Kristen Stewart Issues Official Statement Regarding US Weekly Photos

Usually we don’t really cover things like this, but since Kristen Stewart has issued an official statement(it has been verified as authentic) we are. Earlier today US Weekly published photos of Kristen Stewart in a compromising position with her married, Snow White and the Huntsman director(edited: as has he). The statement was given to People Magazine, which we believe is a sister company to US Weekly.

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry,” Stewart said in a statement Wednesday. “


  1. Wow, I was really hoping the rumors were false. It’s interesting that it took something like this for her to publicly admit their relationship. I wonder how it will play out? I am hopeful they’ll be able to work through it.

    • I know! I thought the exact same thing. I just said “Wow…so much for denying their relationship for the past three years…”

    • Although Kristen is to blame, I really feel bad for her and this situation. I’m an adult, closer to 40 than to 30. The fact a 41 year old married man came on to a little 22 year girl with stars in her eyes, even if she came on to him first, is TOTALLY SICK. What’s even worse is the fact that his wife, looks so much like her.

      I see this as a powerful director came on to a young girl for sex. Pure and simple. Now it’s Kristen who is being called a whore. I don’t see any screaming at him. No one cares I guess.

      Kristen’s lost everything. Fame, Money, Rob, dignity, trust, wholesomeness. Did she make a mistake, yes, absolutely. But think of that mistake in light of the fact some rich freak daddy was coming on to her, pressuring her, telling her everything she wants to hear, being alone from her far from home.

      The guy is gross, totally gross.

      • He is a total waste, but to call him a powerful director is not accurate. This was his first film, he directed commercials before this. I think the most obvious problem here is that he is married with kids. Her callousness comes forth big the choices she makes and this one was obscene. Also, her career is far from over. Many people love this BS and will be happy to see what idiocy she;ll exhibit next. IIt makes me crazy that some people waste their kindness and understanding on her.To me its just misplaced at this time.

  2. I hate that this came out this way. I am diappointed in K. Stew but pray her and R. Pat can work this out and continue being this awesome power couple we see every where. Good luck to you both.

    • Agree. It IS very disappointing, but I’m irritated by all the cynical people who are issuing comments such as “once a cheater, always a cheater.” We all definitely have the capacity to make horrible, stupid choices, even those of us who are committed and in love. To say that’s not possible, assumes that people and relationships can be perfect. People just aren’t. What I DO believe is that committed people who are in love CAN work through problems, even ones this monumental, if they choose to. I wouldn’t ever want to be in Rob’s position. But I also wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where forgiveness and redemption was off the table. We all need that daily.

      • You are very wise….there are always those who like to slap you when you’re down. They need to look in the mirror.

        • What boggles my mind is that our society goes overboard insisting on “tolerance” for everything and everyone…but there is very little actual grace for those who don’t hit the mark.

        • FreezeBurn?BTB? says

          *looks in mirror*

          Daaaaamn! I’m a sexy bitch. ?

      • JustMe44 says

        I hate to be the person to disagree with you, but I have to, but only about the sentence that says, “What I do believe is that committed people who are in love CAN work through problems… if they choose to.” It’s very hard for me to wrap my head around this statement because it is an oxymoron. If you are in a so called ‘committed’ relationship then you wouldn’t have cheated in the first place. I know everyone makes mistakes, but if you are really and truly in love and committed 100% to a person, this mistake cannot be made, quit fooling yourself.

        While I do agree that forgiveness is essential to a relationship, cheating is not something that I could ever be able to deal with. That’s what’s wrong with the world today. Everyone is just okay with doing whatever they want to make themselves feel good without any regards to how they will make other people feel, despite what they claim. And the reason they do it is because they can get away with it, because no one has a spine anymore. Cheating is the number one no-no in my book, and if that ever happened to me I would not have the ‘tolerance’ or the ‘choice’ to work through it. Just not happening.

        But again, this is only my opinion.

        • I am in NO way condoning cheating. At all. I believe it is absolutely wrong, and there is no excuse for it. And I DEFINITELY don’t agree with people doing whatever they want to feel good. There ARE absolutes. And if you say there aren’t…well, that’s an absolute statement. Unfaithfulness is unequivocally wrong. What I was trying to say is that people, yes, even committed people, do stupid things. Should you? No, never. Should you ever put yourself in the situation for those things to EVER happen? No, never. But people are imperfect. They are. All of us.

          I’m just confused, because in one paragraph, you go on about people today doing whatever they want to be happy…but then say that you couldn’t work through something like this. I think a big issue with people today is that they, in the name of being happy, are far too casual with their relationships and throw them away before putting in the effort and work to get through the hard things. If it doesn’t work out…that happens. But people OUGHT to try first. Being intolerant of cheating doesn’t just mean kicking your repentant spouse/partner out the door. Having a spine means standing up for yourself AND seeing if there’s anything worth saving. If there’s not, then there’s not.

          I stand by my statement. If you love someone, you commit to them in good AND bad, and you work through the bad, IF at all possible, just as you would through the good.

        • I totally agree. Forgiveness is being able to say I forgive you for cheating & leaving it there but it doesn’t mean you have to stay with that person. I for one wouldn’t be able to deal with that. I am a very forgiving person and would still be able to put my arms around the other person and say I forgive you but staying with them? Nope. I highly doubt Rob will stay with Kristen. They are such private people that besides being utterly 100% hurt by Kristen’s infidelity, can you imagine how he feels about being pushed into the media over this kind of thing? I bet he doesn’t know which he’s more mad/hurt about. Not to mention the fact that Kristen also hurt a family with her lapse in judgment. I don’t think Rob will take to kindly to that either. There’s a whole lot to consider here.

          The whole thing saddens me. Red carpets, interviews, etc. will all be so awkward. It really isn’t the way I envisioned our last beloved chapter of this saga to go down.

          • I completely agree with you. It makes me mad to think that Rob just got thrown into this mess. I fully respected Rob and Kristen’s insistence on privacy, and for their relationship to just be thrown out in public for Kristen to make herself feel better…that’s like throwing “the person shel loves and respects the most” under the bus.

        • I completely agree with you JustMe44!!!! Cheating doesn’t “just happen”.

        • I used to say the same thing until I was cheated on. It took a long time for me to gain the trust back but we later married and are happy. People do make mistakes and I don’t think it’s worth writing someone out of your life without all the information. Not only have I forgiven him but I never bring it up as an argument point or to bring him down. I know that everyone has their limits though.

        • I completely 100% agree with you. This might be hard to hear for some people, but if you truly “love and respect” someone to the fullest, they should always be in the back of your mind before you act on such impulses. Plain and simple.

