EW Sexy Beast: Team Edward vs. Team Jacob Showdown

We all knew it was coming folks given the way the brackets were divided. EW’s quarter final round now has Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black squaring off. Go vote, and please do no bodily harm to those voting on the opposite side :)


  1. I think some people are confusing the actors with the characters they play. I’ve always found the ‘Team Whatever’ thing to be very devisive, creating more ill feelings as people choose sides and dig in to their respective camps. Maybe the love triangle thing is exciting for some, but in reality, someone always end up getting hurt. I’ve never liked this “Team” marketing ploy for the Twilight movies, since the books were really above that sort of thing. And as far as sexiness is concerned, I think that’s in the eye of the beholder. I just don’t think this particular poll is constructive in any way. Sorry, but that’s my point of view.

  2. Grr edward is in the lead… Jacob is way sexier than edward even though im in team switzerland :D

  3. thefactis says:

    Thank god team teenybopper/ abs are losing. At least it shows most of the twifandom are not immature teenyboppers whose only on one team because of the body and nose that is too big for their face.

  4. It’s about Jacob and Edward and not about Taylor and Rob. I think the tall, handsome, dangerous and mysterious man is much more sexy than a short, dark boy with abs. Edward all the way!!!

  5. Edward All The Wayy!!!

  6. Yes! Edward is winning now!

  7. edwardsgirl says:

    i have totally been TEAM EDWARD since the first word he said in the boookm he is so hott

  8. YAY!Team Edward is winning!!!

  9. What people are failing to see is that this poll is NOT about Team Edward v. Team Jacob. It’s about who is the sexier actor. The question asks who is sexier, then mentions specific people from specific movies. It has nothing to do with the characters in the books.

  10. I like both Rob & Taylor. But since it’s Edward vs Jacob I will vote for Edward no matter what. Edward is just awesome, and romantic, and a gentleman, and sweet. *sigh*

  11. First let me say tht it is not just this poll. He loses in polls tht dont include Rob/Edward. it does not matter if they are talking about the characters or the actors because Team Edward is about choosing substance over style and by the way Jake is 6″7 in the book and that is only sexy if you are putting a ball in the hoop and getting 1O million a year to do it. WOO HOO! YEAH BABY TEAM EDWARD 4 EVA!

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