Kristen Stewart Issues Official Statement Regarding US Weekly Photos

Usually we don’t really cover things like this, but since Kristen Stewart has issued an official statement(it has been verified as authentic) we are. Earlier today US Weekly published photos of Kristen Stewart in a compromising position with her married, Snow White and the Huntsman director(edited: as has he). The statement was given to People Magazine, which we believe is a sister company to US Weekly.

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry,” Stewart said in a statement Wednesday. “


  1. Dragon620026 says:

    That sucks… like a lot. I can’t believe she did this to Robert. Edward and Bella aside, Rob seems like a nice guy and no nice guy deserves that. The family didn’t deserve that either. I really hope that she’s truly sorry and tires her very best to personally apologize to the wife and kids. Sure, they will be pissed and might never want to see her again but if she’s truly and honestly sorry then it’s something she needs to do. I think that it’s the ultimate way of apologizing. She had the guts to kiss him in public and had the guts to kiss him in general so she has and does have the guts to publicly apologize to that family. As for Rob and her I hope that they can work it out. It sucks being cheated on but if he can truly forgive her than she better not mess it up again because if someone loves you THAT much that they can fully forgive you and still trust you then they are worth taking care of. It’s a shame seeing this happen to people and I can understand if they work it out or not. I wish them the best and ultimately it’s up to them and they should do what’s best for themselves.

  2. I am actually really disappointed, I am aware of the fact that no one is perfect but we all need to realize that she is now a grown woman of 22 and you cannot tell me that she had no idea what she was doing or would later cause. At times I feel like the apology was only made because they were caught. And now, I do not hate her but just imagining Rob’s pain at this moment, Rob who worshiped the ground she walked, who always defended her and praised her, now that is was hurts me the most because she took that for granted.
    As for her career, I don’t believe that it is utterly ruined but I know for sure that she will always be remembered for this and I feel that directors or future partners of hers will be forced to proceed with caution when it comes to her.
    And I can only cringe at the thought of the upcoming BD2 appearances because I feel as if the only questions they will be bombarded with will have to do with this.
    If I were Rob I would forgive her but I would not forget or get back together with her and that really pains me because I was amongst those hopeful Robsten shippers back in the day. Some are speculating that this a repeat in “history” with the whole Michael A thing….

  3. Here;s the thing…Maybe she regrets her stupidity but I think the apology is to save her own butt on the contractural obligations she may have with Summit. Some people are already saying they will not see BD2 because they won’t be able to watch them together. The repercussions of her actions are far reaching.

    • which would explain why she immediately went public when we all know very well how private she likes to be.
      And i feel like Summit feels a little uneasy with this news and might fear that maybe some fans will loose interest…?
      Do you think either of them would pull a Rachelle Lefevre? Like not show up at all the premiere

      • I did not know that Rachel did that. I think perhaps, the situation needs to play out a little longer. Maybe the main players will be unable to attend due to other film obligations or something. Really is disappointing.

      • PamelaC says:

        I read a statement from Rachelle long ago that she didn’t show up because her beloved dog was very ill & she was at the emergency with him. I believe her dog died either that night or shortly after that. Also, she was so heartbroken when Summit would not allow her to stay on as Victoria because they said she had signed up for another movie/show which would have coincided with her time filming Eclipse, which was total BS. That’s all under the bridge now but I just wanted to clarify.

    • LadyLovesLeo says:

      It’s really a shame that this scandal could cause a negative impact on the final movie in the franchise. The BD2 release should be a time for all concerned – actors, fans, and most of all Stephenie – to enjoy and provide closure to something special we all shared. Now instead of bittersweet, it may just be bitter. Not only are Rob and Rupert’s family negatively impacted by this mess, but so are Stephenie, Bill, and the other BD2 actors. How selfish could two people be? Thinking only of themselves and their momentary pleasure.

      • JustMe44 says:

        I can 99% guarantee you that this incident will not prevent me from seeing BD2, but I can 100% guarantee you that I will be cringing the whole way through. Unfortunately I just can’t look at her the same anymore. It’s a shame, really.

        • PamelaC says:

          I feel exactly the same way.

          • Melissa says:

            You put it perfectly. I feel the same way too. It is almost like she desperately wanted to spoil the end of a storied romance to distance herself from the series. It will be so hard to watch BD2. At least the filming is complete so we can at least imagine that she wasn’t screwing around on Rob during the last moments of the series.

    • Christina says:

      Exactly. Agreed. I don’t want to trivialize the suffering of Robert or Sanders’ wife and family, but BD2 is going to be extremely awkward and perhaps unwatchable now for many people. And many will probably boycott simply on principle due to her horrid choices.