          • And that’s true. If you ALWAYS think about your spouse/partner and their needs, these things don’t “just happen.” My point is simply that most of us don’t actually “love and respect someone to the fullest” 100 percent of the time, even the happiest married couples. I like to think that my husband and I are very, very happy and unquestionably committed, but we have our selfish moments, moments when I’ll admit I’m thinking of myself more than of him. (Of course, I didn’t go out and cheat on him…but making a point, we all have mixed motivations from time to time.) And he would probably say the same. That’s being honest. In fact, we’ve been through some pretty rough times and worked through them. I was simply pointing out before that I think you CAN love someone dearly and screw up. Yes, you’re being completely selfish at the time. Yes, you’re thinking of yourself and not anyone else, and it’s wrong. But, can you overcome that? Sometimes, yes. And I hope these couples can.

        • I agree with you 1000%

        • I think she cheated for reasons that have nothing to do with she and Rob and everything to do with how we teach young women about love and commitment. Why Kristen did this has a cultural reason–she freaked out because 22 is too young to be serious.

          • I don’t think we should be telling girls that 22 is too young to be serious. Some girls aren’t ready to be at that age, and perhaps that is part of Kristen’s issue. But it is possible and we should say it is possible. I have been married since I was 19 and had my first child at 21. I did not give up other pursuits to do it either and I have been happy all this time. (I am 33). My situation may not be commonplace, but it is definitely possible. I would not dismiss bad behavior by any of my kids by using their age. Now, all that said, I have nothing but sympathy for Kristin and everyone involved. Obviously Rupert and Kristen both have problems they need to work through with themselves, and others.

          • Christine Davison says

            22 is not too young, that’s just an excuse. I’ve been with my husband since I was was 14 and neither of have strayed. We have been happily married for almost 22 years. Being faithful is a choice and has nothing to do with maturity or age.

            I do feel for Rob, especially since Kristen is always reluctlant to show any affection to him in public, but clearly had no PDA issues with a married father of two. That had to of hurt. My heart goes out to Rupert’s wife, Liberty Ross, and her kids who have clearly been forgotten in this mess. The fact that Kristen was well aquainted with his wife and kids makes it all that much worse in my eyes.

      • Dumbfounded says

        HUH!?! “What I DO believe is that committed people who are in love CAN work through problems, even ones this monumental, if they choose to”

        Isn’t cheating THE complete freaking antithesis to COMMITTED?! That sentence/sentiment makes absolutely no sense. And sorry – but being humiliated in public and having one’s trust completely shattered does not smack of “LOVE” to me.

        She CHEATED. And not just likely breaking Robert Pattinsons heart, trust and humiliating him in a very public way – she cheated with a man who is married and has two children whom she has met (the kids) and worked with his spouse (Liberty Ross).

        What she has done verges on the unforgivable. In the same breath she confirms the relationship with Rob, something her fans have been waiting for for years, she admits she broke that relationship.

        Yes, she is human and perhaps as a 22 year old this will eventually get chalked up to “youth”. But she is NOT new to the paparazzi – in fact has for some time quite successfully almost completely avoided being photographed with RPatz – but to pretend that she has not tarnished the previously warm and fuzzy sentiments around Twilight Saga is naive.

        Will it make a difference at the box office? Who knows – probably not. But it has forever changed the fandom of Twilight.

        Going to be a long hard road before I will hear her name and not cringe.

        • My thought exactly. I just feel so sorry or Rob. How could she publicly humiliate him like this. In time he will have to forgive her for his own peace of mind but i dont think he can ever take her back. He is a proud man and has a lot of pride and he would look weak and desperate if he took her back. I wonder has he seen any of those photos. If he did then i know there is no way he could go forward with a relationship with her. I have seen photos were Rob has tried to kiss her and she has turned her head, not wanting to get caught showing him any kind of affection. She had no qualms about showing that married man plenty of PDA. Poor Rob. If she did not want him anymore she should have just told the poor guy instead of embarrassing him this way.

        • What no one seems to understand about my statement is that it has more to do with Rob than with Kristen. Obviously, if Kristen was 100% committed to Rob, it wouldn’t have happened, period. But, if HE is 100% committed to her and SHE is completely remorseful, then they could work through it together IF they were willing to make the attempt. Why no one seems to understand this is beyond me. I don’t condone what she did. It was so, so wrong. But if she wants to try and work through it and he’s willing to work through it, and they BOTH commit to THAT, then it IS possible. How does this not make sense?

  3. I think its the wife and children we need to think about more

    • I do think about the wife. And this is between her and her husband. Everyone always blames the “other woman,” but the man is equally responsible. Who knows? Maybe they’ll work through it as well. All the stories to date indicate it was a one-time, fleeting thing,..

      • I would venture that he was quite a bit more responsible.

        He’s over 40 — way too old not to know better, and she’s technically still an adolescent.

        Plus, he’s married. He is the one who made a commitment to his wife, now expanded to include his children.

        Further, I can’t imagine that this director, older, more um experienced, etc., wasn’t manipulating her in some way, no matter how foolishly she acted herself.

        • Oh, I completely agree Joel. I definitely think he should be held to a higher standard, not only due to his age but primarily because of his marital commitments. I was mainly making the point that most of the comments I’m seeing focus only on Kristen’s behavior, but in this case, he should be held AT LEAST equally responsible, if not much more.

        • totally agree with you. i feel for his family

    • I agree. I feel bad in a way for Kristen because she is so young and she must have some Daddy issues to cheat with a man who is old enough to be her father but let’s not forget that a family has been broken by this. I am so sad because I really thought Kristen seemed like such a sweet person but to do that to another woman and her children is just horrible. I feel really bad for the wife who can never trust her husband again and the kids who may have their family spilt apart. I can understand the impulse to be flattered by men who treat me well but as a Christian I know that love is a choice not just a feeling and that I have to make the hard choice to love the person I am in a relationship with even when other temptations come along.

      I just feel so bad for Rob, the wife, the kids. Oh, Kris one moment of pleasure will never be worth the pain you have caused.

      • One moment of pleasure is NOT worth the pain caused, for sure. I am also a Christian, and I agree you choose to make a commitment and you stick with it. Which is why I said above, unfaithfulness is unequivocally wrong. And what Kristen did is most definitely wrong. But, I also believe, as I also mentioned above, that when you are in a relationship, you commit to try and work things out. And for that reason, I hope that Rob and Kristen can.

        • …As well as the director and his wife. They have even more invested than Rob and Kristen. They have a marriage at stake…and I think you do everything you can to make marriage work, until you’ve exhausted every option. Hopefully the director is willing to take responsibility, really, for what happened.

        • Ironically, the fact that commitment is important is probably what will doom their relationship. If it were me, I’d have an easier time with the cheating, especially since in this case it was probably more of a fear freakout than a problem in the relationship, that with the fact that she cheated with a married man, with children, when she knew the wife. That level of disregard for ANYONE else’s feelings, that would be hard for anyone but Christ to forgive. Her burden, I think she’s smart enough to realize, in horrible hindsight, the anguish she’s caused. That alone might crush her, and that’s before any considerations about her career. I know she doesn’t care about box office success, but she does like acting. I doubt she will get work after this.

      • Christina says

        I loved this comment. Love IS a choice. I believe that we all have soulmates out there (which is one reason the story of Edward and Bella resonated with me to the degree that it did) but I believe that after we meet said person we must constantly choose them over the struggles, stresses, pressures, or temptations that may pop up to try and lead us astray. It is absolutely a choice. K-Stew, ugh, it’s just disgusting.

