EW Sexy Beast 2010 Final Results

It was a very tight race in the final bracket between Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon and Robert Pattinson. Here’s what happened according to EW:

“Still, the final Edward-v.-Damon showdown trumped ‘em all. Our polls were open for 72 hours, and midway through the final day of voting, the virile vampires were separated by less than 200 votes. With six hours remaining, and our finalists still locked in a statistical dead-heat, EW.com’s Sexy Beast special-ops team decided to hide our poll results, and began to plan a special issue of Entertainment Weekly commemorating a tournament that had becoming nothing short of an Internet sensation. When the blood, sweat, and broken fangs were wiped away, who was the winner? Let this be the official reveal: Damon Salvatore eked out a mild upset victory over Edward Cullen by a margin of 138,630 to 134,728, a difference of just 3,902 votes.”

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  1. I like Ian Somerhalder, but I find it odd that a character from a show that most people don’t even know exists could beat a character from such a popular franchise. It’s depressing that Spike and Angel from “Buffy” didn’t even make it to the finals.

    • higgin704 says:

      Vampire Diaries is definitely getting to be well known. My students from Spain actively seek out episodes on the computer – despite it not airing on their networks. I was surprised it had become popular overseas.

  2. i can’t believe it! I voted for Damon, but still! how could this happen when Edward beat Jacob! I guess a few twilight fans went Damon, and so did all the vamp diaries fans, so i guess it makes sense… but i can’t believe it!

  3. dandelion says:

    yay ~ Damon Salvatore rules : )))))

  4. Jess Jess says:

    WOOOOOOH! GOOO DAMON! :))He is one sexy beast!

  5. ok i know this has nothing to do with the article but it’s the only place where i can leave a comment so here goes….how come twilight stars were all active in helping haiti but when it comes to a country like pakistan everyone is m.i.a. don’t get me wrong i still love the twilight stars but still doesn’t it make you think……….

  6. Twilight Nymph says:

    They’re both good looking. So, even though I did vote for Edward, hey I’m glad a Vampire one especially a hot one like Damon(Ian). Number 2 isn’t that bad after all, how many number ones has Edward had? Tons I believe. So, all in all I’m happy.

  7. flooffloof says:

    Booo :( hehe NOT ok!!! :)

  8. YAY Damon!! Love me some Edward, but man, Damon….
    As I look at the magazine cover though, I’m wondering…who is that gorgeous hunk in the pic standing to the far right? Almost made me spill my drink!!

    • i dont know his name in real life but he plays a werewolf in trueblood named alcide hervoux. and yeah, he is one sexy beast. but he’s a bit of pussy as the character goes. damon is a badass….who doesnt love the bad boy?????

  9. Yes! Sorry Edward but glad Damon won!

  10. Go Damon!

  11. Woo! I’m glad with the results. I know we are supposed to be biased toward Edward on here. But c’mon, sexy BEAST? more like a dreamy romantic. now damon on the other hand….Rawr!

  12. Congrats to Ian Somerhalder who always makes VD so fun to watch! Love how he plays the sexy beast that can only be Damon Salvatore. He also makes Damon even more intersting when he shows Damon’s sensitive “human” side, which comes out either when he’s protecting Stefan and longing for Elena.

  13. Huilen 704 i thought u loved edward cullen i’m surprised but oh well it’s ur choice

  14. Edward will always be no.1 for me. I know that a lot of people voted for Damon just to see Edward loose-it’s clear when you read the comments section on EW’s website. It’s appaling to know that people hate something just because it’s very successful,even though you don’t know anything abt it. Edward ALL the way!!

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