  4. I can’t even look at her face. I feel SICK!

    Stay strong Rob, LOVE YOU SO MUCH and i feel so saaaaad


  5. traceylw62 says:

    Hang on, did Kristen actually cheat???? Or was she caught giving Saunders a kiss? She says in her statement “momentary indescretion”. This does not sound like cheating to me, though a lot of people would call it so. Is the press going wild over what may have just been a nibble on the ear and a kiss on the neck that was enjoyed rather than being slapped away???

    • Maybe you have not seen the pictures yet or read the story. For her to publicly apologize is an indication that it wasn’t an ear nibble.

      • traceylw62 says:

        The only picture I have seen is him standing behind her nuzzling her neck, are there more damning pictures?? Rob has said he is not into the casual affair, so between him and Kristen a snuggling cozy kiss could constitute cheating, something she may feel the need to apologise profusely for. I am very dubious about anything published (sensationalized) by the press, from personal family experience, and with Kristen making an apology I have no doubt they would run like rabid dogs with it. I personally think the cheating may have only been some silly public petting, not smart for her as the world watches, but probably not the big hoo haa everyone is making it out to be. Love does not mean everything emotional stops and is only felt for the one you love. People make other people feel good and this directors’ job was to do just that so maybe they both just got a bit carried away with it all.

        • Go to epnebelle on Twitter for pics and story. You decide how you feel then.

        • Sorry… are you saying that making out and petting with someone, while you are in a relationship (her) or marriage (him), with someone else is ok?
          Actually, you said, “silly” and “not the big hoo haa everyone is making it out to be.”
          Well, please make sure to tell your future significant other/spouse, before you get into a relationship, that it’s ok for you to do those things with someone else, because it’s just “making other people feel good.” Keep in mind though, you’ll have to hold yourself to the same standard, and not be upset when your love tells you that he was just making her feel good.
          good luck with that.

    • I guess thats true. It could be isolated moments and not a long affair. Who knows. Let’s just see how Rob feels about this. :(

  6. If it’s true or not Rubert is the most to plam for two reason. 1. He is OLDER and shoud know better . 2. He as MORE inflowns over a 22 yare old woman that works for him. I mine have any of you herad of bosses hitting on people that work for them . But the most impoting out of the2 is THAT HE IS MARRIED WITH 2 KIDS AND SHOED KNOW NOT TO THINGS THAT CAN HERD HIS FAMILY LIKE THIS.
    But the most import thing is let the people how are in this is to let them be . So they can deal with it with out watch it play out in the press everyday.

    • And I like to add that KStew come out with statemen with in 24 hr to say she sorry . But some people do not tell weeks or months later. So she as more guts than most people to ament they did something wrone.

      • PamelaC says:

        No disrespect but Kristen had to make a statement as she was pretty much forced to. She probably knew at least a day or two in advance (some reports say a week+) that these photos/story was going to be made public so it’s all she could do towards damage control.

        I think everything will be pretty much messed up. Not sure if Snow White & Huntsman has been released all over the world already but if not, there’s press for that which I just read Rupert’s wife plays the Snow White’s mother in. Meaning, she’d be at any premieres or press stuff for the movie. Can you saw awkward? Can you imagine when it comes time for BD2? This is the end of the Twilight Saga so they probably have/had some huge things planned for the fans & lots of press for the actors, especially
        Kristen, Rob & Taylor. Now what? I really feel Rob will request that he not be scheduled to appear at these things with Kristen, that he be scheduled at a different time. IDK how things will be then but the movie is only 3 months away. I doubt the humiliation and hurt he is feeling right now will be totally dissipated by then. Every time a reporter asks Kristen about Snow White or how she feels about working with Rob, etc. he will just cringe, and she will too. How can he ever believe anything she says after this? It will be empty words and we will forever question the validity of her statements regarding Rob. This is something we never did before. It will cut like a knife for Rob to hear her say the usual wonderful things she says about him when asked by reporters. Summit must be reeling over how they are going to handle all this; I guarantee the entire game plan has been changed because of Kristen’s infidelity.

        I read Rob moved out & I anticipated that. My heart goes out to him & Rupert’s wife. A fleeting moment of pleasure and throwing caution to the wind has caused so much pain. I know Kristen wishes she could take it all back, but she can’t. I really do pray for comfort & healing for Rob & Rupert’s wife. This whole thing is very sad.