  4. I was hoping this story was false. But at least Kristen owned up to it. Yes this hurt Rob but it’s also tearing a family apart 🙁 For her sake, I hope it was worth it 🙁 She’s done some possible irreversable damage 🙁

    • It is so unfortunate…laps in judgement??…I believe that her career is over. I think she screwed herself. I don’t want to see her movies. There may be no recovering from this…”laps in judgement?”

      • LadyLovesLeo says

        It may have been a lapse in judgement, but how long did it last? If Kristen and Rupert were seen together last week, has this been going on since they filmed SWATH last year? I have some family members that one cheated on the other for years to the point where the whole town knew it. When the scorned party in the marriage finally asked for divorce, they ended up having to leave town because everyone kept asking why they put up with the cheater for so long. It was driving them crazy. What a shame for the innocent parties in this situation – the ones who didn’t cheat and the kids.

        • Absolutely! The repercussions of this could be far reaching. We have no idea how bad this could get for all those involved. Rupert’s marriage, family and career are probably done. Like I said, Stewart’s career is probably over.

      • Angelina Jolie came through with her career… It’s one thing to present yourself in the media as the girl-next-door, like Meg Ryan did, and then have that image dashed. But Kristen never really cultivated an image that specifically correlated to her movie roles. It doesn’t necessarily mean her career is over…but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

        • Well, it would be difficult for a married director to take her on.

          There are other actresses, so why endure the grief — from the media and public speculating, from backers of the film, from your own wife and children…?

        • Leave Meg Ryan out of this. She was cheated on by her ex husband for many years before she left him and then hooked up with Crowe – very different from the false claims from the gossip magazines – so you cannot compare her to what Kristen did.

          That said, Kristen and Rob are very young. Too young for a too serious relationship. They may work things out or maybe not. This won’t affect her career.

          • Too young for a serious relationship? I don’t think that’s a fair statement to make.

        • With all due respect, Kristen is an accomplished actress but she isn’t no Angelina Jolie. Angelina talked openly about relationships, sex, and her bad girl side throghout her entire career. I can’t remember a time when she didn’t show people who she really was. Kristen, on the other hand, was always so private and we liked her because we felt she had the same morals and principles as we do, like people should have. In other words, she represented herself differently than what we’ve come to see today. Way different from Ms. Jolie. While I am not judging her, it’s obvious she messed up her image unlike Ms. Jolie did when she stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston.

          • I agree. Angeline Jolie always have been honest about her life.

            Kristen was selling an image that wasn’t true. And she is no where near Jolie’s talent.

        • Yes, Angelina did improve her image but most of her fans are guys. Kristen’s fan base is mostly female and identify with her beautiful, sassy, anti-Hollywood attitude. None of Kristen’s fangirls will what to identify with this “home-wreaker / cheater” image. I think her supporters are in shock. This may be the end of Kristen’s mainstream career. I don’t think any fans will go see “Snow White II” with the same director. Kristen needs to take notes from Angelina Jolie and pull off a large humanitarian effort to remake her image to take the focus off of the cheating.

          • Saying that kristen’s career is over is a bit of a long shot. I mean, I by no means agree with what she did, but at the same time, she is a wonderful actress, and I will continue to watch her movies because of her talent on screen, not what she chooses to do off screen. Her personal life is hers to deal with and her mistakes will undoubtedly have an effect on the jobs she is offered, but she is still a renowned actress and her career will continue. I for one, will be there to watch her future movies if they are worth watching.

          • I’d be cautious to say her career is over. However, I do feel she has made it difficult to be cast so easily as she did in the recent past. Like I commented earlier, director’s wives will cringe when they hear Kristen will be in their husband’s movies because they will feel uneasy knowing that she had an affair with a married man who directed her in a movie. If I were a director, I’d think twice about hiring her just because a) I wouldn’t want my spouse to feel uncomfortable and b) who needs that kind of drama in their marriage.

            I don’t know…Kristen’s actions has opened up so many cans of worms here that I can’t believe she didn’t consider the consequences. And poor Rob, he will be promoting his new movie Cosmopolis in a few short weeks. Imagine how he feels?! I pity the person who asks him ANY questions about this whole fiasco or Kristen. Their management team will usually say “you are not allowed to ask any questions regarding…” but you know those reporters. Once they have Rob in the chair, some of them will push the envelope and ask him questions from “I know it’s been a difficult time for you, how are you doing?” or “have you been in contact with Kristen?” or some other dumb question. And he can’t get out of it because he’s under contract.

            Oh well, what’s done is done. Too bad Kristen didn’t really consider the possible outcome of her actions.

      • lapse in judgment….

      • jennifer says

        You believe her career is over??? Over this??? We had SITTING PRESIDENT who did FAR WORSE with an intern and the taxpayers suffered more repercussions than HE did – we had to pay for the ivestigation and impeachment trial to the tune of millions of dollars!!! Are you serious?

        Hugh Grant, David Letterman, Leanne Rimes & Eddie Cibriani, Ryan Phillipe & Abby Cornish, Tiger Woods (of course, he’s still climbing out of his hole), Jude Law…you get the idea. At least in America, infidelity is hardly a career killer…

        Granted, Kristen is a woman and woman are always judged more harshly than men, but to say her career is over is a little naive and a bit of over-reacting on your part.

        • LadyLovesLeo says

          Honestly now, look at your own celebrity list. I would say only a couple still have any mainstream popularity and acceptance remaining. No matter how tolerant people claim to be, having an infidelity with a married man will definitely impact Kristen’s celebrity status and her career. Most people visiting the Lex have always been supportive of Kristen in the past, but she already had a hater base as well as a fan base. Look up some of the fashion and other non-twilight site articles from when her Balenciaga ad campaign premiered. There were lots of nasty comments out there, and that was long before this news surfaced. The old girl better get her helmet out because I’m sure the s*** is just beginning to hit the fan.

        • It is different!

          Because mostly of Stewart fans support her for Twilight, and they admire them as a couple!! I don’t think she is over, but her number of fans will fall, and that is no good for the studios to hire her.

  5. Wow i hate Peoples and Us magazine now.Can they just leave Kristen and Rob alone its insane. i just dont understand why they are doing this,( publishing so many lies) .True Fans of twilight will be always behind Rob and Kristen we love them .

    • Um, it isn’t a lie though. That’s an official statement from KStew, meaning that she made that statement and gave it to the magazine to publish.

  6. I am SO SO disappointed in Kristen. C’mon..she knew Rupert was married so how could she be so thoughtless? She really screwed up the whole fairy tale romance with Rob that we all loved and admired. Kristen- you’re young and will make stupid mistakes in your 20’s, but you had a lot riding on your relationship with Rob. You have BD2 to promote with Rob plus who knows if the sequel to Snow White will be made now? I can’t believe she did such a stupid and heartless thing….

