EW Sexy Beast 2010 Final Round

We knew this one was coming. Two hot vampires make it to the final round. The odd moaning sound that you hear right now is Alphie being torn apart on who she should vote for. She has this HUGE thing for Ian Somerhalder.

So, who is hotter? Edward Cullen as played by Robert Pattinson or Damon Salvatore as played by Ian Somerhalder?


  1. I’m TEAM EDWARD all the way!!!!! 110% devoted!!!

  2. Ok, I stayed true to my first Vamp love Edward….however..if you haven’t read the Vampire Diaries, you should! You will see why it was Damon (Ian) up and not Stephan. (Although Stephan is a hot sexy man with abs for days…) Drool…anyway, Team Edward. Love you Rob. But it sure was close…

  3. jacqueline says:


  4. Edward is and will always be the sexiest man for me.He’s loving,adorable,charming and makes me week in the knees!! Rob defines the word gorgeous, so my vote has to go to Edward/Rob!!

    This is really tough…let’s see who wins!

  5. I voted for Edward the first time, but since then I’ve changed my mind and am now voting for Damon instead. When it comes to who is sexiest, I’m sorry, but Damon Salvatore is much more sexier than Edward.

    Don’t get me wrong, Edward sure is sexy, but not in the sexy beast kind of way. And besides Rob wins all kinds of “most beautiful” contests all the time, lets give Ian Somerhalder some shine as well. :)


  7. RPattz was voted World’s Sexiest Man in the Glamour magazine poll. Taylor was 2nd. Just sayin.

  8. Edward Cullen is too sexxy NOT to win!!! I have to admit that I have voted everyday for him since this contest started and I am totally amazed that it’s only at 50/50!!! C’MON PEOPLE VOTE EDWARD!!!!!

  9. God I cant choose

  10. Sadly, there are so many “haters” of Twilight that many of them have voted for Damon in order to vote against Edward. Anytime there is a phenomonen like Twilight, you have ppl who just have to be trolls. So, IMHO, even if it stay 50/50, I’m going to take it as a win for Edward.

    • That’s very true but I’ve noticed most of the Twilight fans can’t deny that Damon is whole lot sexier. Just read through the comments. I remember when I saw New Moon in theaters people laughed and giggled when he took his shirt off in Volterra.

      • You know, there are people who actually demand more than abs. I’ve watched two episodes of VD and I can’t be bothered to see the third because it’s just boring. Your precious Damon is a whiny prat who ruins people’s lives because he’s feeling bad. What’s sexy about that?

  11. DaniBrook says:

    Damon… Damon
    D a m o n
    D A M O N

    Ian Somerhalder :3

  12. DaniBrook says:

    DAMON: What’s so special about this Bella girl? Edward’s so whipped.
    CAROLINE: How come you don’t sparkle?
    DAMON: Because I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun.

    (Sorry Stephanie, I love you, but I had to say it)

  13. Man oh man! Although I love Rob as Edward I voted for Ian because he is so freakin hot!! Plus he actually acts like a vampire. Does anyone know when VD will be back? I don’t want to miss it.

  14. I don’t know but every time I try to vote it says “THANK YOU, YOUR VOTE HAVE ALREADY BEEN COUNTED” Is anyone else having the same problem, I skip a day just to see if it would say the same thing and it did, It should say thank you for your vote….Are they not taking the Edward Cullens votes any more?

    • LoveMeSomeRob says:

      No, the problem is you can only vote once per IP address. So if you only have access to one computer, you can only vote once.

  15. Damon is by far the hotter and sexier choice, and Ian plays him sooooo well. He also flashes a wickedly sexy crooked smile when he overhears Aunt Jenna whisper to Elena how hot he is. I don’t recall seeing Edward flashing that infamous crooked smile that makes Bella’s heart melt in any of the Twilight movies.

    • Good point Jenn!! If you’ve seen the “miss mystic falls” episode, Damon also gives a way cute crooked smile when Elena walks down the stairs at the pageant. I had never even realized we missed out on Edward’s crooked smile in the movies!

  16. Oh my goodness! It’s totally even. 50/50!

  17. I prefer the character of Edward Cullen who is a generous, chivalrous knight and shining armor while Damon Salvatore is a sadistic psychopath. But since the question is who is hotter/sexier based on how the actor brings the character to life, my answer is Damon Salvatore as played by Ian Somerhalder. Ian is obviously the more hotter and better actor than Rob. He plays Damon’s evil and sensitive sides so well that you can’t help but feel some compassion for the guy. Paul Wesley’s portrayl of Stefan reminds me of book Edward. Rob’s Edward seems to lack depth, though he’s at his best when Edward is agonized, but I don’t buy it when he is trying to be angry, scary, or manly.

  18. I love both Twilight and Vampire Diaries. I was drawn to Twilight first from my friends but then I got hooked on vampires and the supernatural and I saw an episode of Vampire Diaries on TV and was absoloutely melting with Ian(Damon) because he is so gawgus! x So I voted Damon but I don’t know why people take this vote so seriously because I’ve seen some pretty nasty comments from both sides.

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