Birthday Give Away #1: Edward from Tonner Dolls

This month we celebrate FIVE years on line with the Twilight fandom!  We posted a podcast a few days ago answering the questions you asked us about various Twilight moments and trivia.  Every Thursday this month we will be holding a giveaway using questions from that podcast as your way to enter the contest and win amazing prizes!  This is our way of saying thank you for all the support you’ve given the Lexicon for the last five years.

This week we have the Edward doll named Distant Devotion from Tonner Dolls.  If you would like a chance to win this prize, leave a comment below with the answer to this week’s trivia question.  This contest is open to everyone who has a mailing address!  We will leave the contest open for 48 hours and will choose a winner on Saturday March 5.

This week’s question is: Which actor does Lori (Alphie) name as changing the way she saw the character from the book, and which actor does Laura (Pel) name as being just how she saw the character from the book?

This week’s prize: Distant Devotion Edward from Tonner Dolls

Remember, all of our birthday giveaways are open to anyone, anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where!


  1. Clare Howes says:

    Lori Alphie: Billy Burke’s character Charlie Swan changed her perception from frumpy in the book to attractive once saw the movie.

    Laura Pel: Gil Birmingham’s character Billy Black (Jacob’s dad) seemed most like the book version of himself.

    Thanks, Clare

  2. alphie-Billy burke(Charlie)
    Laura-Gil Birmingham(Billy)
    happy B-day!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Lori–Charlie Swan (Billy Burke)
    Laura–Billy Black (Gil Birmingham)

  4. Lori – Billy Burke
    Laura – Gil B.

  5. Bridgette W says:

    Lori(Alphie)–Billy Burke as Charlie Swan
    Laura(Pel)–Gil Birmingham as Billy Black

  6. Happy Birthday Lexicon!!

    Lori/Alphie –Billy Burke
    Laura/Pel –Gil Birmingham

  7. Alphie –Billy Burke
    Pel –Gil Birmingham

  8. Cecilia says:

    Great podcast and GREAT give away :)

    Billy Burke changed Lori’s perception of Charlie Swan and Gil Birmingham nailed Billy Black for Laura!

  9. twilightdreamer says:

    Happy twilightlexicon birthday! Thxs for all that you do!!!!

  10. Alphie says Billy Burke as Charlie and Pel says Gil Birmingham as Billy Black.

    I usually see characters a certain way when I read the book and am sometimes disappointed by the movie rendition. In this case, I saw the Twilight movie before I read the books–that’s how I discovered the books–so I have always pictured the characters as the actors who play them. I think they are all perfect!

  11. Brandy Coomes says:

    Lori-Billy Burke (Charlie Swan)
    Laura-Gil Birmingham (Billy Black)

    Happy Birthday!!!

  12. Lori Alphie = Billy Burke playing Charlie Swan.

    Laura Pel = Gil Birmingham playing Billy Black.

    Happy Birthday!

  13. Dee Atkinson says:

    Lori: Billy Burke and Laura: Gil Birmingham

    Thanks for all you do in keeping us informed :-)


  14. Brandi Peel says:

    Alphie-Billy Burke
    Pel-Gil Birmingham

    Happy Birthday! Thank you guys for all you do! I love the Twilight Lexicon.

  15. Andrea D says:

    Alphie – Billy Burke
    Pel – Gil Birmingham

    Happy 5 years!!!!!

  16. Angle grothem says:

    Alphie: Billy Burke
    Pel: Gil Birmingham

  17. Angle grothem says:

    Alphie: Billy Burke Pel: Gil Birmingham

  18. Billy Burke as Charlie Swann and Gil Billingham as Billy Black was closest, but Daniel Radcliff was right on for Harry Potter.

  19. Angle grothem says:

    Alphie– Billy Burke
    Pel– Gil Birmingham

  20. Angle grothem says:

    Alphie– Billy Burke, pel– Gil Birmingham

  21. Alphie – Billy Burke
    Pel – Gill Birmingham

    Happy Birthday!!! :)

  22. Alphie – Billy Burke
    Pel – Gill Birmingham

    Happy Birthday Lexicon!!! :)

  23. Alphie-Billy Burke
    Pel-Gil Birmingham

    Thanks Twilight Lexicon…we love you!!!