    • I don’t think this will ruin her career in the long run; plenty of celebrities survive stuff like this. That said, I think the SWATH sequel will definitely be scrapped.

      • I thought the sequel wasn’t even supposed to be focused on Snow White; I heard that it was focusing on the Huntsman and that SW was possibly not going to be in it other than a cameo.

        • That’s stupid. It was titled “Snow White And The Huntsman”

          How could it not have SW as a lead character?

    • Didn’t RUPERT know he was married???? It does take 2 you know, and HE should have known better more
      than anyone.
      This really isn’t any of our business and this is specifically why Kristen was reluctant to have her relationship, with Rob out there in public in the first place.
      If it’s true it’s most unfortunate for everyone all the way around. But I can’t hate on her anymore than I could
      hate on Rob if he did something.

      Why is it the woman that is always made out to be the bad one, there was a guy that took part in it too.
      Lots of judging out there and some pretty mean things being said.

      • I agree with you, Everyone is throwing stones at Kristen and barely a few remember that it was a bad ‘lapse in judgement’ made by two people. AND that one of them has more years on him to actually know that what he’s doing is wrong. I am not saying that she isn’t responsible too. I’m saying that with her ’20 and a few’ years she still has a lot of living to do, and that includes screwing up, and sometimes those mistakes will be big.
        I just hope they, Kris and Rob will figure it out, but ultimately, it is THEIR business and just theirs, despite all the media attention they may get.

      • THANK YOU!! Women are always given more of the blame in these situations. Angelina Jolie was a home wrecker when she got with Brad Pitt, but no one said anything about him cheating on his WIFE! Same thing with Abbey Cornish and Ryan Phillipe. She’s a ho and he’s just a man who got sucked into an extra marital affair. Gimme a break! It takes TWO to tango. These guys need to start thinking with the head that is ABOVE their waists.

  7. LadyLovesLeo says

    I was also hoping these were false rumors. I’m unbelievable disappointed in Kristen. How many times have I defended critics of her acting and attitude? Oh well, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I guess we all like to believe that we know these guys well, but seriously they are just actors leading lives that have nothing to do with us. It’s just their job, and who knows – Mr. Pattinson and Ms. Stewart’s “relationship” may have been a huge publicity stunt to support the whole movie series. Maybe this little scandal is a publicity stunt. Whatever! Just because the characters in Stephenie’s books are moral doesn’t mean the actors portraying them are. Too bad. FYI – California is a joint property state. Anyone who decides to marry there better be sure of the decision as everything gets divided equally in a divorce settlement.

  8. I’m so disappointed ! It’s my fault I fell for their love story. I feel so bad for the wife, kids and Rob ! Breaking Dawn will be fine people but I’m not a fan of Kristen’s anymore and I don’t hate her but I’m sorry no more !

  9. OMG I cant believe it – What was she thinking? I really wish there relationship didn’t come out like this – it such a shame – I feel so bad for Rob and his family and Rupert’s Wife & there 2 kids..

  10. I have sat here thinking what to type….

    Kristen, I love you girl!! You will get through this. Everyone makes mistakes. You stood up, apologized. And opened up about your relationship with Rob. Something you and him have hid very well for a long time.

    As for the director, the ball in his court (aka: his business).

    I think everyone should respect the privacy of those who are affected.

    • Seriously people. I have been reading what a few people have been posting. And I am saddened by this.

      Get a grip. Who are we to judge….

      • I so agree with you. What a fickle fan base they’ve become. And I just hate how Kristen is getting
        ripped in this and Rupert’s name is not included in the blame game. He’s a big boy and took on that
        trist but is getting by without the hate on him.

        I’m sure she is dying inside and I hope she and Rob can work things out. What will be will be.

        • Finally, some people who understand that there are two people in this. And that we shouldn’t be turning our backs to Kristen after all she has done for the fandom.

          • I don’t think people are being fickle. I simply think most people find cheating disgusting. I think us Twilight fans invest more in the Twilight actors than some franchises and so we sort of feel cheated too.

  11. It makes me sad that people are actually believing this. The picture has the worse photoshop I’ve ever seen. Snow White director’s wife, Liberty has already talked to a radio station this morning saying this is all false. US Weekly deleted the post of the picture today without saying anything. That ”statement” that Kristen made for People Magazine post is also a lie, Kristen Stewart would never express herself like that. US Weekly is characterized for for publishing a lot of false news. So I guess this is what they wanted. Earn money the easy way and cause a scandal.

    • I thought the same thing too Laura. A publicity stunt.

    • Twilight_News says

      The radio station story was debunked hours ago Liberty did not appear on that program check the radio station’s website, the cover photo is a photoshop but the interior photos in the magazine are not. The statements from Kristen Stewart and Rupert have been verified as authentic by multiple media outlets who have no economic gain as the photos were not theirs (MTV, E!, Gossip Cop, New Yorker…)

  12. It makes me sad that people are actually believing this. The picture has the worse photoshop I’ve ever seen. Snow White director’s wife, Liberty, has already talked to a radio station this morning saying this is all false. US Weekly deleted the post of the picture today without saying anything. That ”statement” that Kristen made for People Magazine post is also a lie, Kristen Stewart would never express herself like that. US Weekly is characterized for for publishing a lot of false news. So I guess this is what they wanted. Earn money the easy way and cause a scandal.

  13. mega_chick says

    Wow, some of you people are awful. I’d hate to be a friend to you and then find myself making a mistake. Like you’ve never messed up? geesh! I know that I have done things ‘in the moment’ that I might have regretted in my lifetime, but we work it out and move on and hope to learn and grow from it.

  14. It’s unfortunate, but we all make mistakes and she’s dealing with hers. It won’t affect my enjoyment of the Twilight Saga nor my appreciation of her acting (nobody could have done a better Joan Jett in The Runaways). I recall some years back when some fans were made at her for stealing Pattinson from Nikki Reed, but that’s all water under the bridge now. It was fun as a fan that the Big Three vamp franchises (T, TB, VD) had screen/real couples, but ultimately it’s their lives, not mine.

  15. i hope they work things out!! it will definitely be a challenge but all relationships face hardships and if they can get thru it it will only solidify and make them stronger as a couple! they are young and i hope this gives her a good dose of reality and she can make amends with him. so sad to see such a huge romance go down because of a moments lack a judgement and weakness. they have a lot going for them!

  16. Moonbeam says

    I’m a huge fan of Robert Pattinson, but I totally understand her making a mistake. She’s young. And she screwed up. I’m just sad it’s Rob that got hurt… and the other man’s wife and kids. 🙁

  17. Oleander says

    Why is everyone going after Kristen so vehemently. This is two-sided–why is no one evicerating him? Why are people only condemning her? I think he needs to own up to it as well.

    Stuff happens and frankly this should have been handled privately. This is none of our business.