        • We dont know the when or how in this .But she was the frist of the 2 to come fourend with a statment . AND THAT TAKES ALOT OF GUTS to be the frist to say something in this . But in all it not are place to go in to poeple’s lifes . Let the people work this out with out the press on it 24/7. And
          Rupert statment sounds like his PR team write it . But we don’t know the whole story like the people in the middile of this whole thing do.

  7. Oh, wow. I did not see this coming at all. I hope they can work this out. Maybe not get back together, but at least be freindly enough for Breaking Dawn’s premier and everything. I hope we can see what Rob will say to this soon, to see how they are both doing right now.

    I’m speechless.

  8. What’s gonna happen for the MTV movie awards next year? Oh, my, that’s gonna be awkward if they win. And I was hoping they finally kiss for the last movie. :(

  9. This is sad. For everybody concerned.


    BUT SHE RELEASED A STATEMENT?! Maybe I’m being hopeful. I probably am. But the proof in that link seems so legit. But then she relasesd a statement. Now I’m all sorts of confused.

  11. Like everyone else, I am saddened by this.

    From what I’ve read, this happened less than two weeks ago. That makes me think 2 things. One, Rob was blindsided by the news. This wasn’t something that happened last year during filming that he has already forgiven her for. Two, I could be be wrong, but I don’t believe this was a one time thing or “Momentary lapse in judgement”. The filming ended months ago, and the movie came out almost 2 months ago. I find it hard to believe that they would meet out of the blue for a one time tryst when they haven’t worked together in a month or two.

    I doubt that the Rob/Kris relationship will survive, but you never know. She is very young, and maybe Rob will forgive her. My hope is that they can at least be amicable on the Red Carpet in November.

  12. At first I was hesistant, but then I thought ‘Kristen wouldn’t do something like this would she?’ Everyone can tell she is in love with Rob and there are a bunch of evidence that the picture of her and the director were photoshopped. I don’t think anyone should believe this until Kristen, Rupert, or Rob has said anything about it on tape, video, or audio.

    • KStew’s publicist/rep is the one that released the statement. That person would be fired if the statement was false because the person isn’t going to attempt to purposefully make her client look bad. The statement is real. Ya’ll need to begin to deal with it rather than continuing in this denial.

  13. It’s sad this happened. Obviously both Kristen and the other man made some serious mistakes and hopefully can make up for it. I don’t think she is a bad person or the man she had the affair with. They are both willing to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their actions. I don’t condon what he did but when you compare this to what dozens of other actors and actresses did before her like drugs or getting into fights or getting into car accidents or showing thier private parts off to reporters or sex tapes i think people need to lay of her.

  14. PamelaC says:

    To everyone that’s saying its not true, I saw the pics & it is true (besides the fact that the Lex already confirmed it). There’s a pic of Kristen in the same light color tank on with the yellow bra straps with her back up against the driver’s window and a man down near her chest. In another shot, Kristen and Rupert are standing there plain as day and you can see the same color tank & yellow strapped bra. Sorry to say but it is her & it is him in compromising positions. There are several pics that cannot be denied. She already admitted to it. What’s not to believe?

  15. Very sad. Going to be uncomfortable promoting BD2. Feel so sorry for Rob. That statement she made confirms her relationship with him. I am sure she loves him very much but once you cheat all trust is completely gone and mostly likely never regain. She and Rob are young and probably will move on without each other.

  16. I think her biggest lie is acting like this was the first incident. you don’t act they way they were acting if this was a first time thing. It’s the first time they got caught. she is actually a better actress then we all give her credit for. she can be with rob, then this guy, and rob again with out batting an eye. It’s true people. if it wasn’t they all would be putting up a big stink. I don’t know how rob could ever trust her again.

  17. That was the smartest thing she could have done. Issue a statement, not cheating. She handled it well. I hope they can work things out.

  18. I think we should show Kristen a little support. Even if this is true, we shouldn’t be sending death threats and hating her. This didn’t occur here in the comments, but there are people who are starting to do that else where. She is part of this Twilight fandom, and though we are all disapointed at what happend, we shouldn’t boycott her.

    • And she still is the fandom’s biggest cheerleader with the way she stands up for Twilight in her interviews. Let’s not turn our backs on her. Wait until this thing calms down a little before you decide to hate her. Let’s here waht Robert has to say. I will only believe this when I see them both talking about it on tape.

    • I’m going to support Twilight but not her career ! If I see a movie she might be in then ok but I’m not her biggest fan at this moment and probably never will be.

  19. LadyLovesLeo says:

    Maybe next time Rob can find a girl that isn’t ashamed to acknowledge him or be seen in public with him.