  24. So, for Lori, it was Charlie Swan (Billy Burke)and for Laura, it was Billy Black (Gil Birmingham)

  25. purlgurl says:

    Alphie – Billy Burke
    Pel – Gil Birmingham

    Happy Birthday! :)

  26. Billy Burke(Alphie) and Gil Birmingham(Pel)

  27. Wow-so many already! I need to get going earlier! :)
    Lori said Billy Burke changed her perception of Charlie Swan and Laura said that Gil Birmingham was most like what she pictured for Billy Black in the book.
    Thanks for all you do! Happy Birthday!

  28. Honorable Gucci says:

    For Alphie it was Billy Burke as Charlie Swan, for Pel is was Gil Burmingham as Billy Black.

    Happy 5th Birthday! =)

  29. Wendy Williams says:

    Lori(Alphie)-Charlie Swan-Billy Burke
    Larua(Pel)-BillyBlack-Gil Birmingham

  30. Lori–Charlie Swan (Billy Burke)
    Laura–Billy Black (Gil Birmingham)

    Squeeee I so need this, it’s my birthday too this week!!!

  31. Lori ~ Billy Burke as Charlie
    Laura ~ Gil Birmingham as Billy
    Happy 5th Birthday!!

  32. tammy ramey says:

    Billy Burke(Alphie) and (Pel)Gil Birmingham-is the closest to how she saw him in the book. However she also said that the actor that she saw as portraying what she expected from the book is Daniel Radcliff from Harry Potter.

  33. Val Craven says:

    Alphie – Billy Burke
    Pel – Gill Birmingham

  34. Dee Atkinson says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for your hard work.
    Alphie: Billy Burke
    Pel: Gil Birmingham

  35. Melanie says:

    Lori said Billy Burke as Charlie changed her perception as Charlie and Laura said Gil Birmingham was most like Billy Black’s character….(have to add that I totally agree with your assessment of Harry Potter and Snape being exactly the characters too–they are those characters now)

  36. Jaime Temple says:

    Laura: Gil Birmingham
    Lori: Billy Burke

  37. Alphie: Big Daddy Swan (Billy Burke)
    Pel: Big Daddy Black (Gil Birmingham)

  38. Melissa says:

    Alphie – Billy Burke
    Pel- Gil Birmingham

  39. Alphie(Lori) Billy Burke

    Pel( Laura) Gil Birmingham

  40. Alphie: Billy Burke (Charlie)
    Pel: Gil Birmingham (Billy)

    Oh, the cop-stache. Lol That was a great line. :)

    Happy Birthday ladies! See you at the con this weekend!

  41. Lori/Alphie named Billy Burke as changing the way she saw Charlie Swan from the book, and Laura/Pel named Gil Birmingham as being just how she saw Billy Black from the book.

  42. Alphie –Billy Burke and Pel –Gil Birmingham
    thank you guys for the amazing updates and hard work you put into the page!!

  43. Christine says:

    Happy birthday, Twilight Lexicon! Thank you for everything!

    Alphie thought of Billy Burke, who plays Charlie Swan
    Pel thought of Gil Burmingham, who plays Billy Black

  44. Michelle B says:

    Alphie says Billy Burke and Pel says Gil Birmingham

  45. Alphie –Billy Burke
    Pel –Gil Birmingham

  46. Marissa says:

    Lori: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan
    Laura: Gil Birmingham as Billy Black

  47. Charlie Swan & Billy Black!

  48. Billy Burke
    Gil Birmingham


  49. Lori (Alphie) : Charlie Swan/Billy Burke
    Laura (Pel): Billy Black/Gil Birmingham

    Congrats for 5 years :)

  50. janjewel says:

    Alphie (Lori): Billy Burke (Charlie Swan)
    Pel (Laura):Gil Birmingham (Billy Black)

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