    • JustMe44 says

      I’m confused because I don’t see anyone going after Kristen so vehemently. I was actually shocked to come on this website and see how much support people are showing Kristen. I figured most people would be saying a whole lot worse. And the reason, at least on this site, that no one is going after him and only Kristen is because no one really knows or cares about who that guy is. This is a Twilight fan site. And he has owned up to it, or at least has issued a statement, although IMO a statement is worthless and is not owning up to your mistake.

      • Everything you are saying is right on! Glad to know someone sane is posting comments on here!

      • Christina says

        Agreed. Everyone’s playing way nicer than I would have expected. If you want to see hate, log on to some of the Nonsten sites right now. I’m shocked at the support fans are showing Kristen as well. I used to freaking WORSHIP K-Stew, but I feel due to the immorality of her actions I have no choice but to withdraw said support. And 22…hah!…a “civilian” (non celebrity) 22 year old already has a degree under their belt and a professional job; many are already married…many already have children…at 17 I could blame youthful indiscretion for this…but 22? No way.

    • LadyLovesLeo says

      It becomes the public’s business once it gets aired in the public’s eye, i.e. media outlets – tv, internet, magazines, etc. Honestly, once someone becomes a “celebrity” they do it with the understanding that in exchange for all of the fame and cash, they will no longer have the same level of privacy as the rest of us “normal” people.

      As JustMe44 said, we honestly don’t know or care that much about Rupert. We are familiar with Kristen. It’s not the fact that she cheated on her boyfriend that is so upsetting. Sorry Rob – it’s bad for you, but that is being young. What makes me so disgusted is the fact that she had an affair with a married man. That may not mean anything to some people, but to me marriage is a sacred bond. If no one respects it any more, why does anyone bother? Let’s just all shack up with whoever is convenient at the time until the next convenience comes along. If nothing else, as women, we should all respect another woman’s marriage.

  18. You know what some of the Robsten fans are really pissing me off with this I feel so sorry for Rob really he is a grown ass man I’m sure he is fine. What about the wife and kids who are the real victims in this bs that could have been prevented. Far as Kristen I never liked her away so I could care less about the statement I just hope the wife take the kids and leave his ass.

  19. Hopefully this pulls fans back into reality some what – they aren’t Bella and Edward, they’re normal people. Both are capable of anything, right and wrong.

  20. NO!! I refuse to believe this “statement” or anything that has to do with this story, until I see a video statement or something like it.

    • Twilight_News says

      Again both statements vetted through multiple media as authentic! Not saying we agree with any particular magazine’s or person’s motives . Just stating that TWO VERIFIED THROUGH THEIR PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES statements were given. These are the official words of Stewart and Sanders.

    • Also, Rob’s sister Lizzy’s has said on Twitter “Would greatly appreciate the love, support, and the respect you all show to my brother and Kristen at this difficult time. ”

      If these statements were false, there would be lawyers involved right now and plenty of lawsuits I promise you.

  21. Addicted says

    This is so frustrating. I mean, don’t most people want to cheat with Rob, not on Rob…. Ugh!!!!

    • LadyLovesLeo says

      So true!!!!! Some people just don’t appreciate what they have.

    • Here, here!

    • No kidding!!! One of the sexiest men in the world, and she chooses a MUCH older, MARRIED, semi-attractive man??? Wow.., Lapse of judgement is an extreme understatement. Perhaps mental defect or too many drugs, but “lapse of judgement?”

      • This is the best comment ever – ‘mental defect or too many drugs’! You got that right on, my friend!

  22. Doesnt it seem strange to anyone that robsten spent almost 4 years hiding their relationship from anyone, no type of PDA anywhere, then they start to come out openly as a couple and then BAM now she’s cheating on him outside in plain view of everyone and issuing an apology statement to the same mag that posted the pics! If its true then she’s pretty much just screwed herself! But It just seems a little fishy to me. I don’t 100% believe it. The timing just seems a little off!

    • I know right? There really is something fishy about this. Kristen and Rob were so private about their lives, then, slowly, there were pictures of them kissing and being romantic. Then all of a sudden, BAM! There are picture of her cheating. What is going on here? If this is some sort of publicity thing, then this is a horrible way to get fans riled up. I mean seriously, thanks for ripping a fandom in half. *eye roll**sarcasm* If this is true? Then best wishes for all who are involved and hopefully they will all get pass this someday.

    • Yeah and not long before they start promoting BD2 too

    • I’ve read so many comments on people asking how Kristen could be so naive,stupid,etc…,how after 3 years hiding a relationship with Rob for privacy reasons,she suddenly (unknowingly???) gets caught cheating with a married man in a PUBLIC place,come on now, I don’t think it’s a publicity stunt as it sounds more like a very self destructive move on her part,even maybe calculated for whatever reasons….not to make her out to be the victim,but I truly think it goes far beyond a “momentary” indiscretion. Just saying….

  23. Ok for the people who still think this is fake… And if it is fake, that disgusts me more than if there was actually a fling.

    Think about it… People published the story, both sides acknowledged it as true. Why would you put your family, partner, aquaintances through all the fall out for a lie?!? In my opinion that is more cruel, heartless, and betraying than actually jumping in bed with someone else.

  24. hes too good for her anyways

  25. Wow. Like everyone else I assumed that was just a stupid story made up by US Weekly. It’ll be interesting to see where things go from her for both parties affected. (Rob & Rupert’s family)

  26. So sad for rob it took Kristen 4 years to open up just a little bit about their relationship not even in so many words it was all secret and all that . And it took her one time of cheating or bad choice like she said to get cought like that mmmmmmm weird right , just wish rob could forgive her and give her a second chance they are cute couple after all .

    • Twilight_News says

      I need to state again. The statements by Kristen and Rupert are VERIFIED it happened. I don’t mean this in a judgmental way, just reiterating the facts. There (as is typical in US Weekly) bad photoshooping on the cover, but the photos are genuine. The public apologies were authenticated.

      • Why would Kristen and Rupert so make a statement to the very magazine company that started the rumor and in less than 24 hours no less. Kristen has NEVER made a statement about her personal life why would she start now?

        • Twilight_News says

          Again both statements vetted through multiple media as authentic! Not saying we agree with any particular magazine’s or person’s motives . Just stating that TWO VERIFIED THROUGH THEIR PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES statements were given.

          • Agreed, fans are too shocked. They are in denial. We totally believe you Twilight News.

  27. I came here thinking this was the only site on the twilight fandom that would ignore this BS. But nope. The most trusted twi-fanpage has let me down. I can’t described how more disappointed I’m with the Lexicon. I wanted to escape the rumors, not fuel them. You could have at least waited a few days to see what really happened. SHAME ON YOU!!!

    Explain that. She can’t even bring herself small public displays of affection with Rob why would just all of sudden speak out about this. I think this is all a scam so sites and print ads will make a bunch of money from the popularity of this bogus topic.

    Hopefully people will open their eyes in a few weeks and see how silly this all was.