  20. olympic coven says:

    No couple is perfect . It sickens me that she gave into temptation without thinking about the ramifications. If they can work this out great. Otherwise it will be a long few months between now and November. I am betting Rob will be the perfect gentleman and will not comment about any of this.

  21. LadyLovesLeo says:

    I think it’s time for Kristen to grow up. Look up some of the articles and photos of Christian Bale visiting the Aurora, CO, shooting victims. Now that’s an actor with some class.

  22. I’ve seen the person I loved most kiss someone else right in front of me, when it was thought I wasn’t in the room. The pain, down right shock, and total confusion that happened all in a second, froze every muscle in my body, I couldn’t move or look away. Even after I was spotted. I send my best wishes to all involved. That this is SO public makes things worse. This happens all the time and people can change and people can forgive. But sometimes the memory of the person you love, clearly making a choice that would hurt you, it’s hard to shake that memory. I hope for the best turnout for everyone. I don’t see Rob making a public statement. I hope he talks it out with Kristen and they get some space to work through this mess.

  23. I don’t hate Kristen and I would never want something bad to happen to her BUT I AND OTHERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY WEREN’T NOT FANS OF HERS ! I’m disappointed and don’t respect the fact she did this. I’m sure she’ll grow and blah blah blah but I’ll move just like others and Kristen will but she honestly messed up a good thing !

  24. FWIW, the Atlantic offers an appreciation for Kristen’s handling of this situation:

  25. Am I the only one that thinks something’s not right here? For over 3 years, very few pictures came out with PDA between K. and R., but in the course of a few hours, she and this other dude engage in PDA in several very public locations. I’m not sure which part is off, but something doesn’t add up.

    • For sure! All these years and the paps can’t get a pic of her & rob, and they get very close up pics of her macking out in her car with another dude? If she is guilty, then the apology was damage control, better to admit it and try to move on, than deny up the river, which many celebs opt to do. I’m waiting to hear from the Rob camp, wondering what he has to say about all this.

  26. dandelion says:

    wo ~ who wrote this statement? INDISCRETION? so, she wouldn’t be sorry if it was done discreetly that no one knew????

  27. I can say only one thing! Rob, we love you and are with you! Always and forever!!!! This never change! Trust me!
    Love you sooo much!!!!!!<3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  28. It’s just sad. Not as sad as the massacre in Colorado – so please people, lets have some levity here and realize that it’s not the end of the world. Worse things happen. It’s personal and between Kris, Rob, Rupert, Liberty and the kids. Not us. Never us.

    I am sad for Robert, but this story will be replaced with another story soon enough and then this one will go away. It won’t stop me from seeing BD2 – nothing could do that.

  29. breanna says:

    She cheated on her last boyfriend too. It’s incredibly shocking she cheated on Rob, but she’s done it before. Why try to deny it when both she and Rupert have released statements and even more pictures came out? She made a mistake. But they both knew what they would lose if caught. They have no one to blame but themselves.

  30. Well as I’ve said a million times,being in the U.K we miss everything and can’t watch video’s on here so I have absolutely no idea what this is about so can someone enlighten me please?? thank you

  31. They both have issue official statements people. It is very true. This guy has kids and would not be issuing a statement if it was not true. Why would he hurt his kids like that. Rob and Kristen are not married and maybe she has outgrown the relationship and wanted to be with someone else. No shame in that. But the fact that it is with a married man with kids makes her look really bad. She even worked with this mans wife. She was in a car kissing on a man that belongs to someone else. She has humilated herself and Rob. Poor Rob. I got a feeling that she has been doing this for a while and probably is not the first time she has cheated on him.

  32. Let those without sin, cast the first stone, people. I do hope that Rob and Kristin will be okay, individualy and as a couple.

    Having said that, it’s none of our business.

  33. Everyone seems to think the worst in ths situation. Having a meal with a married man MAY be all that happened in this ‘affair’. Remember, in conservative English high society, having a meal out with a married is construed as having more to it than it really is. Kristen probably doesn’t understand ths, as s evidenced by them going to a PUBLIC restaurant. Wow, look at all these people around them! In their public statements do not read in them any more than they are worded. It was a lunch, or dinner. That s why it s considered a small discretion, not that Kristen was minimizing an entire night sexual affair. Grow up everyone and see what happened as what they say appended, don’t let your mind ‘go there’!

    • There would be no need for a public apology to their significant others if it was a simple dinner that the paparazzi just over exaggerated. C’mon, use your brain. Plus, while some of those pictures of them together may be photoshopped, the ones of her and him in the car certainly aren’t.

