Rob did to this. So Rob mess around with SINGLE women so it is ok for KS to cheat on him with a married man? KS was caught with a married man and a father of two kids. She knows this mans wife. Stop using the she is only 22 excuse. She is a grown woman and she knows the difference between right and wrong. She knew exactly what she was doing. I may be a different person today than i was at 22 but my morals and values have not change. I would not have mess around with someone’s husband back then and i sure would not do it now. I am so sick of people making excuses for her because she is only 22. She is a cheat. A low down dirty skank cheat. He cannot seduce her if she did not want to be seduced. You make her sound like a retard. Rob was not caught in a car with a married woman. Oh and by the way a few years ago Sanders would not have been arrested as a pedophile either. Catch your husband with a 22 year old and see what kind of excuses you make for her.

  33. Do you think her affair will have an affect on whether or not fans choose to see the last movie?

    • It probably will, although I really don’t think it should. If you’re a fan of the saga, it doesn’t mean you have to like her or the choices she’s made. Go to the movie, enjoy the story, enjoy the performance and when it’s all over, go ahead and talk crap about her and her idiocy. Don’t let her stupid decisions and cruel mindset keep you from enjoying the last movie of a saga you’re so passionate about.

      There are plenty of actors out there who I think are complete garbage as human beings, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying their movies. Personally, I still plan on seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2, and enjoying every minute of it… WITHOUT whining about her personal indiscretions after the movie was done being filmed.

    • I will definitely see BD2, but it will be painful watching Rob and Kristin. Before this scandal,Rob looked so happy whenever he was with her. I just don’t understand how she could do this to him. What was she thinking? And why would she do this in broad daylight? I doesn’t make sense. If she didn’t care if he found out, then why didn’t she just tell him? She had to know that the paps would be watching her.

  34. I’m just so sad about this. If Rob really loves Kristin the way I imagine he does, then he must be devastated. I think he and Kristin could overcome this if they both want to, but having those photos flashed in his face will make it difficult for Rob to forgive her. All I’ve every wanted for Rob is for him to be happy. I hope things work out for him.

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