    • Twilight_News says

      I need to state again. The statements by Kristen and Rupert are VERIFIED it happened. I don’t mean this in a judgmental way, just reiterating the facts. There (as is typical in US Weekly) bad photoshooping on the cover, but the photos are genuine. The public apologies were authenticated. Were it not AUTHENTICATED by multiple mainsteam and trustworthy news outlets with nothing to gain as they do not own the photos we would not have published. We speculate People magazine was probably given the statement because the stars were probably given a heads up to the content(People and Us Weekly owned by the same company) and they got the official statement as a courtesy. The statements have been up for hours, there would be a denial and a libel suit in play were these statements not true. We are covering this because Kristen chose to address the situation using an official statement. Until she took that action, it was not a news story for us.

      • LadyLovesLeo says

        Thank you for keeping us all informed about this. I was suspicious of the rumors, but I came here to see if you guys had any news. When I saw you had authenticated the apologies, I knew it had happened. Thanks for the great job you do!

      • You keep posting this response as “authentic”, according to whom, your most reliable source? People & US magazine? If you have cover so much fandom for Twilight & its actors, wouldn’t you know (maybe a little) of how the actors would respond to the media? Would Kristen’s so call apology statement responded that fast and after Sanders made his? She had never publically said “I love him or Robert Pattison” openly, and because of this, you think she will? Hmmmm……….

        • Twilight_News says

          Because the other media sources called the publicists of Kristen and Rupert to verify the statement give to People was true. We also have a variety of people at those outlets who we have worked with for years who verified the same to us. That’s how we know.

          • I don’t think you have to keep validating that this is true. Any fan of Lexicon knows that you research and validate what you publish….this is the reason this is the only website I go to daily to find out the TRUE story. Any body who visits Lexicon regularly knows that this website is, and has, character, a word that does not play in our culture much today. If I see it on Lexicon, I know the truth has been validated, and I have faith in the story. Just because this is something that the fans don’t want to believe, does not mean they have to turn on Lexicon. I want to be informed with the truth, and I know I find it here at the website, or it would not be published. Keep up the great work which you do with integrity!

      • I think it is very appropriate that the Lexicon acknowledged the story. Here’s why:

        1. It is Robsten’s first direct, public admission that they are a couple. The irony!

        2. It will likely have a big impact on Twilight’s popularity, how the Saga is perceived in the public eye, box office receipts, etc. Not to mention the careers of Kristen, Rob, SWATH’s futures (if any), etc.

        3. The themes of commitment and fidelity in one’s romantic life are a central facet of the Twilight Saga’s themes and impact. Bella and Edward married; Rob and Kristen never did, AFAIK. The parallels draw themselves.

        4. Given the statements’ tone (the director issued one, too, both sound appropriately distraught), it appears that this may be how Rob and others hear about this circumstance as well. So it’s not over, and may impact the future marketing, premieres, Stephenie Meyer’s career, etc., for BD2, and it is appropriate that the Lexicon established what happened now.

        5. It is an official public statement that Kristen made, which is, in no small part, directed at her many fans, and the Lex, for many reasons, has been the most popular site for her fans, AFAIK.

        6. Finally, it’s better to hear the bad news from a friend. As the Lex has been for all of us for many years.

      • she has admitted to being in a relationship with him. in Elle last month she picked up the book Bel Ami and said my boyfriend is in this ( Rob is the star of the movie). they were also been seen together a lot in the last 2 months and all the pics of them in Cannes kissing and going to each others premieres. She did it, it’s messed up. if this wasn’t true her people and the directors people would have issued a statement of denial. He has two kids, I don’t think he would sit by and do nothing if it wasn’t true. They both issued statements admitting it’s true.

  28. twi_fan_always says

    ok, assuming this did happen, it takes 2 to have a fling/affair/momentary indiscretion… so she didn’t have a fling with herself. 2 adults messed up here, why people are always so ready to judge the woman and never the man is beyond my understanding. She messed up, he messed up, hopefully the people they have hurt will be able to work things out.

  29. HOW do you cheat on Rob? I mean, really?

  30. Breaking News or Gossip? Pictures Photoshop or Not? The accused Apology statements-true or false?
    What’s next a live interview with a Talk Show? It’s a sad situation to see, hear, read and to face for any one, celebrity or not. No one in this world is PERFECT and I think us fans had fallen in love with the characters of Edward & Bella dearly in our hearts but because Rob & Kristen had portrayed them in the movies that fans were hoping or comparing their personal relationship as such. The media is posting all these accusations and we don’t know the actual truth until is proven honestly by the accused…statements and pictures can be easily altered with the technologies that our world have so why don’t we just sit back and wait before any “stones” are thrown…Me, personally don’t tolerate any cheating because I’ve been on the receiving end before and it hurts very badly so I can imagine what these people are facing if it’s true. Let’s be respectful and pray that they find peace & comfort through this mess, just my opinion.

    • Twilight_News says

      Again the statements are verified as genuine from Stewart and Sanders.

      • Yes, they posted a statement from them, how do you know it was verified as “genuine” from them? Who are the source that they received these statements from? The accusser’s personally or through another person? What is “verified as genuine” is coming from their own mouth personally and visually.

        • Kristen’s statement is from her publicist. No one would intentionally make themselves look bad, if it were false.

        • I hate to break it to you Frannie, but I believe Twilight Lexicon is correct. I’ve been coming to their website for about 4 years now. And in all that time I have never known anything on the Lexicon to be false. They are very careful as to what they post, making sure it’s true and verified before posting.

          • Yes, the Lex has always only reported on what’s true, the things that we the fans care about. They don’t delve in gossip or anything of that sort. Thanks Lex!

  31. Chela Madison says

    Oh no! I hope that everything works out as the people involved see fit, and, even though his is likely impossible, I hope all parties involved get some privacy while they work through this.

  32. Well, obviously we now know this was not a fake photo if Kristen is making public statements about it. Which, I find strange considering they expended so much effort to never confirm they are together. The only thing I can get out of that is that she realizes she’s screwed up really bad and is now kind of desperate.
    Some of these comments baffle me. For certain, Kristen and this director share equal blame in whatever they did together. Although i think he should have had more sense-he has a family to think about.
    The saddest part of this whole thing, is that I think Rob is truly a good person who I really believe would not do that to someone, including Kristen. I have never understood how the mind of a cheater works. Why wouldn’t you just end your relationship first? Obviously, he was married but Kristen has no excuse. What bothers me the most from her end is that she knows firsthand Rob’s difficulties with the paps and she has now put his private life fully in the crosshairs, not to mention her betrayal splashed all over the magazines. I have to say I am disappointed in the way Kristen acted. She always seemed very intellegent to me and obviously she was being very stupid.

    • I forgot to mention, has anyone else thought about what mess this could be come October/November when it’s time to promote BD2? Could be very painful.

      • IDK.. They can make it awkward or not. I know this is stretching it.. but what about BD2 nominations from MTV movie awards, esp best kiss??!!!

        Anyway… when I saw the headlines on Yahoo last night, I was like WHAAA?? Really? Seems odd, esp since her & Rob kept their relationship on the very very very downlow all these years, and BAM, she’s smacking another guy in public… knowing cameras are following her?? I think there’s way more to the story than what’s been told/shown.