      • I have not seen ANY photos. Have you? Or, are you ‘imagining’ something more with your vivid emotions? This issue has gotten everyone riled, but there has been NO supporting evidence yet. You need to stop using your brain on flights of fancy. That is what separates me apart from others, I give someone the benefit of doubt, until it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt to the contrary.

        • yes, the pictures are in the inside of US Weekly mag. Several links have been posted further up (to say they are photoshopped), so click on any of them, and form your own opinion. I too, believe in benefit of the doubt, but since she acknowledged the “indiscretion” and not going after the mag for fake pics, then I really think this happened. Its unfortunate, but honestly there are more important things in this world than worrying about a celeb couple caught in a tryst.

        • They both issue statements. What more proof do you need. You think that guy would ever come out and make a statement like that if it was not true. He has a family, he has kids. He
          know that he was caught cheating and that is why he had to make some sort of statement. She had no business messing around with a married man period. She made a really bad choice and now she will have to pay for it. I am sure Rob will be done with her. If i was him i would not want her back.

  34. Gigi Cullen says:

    So, this affair obviously happened awhile go since it was during the filming of the movie. So someone had the pictures and sat on them and waited until it would have max impact and they could earn a whole lot of money. That is the sad part. Sure, they both cheated, but people to it every day and deal with it in their own way and own time. But both couples now have to deal with it in the public eye and have people judge then all because someone wanted to make some big money. And I’m sure that person did and doesn’t give a damn who they hurt. Very sad.

    • no, this happened July 17 from reports. yes, just days before Rob & Kristin attending the Nick awards.

      • Safoora says:

        It’s kind of evident that’s it all fake. Of course, this is my opinion. Kristen had gone golfing with her dad on July 17

  35. In my opinion, I always thought that Robert and Kristen’s relationship was just a publicity stunt to promote Twilight. I find kind of strange that they are having problems within their relationship just when the series is coming to an end. Hmm…..

  36. I really do not believe it’s true. Forgive me for saying this (I am a huge fan of the series, don’t get me wrong), but I think it’s al set up. Why the hell would Kristin mention her relationship with Rob after 3 years of hiding tit SO carefully? Especially in these circumstances: it’s a really private situation they have here (if it’s true), something that you don’t share with the world to see & criticize. I can’t believe this is the way she first claims the rumors about her & Rob are true.

    • Why would she risk her reputation with all the fans if its a set up. Im sorry I dont agree. Her career is hanging in the balance now.

    • FayeMassenroe says:

      I just don’t understand why would you have an indiscretion SO out in the OPEN. She is hounded constantly by photographers. Something is off, I just don’t know where. Maybe she is getting ready for her role in ‘Cali’ It just doesn’t make sense. Did Rob do something and she wanted to get back at him in public. I don’t know…its crazy.

      • I think she was caught up in the moment, in the “newness” and exciting feeling of being in this new “relationship” with Rupert Sanders. In other words, she was overly anxious. The US Weekly story says she was almost home when she got a phone call, pulled over to the side of the road, and then turned around. The paparazzo followed her and that’s when he saw her pick up Rupert (after he parked his car on the side of the road somewhere). He followed them to several places as they made out etc. and he snapped pictures of them. It was obviously an impulsive decision made in a split second. Therefore, she left caution tot he wind.

        • Caught up in the moment? Are we kidding? She’s toxic. She needs some morals and lessons in what love is all about. How dare she cry love in her “apology” That was to save her own butt.

          • PamelaC says:

            I completely agree with you Don but I was addressing FayeMassenroe’s questions as to why Kristen would do something so out in the open. My assumption is that she just wasn’t thinking, and that’s obvious because at the time, she felt infatuated with the idea of spending this tiem with Rupert. If she did think about it, she wouldn’t have gone. Her apology was to save her own butt & to try to get Rob back. It’s all she could do, however, definitely not enough in my book and apparently Rob’s.

          • I really want believe that it was also to get Rob back but if you look at the basic way she has treated him in public up to this point, announcing her feelings this way is insincere at the very least . Truly a selfish woman which has been her modus until .now. I feel this break will strengthen him and eventually he will believe more strongly in himself. Thank heaven for Cosmopolis. and all the upcoming projects. Thanks for listening Pam!

          • You’re welcome Don:)

            Another thing I thought about was how hurtful it will be for Rob to watch BD2 at the premiere. He & Kristen were in such a different place when they filmed it…possibly thinking of marriage & children because that was the storyline. It’s a heartbreaking thought. Not sure how he will get through that. And if I were Kristen, I’d feel like s#@t. I think every single actor or person in that theater will be thinking/feeling the same thing. So yes, I hope he does garner strength from this awful time in his life to prepare himself to deal with that.

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