        • I found that quite odd as well. Kristen is aware about her popularity amongst the paparazzi and media and for her to be so open with this, even more open than with her own real relationship seems extremely off settling

  33. Sad day in the fandom, for sure.

  34. So sad to read about this. We need to remember that this involves actors and director, not Bella and Edward. There does not seem to be any mention of how long has this been going on? Was it a one time thing? There is a lot of information that we do not have and hopefully never will. Both Mr Pattinson and Ms Stewart are young and maybe too young for the romance to last. Mr Pattinson has been seen out and about with other women in the past. Hopefully all parties involved can work through the situation and heal the hurt, be it they remain a couple or family for Mr Sanders or they split up. Hopefully this will have minimal impact on their careers…though would have to agree with a sequel to SWATH not so likely now. Sad for all concerned. Let us leave them alone to deal with in in private.

  35. I have never really been much of a Kristen Stewart fan. I have seen several of her movies and just haven’t been impressed with her acting. I never expected however for her to be the cheating type. I feel so bad for Rob and the wife and children who are the ones hurt with the stupidity that Kristen and the director have shown. I myself would NEVER tolerate cheating but that is me. I can’t speak for Rob or the wife but I would be surprised if Rob sticks through this, he is still very young. I will see BD2 because I love the books, Rob, Nikki, Taylor and the other cast members but I am done showing even a little bit of support for Kristen. I lost respect for other cheaters and I lost respect for her and the director as well.

  36. So, ths story is really true.

    Well, before anything, she’s human and she makes mistakes. She’s also very young.

    However, I would not like to judge her and the whole case at all. It doesn’t change anything the way I see her or her work.

  37. Why go after her so vehemently? Because while it may be a mistake, it was still her choice to make. If Rupert was the one to seduce her, it was again, still her CHOICE to follow through. And she did it knowing he was married with a family! It doesn’t matter if it’s KStew or someone else, any woman is going to be treated vehemently by her fandom in a situation with these factors; it isn’t a discrimination against her specifically. She knew what she was doing, and honestly, I agree with what non-fans are saying- I highly doubt she would have ever fessed up to this accusation if she hadn’t gotten caught doing it with these pictures.

    • Agreed.
      Rob and Kristen aren’t married, so she can move on and date who she wants, but with a married man? She said it herself a few weeks ago, that she does whatever she wants and whatever makes her feel good, forget about consequences.

      Here’s proof of it.

      Yes, she’s young. She started seriously dating at a much too young age. I believe she was 13 when she started her first serious relationship, with an older guy, then went straight from that to Rob. She’s never dated. She’s never gone out and just had fun.

      Hopefully, this is a lesson learned and she will NEVER allow this to happen again. She didn’t just hurt her boyfriend. She helped to hurt a marriage. Yes, it takes 2 to cheat. He’s even more to blame, because he should have done everything in his power to avoid such temptations. Plus, he’s older, and should be, wiser. HA… sorry… did I actually say that? Fine, he is married. He should RUN from those temptations, not initiate (don’t know if he did), and whether or not she wanted to continue her relationship with Rob, she should have said, “You’re married! I don’t think so!”

      So sad. He seems so devoted to her. Twitterpated. The way they stayed out of the limelight, I hoped this would turn into a Newman and Woodward or Hanks and Wilson. Long time, loving, committed marriages, that hold out against mainstream Hollywood, and the world we live in today.

      I wish them well. Whatever they decide to do.

  38. Dragon620026 says

    That sucks… like a lot. I can’t believe she did this to Robert. Edward and Bella aside, Rob seems like a nice guy and no nice guy deserves that. The family didn’t deserve that either. I really hope that she’s truly sorry and tires her very best to personally apologize to the wife and kids. Sure, they will be pissed and might never want to see her again but if she’s truly and honestly sorry then it’s something she needs to do. I think that it’s the ultimate way of apologizing. She had the guts to kiss him in public and had the guts to kiss him in general so she has and does have the guts to publicly apologize to that family. As for Rob and her I hope that they can work it out. It sucks being cheated on but if he can truly forgive her than she better not mess it up again because if someone loves you THAT much that they can fully forgive you and still trust you then they are worth taking care of. It’s a shame seeing this happen to people and I can understand if they work it out or not. I wish them the best and ultimately it’s up to them and they should do what’s best for themselves.

  39. I am actually really disappointed, I am aware of the fact that no one is perfect but we all need to realize that she is now a grown woman of 22 and you cannot tell me that she had no idea what she was doing or would later cause. At times I feel like the apology was only made because they were caught. And now, I do not hate her but just imagining Rob’s pain at this moment, Rob who worshiped the ground she walked, who always defended her and praised her, now that is was hurts me the most because she took that for granted.
    As for her career, I don’t believe that it is utterly ruined but I know for sure that she will always be remembered for this and I feel that directors or future partners of hers will be forced to proceed with caution when it comes to her.
    And I can only cringe at the thought of the upcoming BD2 appearances because I feel as if the only questions they will be bombarded with will have to do with this.
    If I were Rob I would forgive her but I would not forget or get back together with her and that really pains me because I was amongst those hopeful Robsten shippers back in the day. Some are speculating that this a repeat in “history” with the whole Michael A thing….

  40. Here;s the thing…Maybe she regrets her stupidity but I think the apology is to save her own butt on the contractural obligations she may have with Summit. Some people are already saying they will not see BD2 because they won’t be able to watch them together. The repercussions of her actions are far reaching.

    • which would explain why she immediately went public when we all know very well how private she likes to be.
      And i feel like Summit feels a little uneasy with this news and might fear that maybe some fans will loose interest…?
      Do you think either of them would pull a Rachelle Lefevre? Like not show up at all the premiere

      • I did not know that Rachel did that. I think perhaps, the situation needs to play out a little longer. Maybe the main players will be unable to attend due to other film obligations or something. Really is disappointing.

      • I read a statement from Rachelle long ago that she didn’t show up because her beloved dog was very ill & she was at the emergency with him. I believe her dog died either that night or shortly after that. Also, she was so heartbroken when Summit would not allow her to stay on as Victoria because they said she had signed up for another movie/show which would have coincided with her time filming Eclipse, which was total BS. That’s all under the bridge now but I just wanted to clarify.

    • LadyLovesLeo says

      It’s really a shame that this scandal could cause a negative impact on the final movie in the franchise. The BD2 release should be a time for all concerned – actors, fans, and most of all Stephenie – to enjoy and provide closure to something special we all shared. Now instead of bittersweet, it may just be bitter. Not only are Rob and Rupert’s family negatively impacted by this mess, but so are Stephenie, Bill, and the other BD2 actors. How selfish could two people be? Thinking only of themselves and their momentary pleasure.

      • JustMe44 says

        I can 99% guarantee you that this incident will not prevent me from seeing BD2, but I can 100% guarantee you that I will be cringing the whole way through. Unfortunately I just can’t look at her the same anymore. It’s a shame, really.

        • I feel exactly the same way.

          • You put it perfectly. I feel the same way too. It is almost like she desperately wanted to spoil the end of a storied romance to distance herself from the series. It will be so hard to watch BD2. At least the filming is complete so we can at least imagine that she wasn’t screwing around on Rob during the last moments of the series.

    • Christina says

      Exactly. Agreed. I don’t want to trivialize the suffering of Robert or Sanders’ wife and family, but BD2 is going to be extremely awkward and perhaps unwatchable now for many people. And many will probably boycott simply on principle due to her horrid choices.

  41. I can’t even look at her face. I feel SICK!

    Stay strong Rob, LOVE YOU SO MUCH and i feel so saaaaad


  42. traceylw62 says

    Hang on, did Kristen actually cheat???? Or was she caught giving Saunders a kiss? She says in her statement “momentary indescretion”. This does not sound like cheating to me, though a lot of people would call it so. Is the press going wild over what may have just been a nibble on the ear and a kiss on the neck that was enjoyed rather than being slapped away???

    • Maybe you have not seen the pictures yet or read the story. For her to publicly apologize is an indication that it wasn’t an ear nibble.

      • traceylw62 says

        The only picture I have seen is him standing behind her nuzzling her neck, are there more damning pictures?? Rob has said he is not into the casual affair, so between him and Kristen a snuggling cozy kiss could constitute cheating, something she may feel the need to apologise profusely for. I am very dubious about anything published (sensationalized) by the press, from personal family experience, and with Kristen making an apology I have no doubt they would run like rabid dogs with it. I personally think the cheating may have only been some silly public petting, not smart for her as the world watches, but probably not the big hoo haa everyone is making it out to be. Love does not mean everything emotional stops and is only felt for the one you love. People make other people feel good and this directors’ job was to do just that so maybe they both just got a bit carried away with it all.

        • Go to epnebelle on Twitter for pics and story. You decide how you feel then.

        • Sorry… are you saying that making out and petting with someone, while you are in a relationship (her) or marriage (him), with someone else is ok?
          Actually, you said, “silly” and “not the big hoo haa everyone is making it out to be.”
          Well, please make sure to tell your future significant other/spouse, before you get into a relationship, that it’s ok for you to do those things with someone else, because it’s just “making other people feel good.” Keep in mind though, you’ll have to hold yourself to the same standard, and not be upset when your love tells you that he was just making her feel good.
          good luck with that.

    • I guess thats true. It could be isolated moments and not a long affair. Who knows. Let’s just see how Rob feels about this. 🙁

  43. If it’s true or not Rubert is the most to plam for two reason. 1. He is OLDER and shoud know better . 2. He as MORE inflowns over a 22 yare old woman that works for him. I mine have any of you herad of bosses hitting on people that work for them . But the most impoting out of the2 is THAT HE IS MARRIED WITH 2 KIDS AND SHOED KNOW NOT TO THINGS THAT CAN HERD HIS FAMILY LIKE THIS.
    But the most import thing is let the people how are in this is to let them be . So they can deal with it with out watch it play out in the press everyday.

    • And I like to add that KStew come out with statemen with in 24 hr to say she sorry . But some people do not tell weeks or months later. So she as more guts than most people to ament they did something wrone.

      • No disrespect but Kristen had to make a statement as she was pretty much forced to. She probably knew at least a day or two in advance (some reports say a week+) that these photos/story was going to be made public so it’s all she could do towards damage control.

        I think everything will be pretty much messed up. Not sure if Snow White & Huntsman has been released all over the world already but if not, there’s press for that which I just read Rupert’s wife plays the Snow White’s mother in. Meaning, she’d be at any premieres or press stuff for the movie. Can you saw awkward? Can you imagine when it comes time for BD2? This is the end of the Twilight Saga so they probably have/had some huge things planned for the fans & lots of press for the actors, especially
        Kristen, Rob & Taylor. Now what? I really feel Rob will request that he not be scheduled to appear at these things with Kristen, that he be scheduled at a different time. IDK how things will be then but the movie is only 3 months away. I doubt the humiliation and hurt he is feeling right now will be totally dissipated by then. Every time a reporter asks Kristen about Snow White or how she feels about working with Rob, etc. he will just cringe, and she will too. How can he ever believe anything she says after this? It will be empty words and we will forever question the validity of her statements regarding Rob. This is something we never did before. It will cut like a knife for Rob to hear her say the usual wonderful things she says about him when asked by reporters. Summit must be reeling over how they are going to handle all this; I guarantee the entire game plan has been changed because of Kristen’s infidelity.

        I read Rob moved out & I anticipated that. My heart goes out to him & Rupert’s wife. A fleeting moment of pleasure and throwing caution to the wind has caused so much pain. I know Kristen wishes she could take it all back, but she can’t. I really do pray for comfort & healing for Rob & Rupert’s wife. This whole thing is very sad.

        • We dont know the when or how in this .But she was the frist of the 2 to come fourend with a statment . AND THAT TAKES ALOT OF GUTS to be the frist to say something in this . But in all it not are place to go in to poeple’s lifes . Let the people work this out with out the press on it 24/7. And
          Rupert statment sounds like his PR team write it . But we don’t know the whole story like the people in the middile of this whole thing do.

  44. Oh, wow. I did not see this coming at all. I hope they can work this out. Maybe not get back together, but at least be freindly enough for Breaking Dawn’s premier and everything. I hope we can see what Rob will say to this soon, to see how they are both doing right now.

    I’m speechless.

  45. What’s gonna happen for the MTV movie awards next year? Oh, my, that’s gonna be awkward if they win. And I was hoping they finally kiss for the last movie. 🙁

  46. This is sad. For everybody concerned.


    BUT SHE RELEASED A STATEMENT?! Maybe I’m being hopeful. I probably am. But the proof in that link seems so legit. But then she relasesd a statement. Now I’m all sorts of confused.

  48. Like everyone else, I am saddened by this.

    From what I’ve read, this happened less than two weeks ago. That makes me think 2 things. One, Rob was blindsided by the news. This wasn’t something that happened last year during filming that he has already forgiven her for. Two, I could be be wrong, but I don’t believe this was a one time thing or “Momentary lapse in judgement”. The filming ended months ago, and the movie came out almost 2 months ago. I find it hard to believe that they would meet out of the blue for a one time tryst when they haven’t worked together in a month or two.

    I doubt that the Rob/Kris relationship will survive, but you never know. She is very young, and maybe Rob will forgive her. My hope is that they can at least be amicable on the Red Carpet in November.

  49. At first I was hesistant, but then I thought ‘Kristen wouldn’t do something like this would she?’ Everyone can tell she is in love with Rob and there are a bunch of evidence that the picture of her and the director were photoshopped. I don’t think anyone should believe this until Kristen, Rupert, or Rob has said anything about it on tape, video, or audio.

    • KStew’s publicist/rep is the one that released the statement. That person would be fired if the statement was false because the person isn’t going to attempt to purposefully make her client look bad. The statement is real. Ya’ll need to begin to deal with it rather than continuing in this denial.

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